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October 28, 2004


The World Famous In Some Areas Rock Bottom Remainders will be performing tonight live -- at least most of us are alive -- at the House of Blues. Although, to be honest, we do not truly have the blues. The most we have is somewhere in the range of the turquoises. But you should come out anyway because it's for a good cause.


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This surely ain't gonna be first.

When will there be a Southeastern Tour?

First, (I think) Gotta go to work; later.

But you do have the blues, Dave. Blue shirts anyway.


Dave, did you ever hear Martin Mull's routine about his grandfather's blues?
"You don't have to be poor to have the blues. My grandfather was in real estate and doing very well..."
One of the funniest damened things I've ever heard. I think it's on the same album as "Dueling Tubas".

cough cough ORLANDO cough cough

House of Blues..... Well Dave, maybe someday in the mist shrouded future, this will be your epitaph..

Lots of towns...
Lots of songs...
Lots of women...
Good times...
Bad times...
Only thing I want to say is...
'He could really play... He was good'.

will you moonwalk?

Hey Dave, good luck in Chi-town, from central Illinois! And please, don't let there be any lip-synching scandals at the show tonite!

Doesn't the singer/band have to be good to even qualify for lip-synching? Just asking.

Ok i know this is way off topic but seeing how the end of the world has begun i must say. THE SOX HAVE WON THE SERIES THE BURSE IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, I hate it when my burse dies.

Oh well, I'll just have to be satisfied with the reports from the field.

Knock 'em dead!

works for me!

*falls into hammock and sips a mojito*

*waits for kilties to arrive*

*hugs sharon and hands her a mojito and a tissue*

*collapses in a chair*

I just got back from working at the greenhouse. I don't know which is worse: sticking my finger into a rotted pumpkin, or smearing pumpkin scented lotion on people. But I'll have ample opportunity for comparison. I've got to go sing at a birthday party in an hour, and then B&BW wants me from 6-9. I don't know when I'm ever going to get a chance to cuddle my niece.

*dashes off to shower and wash the dirt, cobwebs, pumpkin goop and dried bug parts out of her hair before the party*

Only one spam, guess we're good to go.

Sharon, you picked the blues for a reason, eh? Well, perhaps you might try a different color, once the clouds disperse.

thanks for that image, bumble. ;)

*gratefully takes mojito and tissue*

I'm okay, really. Don't need that tissue at the moment, but I might later, so thanks ((((S-GIRL!!))) posse southern sistah!

*hugs Bumble*

Just cuz.

*hugs Blue, too, 'cause he wasn't there when I hit "post"*

Thanks, Blue...that took care of the rotten-pumpkin-goo image that Bumble had given me earlier!

I can think of something just as bad bumble. OWrkin in a corn field and have corn for dinner.


rotten pumpkin? or smearing lotion on people

i know which one i'd choose

speakin' only for myself, i don't think i'd want pumpkin lotion smeared on me.

just sayin.

TCK~ Don't be so sure. Pumpkin is the stinkiest lotion I've ever smelled. The rotted pumpkin smells better.

sharon~ Thanks for the hug.

southerngirl~ You're welcome for the image. I'm all sweetsy clean and appleicious again now though, so it's all good.

Alfred~ I would never dream of presuming that my jobs are they worst there are. I am aware of hundreds that are far worse. I was just comparing/contrasting the two I have right now. :-)

*dashes off to dress*

*tosses fluffy blue towel at TCK's head*

I like this new place. The Waters are Muddy, the Wolves are Howlin' (peers into shadows...), the Lemons are Blind, and the Johnsons are ....oh, er, never mind....

hehehe...Blue said "peers"

thanks, bumble, that's a much better image. and it smells nice, too. :)

i guess i should have said you smell nice...not it smells nice. ;)

And you know I meant it, S-Girl.

*Smells Bumble's image* WTD?

Bumble- I had no intention of competing. I was writing that I knew how you feel. (past tense with a present tense, yet accurate...)

*snork* See, this is why you guys are so wonderful...you can make me *snork* even on days like this.

Well, it's gray and raining and dreary and dismal here today, so you know what that means.....it's soup-makin' time!!! Everyone's invited...bring an ingredient and I'll drop it in the pot.

(hee hee...i said "pot")

Oh, and Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel is my absoslute FAVORITE show on tv. Whenever I feel grumpy about my own job, I watch an episode of Mike Rowe doing something heinous with poo. Hilarious.

I will bring the potatos.

it's gray and dreary and snowin here - but i'm not think soup - i'm thinkin chili

re dirty jobs - i was a garbage man for awhile, right outa high school

ever since then, no matter how shitty work gets, i can always tell myself it could be worse - not that the garbage man job was all bad - i liked the people i was workin with, and i got to drive that really big truck

but people put the grossest stuff in their garbage

*Loads onions into the catapult; launches*

*Contacts El about getting more fungi mushrooms.*

it's hot and drizzlin here, and i'm thinkin lasagne.

i'll make plenty!

TC - i went to hear howie mandel once years ago, and he was talkin' to people in the audience about their jobs. one guy was a garbage man, and howie wanted to know how they picked who got to drive. he was told the biggest guy was the lucky one. he thought that was funny - that the big guy gets to drive, and the small ones have to pick up all the heavy stuff.

well, it was funny at the time.

*ducks to avoid bein hit by flyin onions*

hey blue, watch where ya aim that thing, will ya?

*catches potatoes and onions, drops them into soup*

But I don't think I'll put in the lasange, as good as that sounds. Or the chili.

pssst...s-girl...do you put crawfish in your lasange??

TC--now you have me trying to think of the grossest thing I have ever put into my garbage. I'm gonna have to go with that "present" my dog left me on the carpet last week when he got sick.


Sorry, S-Girl. I'll be much more careful next time.

Oh...wait... you mean the catapult?

yes. i meant the catapult.


and sharon, no, i don't put crawfish in my lasagne. that would be nasty.

i put it in fettucine, tho. :)

them. not it.


That present looked like chili.

How did you know I was sending potatos by air?

*is suddenly re-thinking the decision to make chili*

Grrrr. I wanted to get in a niece cuddle between the party and work because I've yet to hold the baby since she got here (last night about 8:30), but my sister's still gone! *sigh*

*hopes she gets home before 5:15 when I have to leave to squirt lotion on people for three hours*

Btw, it's a beautiful fall day here in northern Indiana, and I'm having leftover roast pork with green beans and mashed potatoes and gravy. :-)

bumble, it's not nice to tease. ;)

*zips in*

I'll take Bumble's dinner, sounds yummy!

What kind of shrooms did you have in mind, Bleu ? (alternate French spelling)

And - leave it to Toto to take Bumble's sad work travails and turn them into something dirty - Toto, go to your room. :-)

It's sunny and about 80F here in su.so.ca. A beautiful day. Too hot for soup!

*hugs sharon and delicately covers her with comforting quilt*

dirty? as if

haulin gargabe is dirty

rubbin lotion on the person of your choice is not

It's NOT??? Well dang...where's the fun in that, then?

Well Toto, when you put it that way...rub away. :)

*hugs El*

Thanks, sweetie.

*moves to Couch 'o Comforting Kilties*

There's plenty of room under this lovely quilt...who wants to join me? I brought snacks.

do i have enough for the entire kilt?

lotion, snacks, and a simul.


Sorry to break the mood, but if you want to read about something dirty....

i didn't day it wouldnt be fun

depending, of course, on where the lotion is rubbed, and also apparently on whether or not the lotion is pumpkin scented

i just said its not dirty :)

Hiya Kilties! Nice new place we got here!


But what the sweet rotten vegetable is that godawfulsmell??

I like lemons better.

*grabs kay and pulls her onto the couch*


Elle (alternate French spelling), I was thinking of any kind except this.

Got it, Azul (alternate Spanish spelling).

*zips out to go mushroom hunting*

rubbin lotion on the person of your choice

Problem is it's not the person of my choice. If it were kilties, sure; no problem. But it's snooty middle-aged women with their sugar daddies, and occasionally gross people who look like they could use a bath.

*cuddles niece*

*sighs with contentment*

*wishes she didn't have to leave for work in ten minutes*

see, that's work snugglebug - falls into the same category as haulin garbage (cept you dont get to drive the really big truck)

some day, when you have a much better job, you'll have a really bad day - when that happens, you'll be able to sigh, and say: well, at least i aint rubbin lotion on snooty middle-aged women

and then you'll feel better

I like to say from time to time, that we have entered the Middle Wages. Rubbing lotion on those in power is nothing to when they retire.

Once again my comments scare people.

you dont scare me Alfred

(you werent tryin ta scare me, were ya?)

not that I am aware of.

bet i could scare ya...


you scare me pretty much every day darlin

(but in a good way)

Y'know, y'all are really a pretty mean bunch ... callin' Punkin' names and sayin' how rotten she is, and ... I'm really bothered by all this sorta attitude ... I don't think I'd mind if Punkin' smeared lotion on me ... so ... can we all just be a little bit more frien ... um ... oh ... nevermind ...

*SNORK* at O. the U!!

and TC, i'm glad ya added that last sentence. ;)

cuz otherwise i'd've had to...

never mind.

*scary look*

*considers takin back the last sentence, just ta see what'll happen*

*zips in*

Uh-oh, looks like we might need the posse...:)

i double dog dare ya.

that was directed at tc's takin back the last sentence, not at el's bringin in the posse.

a double dog dare?

well, every guy knows there's only one possible response to a double dog dare

Alfred - hold my beer and watch this

*takes back last sentence*

damn the torpedos! full steam ahead!

oh, you're bein cocky now...


what if i told ya i was gonna scare the livin crap outta ya, and i know just how to do it?

ya don't wanna push me darlin, cuz i know just what buttons to push.

What am I going to do with this beer? And who's arm is this?

*pervs...er, I mean peeks in*

*pushes buttons*


aw, sharon, the secret is out!!!


OK, that wasnt scarey at all - in fact, it was most enjoyable

i'll take my beer back now Alfred - sorry tho - no idea whose arm that is

what was enjoyable?

geez, ya try to scare a guy, and he freakin' likes it...


that'll teach ya

uh here you go. I am guessing I was holding it because you knew I wouldn't drink it.

Quick hello to the Kiltons, to say that I got to hold a friend's newborn today too, just like Bumble. Well, he wasn't just like Bumble, I mean I, like Bumble, got to hold one. Well, I do like Bumble, but I wasn't meaning that I like Bumble in that particular sentence, only that ... wait, can we switch to German?

His name is Chayton, a Sioux name meaning falcon (quite unlike Bumble).

Alfred - exactly right - i knew i could trust ya

quite unlike Bumble, which is a sioux name for snugglebug

or maybe that's french

according to google translator, snugglebug, in french, is still snugglebug.

and also in french, bumble is still bumble.

yes, one has talons and the other a stinger. but enough about beer and babies.

Chayton is an original name.

I am remembering this really cool guy I knew on my mission.
"All these people want cool African names. They tell me thinking I will like it. Almost every time they name there kid after a demon."

Huh. My translator thing comes up with "anomalie de snuggle."

*le snorque*

but enough about beer and babies.

I don't know about beer, but it's never enough about babies. :-)

*wanders off to gaze at the fairest Lily of them all until bedtime*

I suppose a Bumble must look at a Lily

*zips in*


Here are our snacks!

*zips out*

*Snacks for El's zipper-inner.*

*wanders in*

I'm here for my weekly *driveby*. Now that I'm back to working 65 hours a week, there's no time to get on the computer, and we don't have internet access at work...so....

I seem to show up just in time to follow the bread crumbs to the new site.

I'll be gone next weekend, so leave a good trail for me to follow when I get back.

The daisymae kilton is a very difficult kilton to track, but most are happy when they find it. :)

Good luck with work.

I just realized, in Firefox tabs, it shows the title to this thread as Attencion Chica

bread crumbs are so unreliable - if i remember correctly, the ineffectiveness of bread crumb trails resulted in hansel and gretel being forced to shove an ill-mannered senior citizen into an oven, or were themselves baked and served for dinner, depending upon which version of the tale to which you subscribe

i move we leave a trail of beer cans for daisymae in order to reduce the risk of her being baked and served for dinner

maybe we should make it beer cans and rum bottles - not that i couldn't supply enough empty cans to make a very nice trail, but sometimes a guy likes to drink rum instead

eeewwwww, Blue! How gross!
I will not be clicking on any or your links for the forseeable future.

I actually prefer rum and coke over beer.


What, you'd leave her empty cans and bottles?? You cad!!

Be a champ...leave her some full ones, too. That way, by the time she finds us, she'll be even more highly entertaining than she usually is.



OK, i was thinkin my idea was a good one from a recycling point of view - you know, by finding a use for an otherwise useless byproduct, i.e. creating a trail from empty cans and bottles

scuse me for being environmentally freindly

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