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October 26, 2004


And their championship "wastewater skills."

(Thanks to Guillermo Rodriguez)


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Think of the money they coulda saved Lenny Kravitz!!

"with no penalties for incompleteness or unsafe procedures"

A dangerous precedent for an election year, isn't it? But car racing with no penalties for incompleteness or unsafe procedures would make NASCAR go uncarriage up right quick.

"skills in laboratory procedures, pump maintenance, safety, collection system repair, and overall wastewater treatment process knowledge."
As if you had to be told what wastewater skills are.

What's really bad is when they get together with friends for dinner and talk about what they do and the challenges they face.

They move up to the annual national competition??? Why wasn't I informed of this?

Next we'll be training International competitors in wastewater management...

What are the medal categories there?

* and yes, I know this from personal experience, being married to a Civil Engineer with a hydrology and environmental minor *

Judi - You changed the original post. Now my comment has lost relevance! Now I don't feel silly.

The trophy should be named after Dave in keeping with the tradition of having had a sewage lift station named after him. After all, who else but Dave comes to mind when the topic of wastewater treatment comes up?

Finally, something I can relate to!

As a student/apprentice operator, I can fully appreciate what thses folks can do. Remember, bloglits, these folks keep civilization santiary.

I was there in New Orleans for the water conference. I didn't stay for the operator's challenge though. Bourbon St. called.

As I was reading the article, I kept thinking that I had heard about that convention. I was trying to remember in what context that I would know about a wastewater convention in New Orleans.

NOW I know. From Brian B.

Ah, gee, Brian, you went to Bourbon Street in lieu of the competition??

Atta boy!!

I have to say...

Seacoast Sewer Snakes WBAGNFB (or whatever the stupid letters are)

I know Sly, it was a tough call. However, when you put beer, strippers, and beads on one side of the scale, and a rousing operator's challenge on the other....well, I think we all know who wins that weigh off.

In fairness to the operators, I would not have a job if it wasn't for them. Wait a minute, yes I would. It would just be a lot easier.

Well, of course New Hampshire won. If Dave had only spent a little of his travel time practicing with his North Dakota waste water team they could have been partying in New Orleans too, but NOOOO!

MzVette: WBAGNFARB (Would Be a Good Name For a Rock Band)

Hey Brian, I'm with you. We have our tickets & reservations for December 22. Can't wait!

paging ed norton . . ..

The New Hampshire team will have a tough time at the national competition, because, during the off season, Wisconsin signed a two headed sewer snake.

I was eating dinner so I didn't read through all the delicious details, but I must say that if there's anything worse than working in a sewage treatment plant, it's being known as a 'sewer snake'.

And that absolutely wnbagnfarb.

Nobody told me about this competition.
I coulda been a contender.
Instead of a bum, which is what I am.
I coulda been somebody.

Higgy, you forgot "Blue" in the medal colors.
No joke! My uncle once ..ackgack...*heavy scraping noise*....

Lmd33, I dont know that "sewer snake" is a worse sobriquet than...Augustawindiswelcome, Cheyenne Chit Chiners, Denver Dung Deliverers, Des Merdes, Honoluluofajobbers, Providence Poo Pumpers, Trenton Turd Treaters or the Santa Fe Shit Shovelers.
Of course all these guys do a great job for public health and have that inspiring motto "Don't pick your nose".

Micro-Bac International
e-mail: mail@micro bac.com (Austin,TX)

Ask for Chris Childs

If you really want your sewers "cleaned" out, Chris has just the "bug" that can do it for you on a big scale.

The sad thing about this big win was that no one would shake the winner's hand.

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