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September 27, 2004


And we really don't want to know why 8 people bid on it.

(Thanks to Mahatma Jane)


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Now I have seen everything

Sad. That's just sad.

Hey! That's Kane

Well, they are the cutiest . . .

Yeah, I noticed that, too. Here, have some of the chocolate Polly gave me on the other thread. There's plenty to share.

Does this mean there is a market for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles condoms?

Hello Kitty is big in Japan. Note the characters on the package. So, did she buy too many on her latest trip to Japan, fly them all the way home in her luggage and NOW wants to get rid of them?

I suppose these work better than using a *real* kitty...

There's also a cool Hello Kitty Cigarette Case

Clearly the shock of people who have never seen the Hello Kitty vibrator.

I love those! Wonder if their's a picture of the kitty on them? That would be disturbing in so many ways...

I guess now I should admit that I have a matching Spongebob Squarepants bra and panty set. And Powerpuff Girls gym pants. And Supergirl Underoos.

i dunno, from where i'm sitting it looks like the perfect gift for the special someone who already has everything, cuz really, i'm betting (and hoping) they don't already have these.

and if they do, you should probably reconsider your friendship anyway, which means you don't even need to get them a gift anymore.

there's (not their's)

How about a 'hello kitty' vibrator?

I guess since these are junior size they're okay . . .

Hello Kitty for your kitty.

I get it.

And doesn't Princess Peach look cross eyed? Maybe she used one of these and the "claws" came out?


I'm just shocked that no one has yet to make the obligitory "Hello P*ssy" comment.

Oh, wait, I just did.
Never mind.

These are just confusing . . .

In truth, aside from the cuteness factor, Japanese feminine sanitary products are better than American ones. Hello Kitty is Japanese, but from the package, those are Chinese and I don't know how they compare.

Someone once gave me a cat they found that was lost.

For two days, I kept talking to her and she meowed loudly at me. Then I found out she was deaf.

I had a sign that said, "Here, Kitty, Kitty" and I would hold it up high for the high pitched call and lower it to the floor for the low-pitched call.

She responded better when I tapped the floor.

*chapeau* to Tiko

Wow. Pantiliners & vibrators? Does anyone else see something wrong with this??

asane notes that Japanese sanitary products are better than US. Says on the package *UNFLUSHABLE* How's that better?

I tell ya, it's those claws......

RRRraow! Pfsst! Pfsst!

Has anyone bothered to say "YEESH!"


RRRraow! Pfsst! Pfsst!

aside from the stupidity - uh, hey everybody, I'm wearing my hello kitty pantiliners... i guess the joke is obvious, but oh, duh!

I think I'd opt for Strawberry Shortcake pantiliners ... 'cause they're probably scented and stuff ... better for that not so fresh feeling.

I find a "Hello Kitty" vibrator, panty or whatever a whole lot more erotic than say a "Hello Stinky" or "Hello Vortex of Doom" product.

Although, on the plus side, no one will KNOW you're (not "your")using the pantiliners. And really, so long as they work, who CARES!?!

Now I must say, "Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!"


You know, they really _are_ more comfortable! I'm wearing two right this moment*, and I feel free-er and fresher than ever before!

* I ain't saying _where_, mind you.

OK, *way* too many of you seem to know all about the Hello Kitty vibrator...

ewwww strawberry shortcake pantiliners, ewwwww.

Buenos Dias Gato! Boys We Love fab facts and photos on over 30 crush-worthy guys!

I don't know which is more disturbing about the "crushworthy" stuff: 1) It's from Scholastic; 2) They all have that total weasel look that other guys instinctively recognize but that is invisible to gals, who think they're "dreamy" and are always shocked, SHOCKED to discover that they're weasels; or 3) that I bothered to spend this much time thinking about any of this. Well, there goes another entry on my own blog.

ps: Might it be "Ola, Gato"?

It's good to know that there are no stains on the Crushworthy Guys booklet

Lairbo: Ola! Si!

Donde puedo aparcar mi coche?
(that's the extent of my Spanish)

Spongebob sanitary products make more sense...ya know, more absorbent and all

Did you read the seller's "About Me" page? Someone hook her up with Peter Pan Man!

Ola senioritas! Or a dream date with Leonardo
(for a good cause at least)

LOL Bangi!

oh lawdy - LOL - at the thought of spongebob tinklepads.

"spongebob tinklepants" *snort* That just struck me as so very funny.

Yes, spongebob sanitary products would make sense, but spongebob tinklepants just has me laughing...some phrases can do that, and that is apparently one of them.

Hello Kitty vibrators and cigarette cases.. just wait til they bring out the Mr Rogers sex slave outfits... whips restraints and a yellow cardigan

I simpry rove Herro Kitty products, especiarry the pantyriners and feminine products. I use severar of them myserf. Bonzai!!

ummmmm. scary. VERY scary. Between the vibrators and the panties, I think the others around me in the computer lab here think I've lost my mind!
Thank yall. Really.

y'all (not ya'll)

'Bout time someone else realized how to spell "y'all'

"yall" is a word, not a contraction here. ;) It doesn't necessarily have to be "you all" but if you must make it one "y'all" would be preferred. And now I realize that I've spent way too much time here in Tennessee.

Hello Kitty, meet my pussy.


:O I totaly want the HK "shoulder massager" (that's what it was originally marked as, supposedly. Sanrio apparently pulled it from production once they realized what people used them for. O_O Can Sanrio actually be that innocent? Xp) I just got back from bidding on one at ebay (lol) and I know I won't win it. -.- the demand is too high. Anyway, you guys sure are funny! I got a good laugh out of the clever comments >.>

*longs for the massaging touch of hello kitty on her....uh...shoulders ;) *

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