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September 29, 2004



(Thanks to Mandi Silcox)


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Are these phone photos?

Boy, they suck.

Who is it? And where is Tina's/Dave's hat?

Is Master Dave seriously here in Denver right now?!?!?
I've been seriously out of touch (read: had actual work to do this month) recently, so it's all news.
where do i find him? can i buy him dinner? give him a very low miles per gallon tour of colorado in my mybrid?

missing banterland dearly,

Cool blue shirts, guys.

is it me, or is ridley starting to look a little gaunt? is dave not permitting him to eat? is he on some kind of hunger strike? i need answers to this.

Tina, NOBODY looks like Keith Richards. Nobody.

Except maybe Keith Richards on a good day, if such a thing is possible.

Please open up your suitcase. Now separate your shits into a "blue" pile and "other" pile.
How many shirts are in the blue pile?
Are there any shirts in the other pile?

Well, at least now we have evidence of Dave owning other shirts on this tour...

How do we know they're really in Denver? I lived there for 8 years and I don't recognize the location.

asane - I always separate my shits before laundering. Do you?

Dave's shirts are not actually blue. They just appear that way because he is racing away from us at the speed of light.

rita -

Shopping? Real he-men don't shop. We buy stuff. Dave wrote about it a few months ago as I recall. Anyone know where the article is posted?

Perhaps the most worrying part is that now RIDLEY is wearing blue shirts. Do you suppose Dave is starving him into submission?

Dave:Ridley, are you going to wear the blue shirt in pictures tomorrow?

Ridley:Actually, I have this nice green one I was thinking of...

Dave:No dinner for you! I cannot take any more of those bloggers picking apart my wardrobe choices. You're either with me, or against me.

Ridley:All I ever wanted was to write a nice book for people to enjoy...

Dave:Too bad! Those people are fixated, I tell you.

Zaphod - it's from July 18, 2004

AAAARGH! (not even aaaar.)

I missed him, he's already off to St. Humid, and i even had a blue short for him to wear in case those others were wearing out.

Alas, see you next month, all.
All i was doing last night was eating out with my best friend for his birthday, now that he's out of surgery.
I'm sure he would have understood....

I totally agree with Zaphod - I recently purchased a new suit (which incidentally cost the same as my first car - $550) which took me a combined total of a hair over 2 hours to purchase. 1 hour 53 mins total transit time due to an accident plus 18 minutes to enter the store, find the suit, try on the suit, get tailoring measurements, pay for the suit and leave.

Guys buy, women shop

When I saw them in Portland I was struck by how much Ridley reminded me of Mr. Bean (Bill Irwin) of Sesame Street's "Elmo's World" segment. If I saw him trying to ride a bike, I'd know for sure.

BTW: Is it a coincidence that Dave fled Miami to escape the hurricanes, then arrived in Portland and immediately Mount St. Helen's started quivering and emitting steam? And what about those quakes in California? OK, that last one's not fair. There are always quakes in California. But still ....

MOTW - Thanks for the link. It also solves the mystery of the origin of the crap cam.

I always thought heard that Keith Richards and Twinkies would be the last things left on Earth at the end. Now I guess it will just be Keith Richards?

Chumbucket, you mean Mr Noodle. One is a legume and one is a carbohydrate, I don't see how you could get them confused. (And then there's Mr Noodle's brother, Mr Noodle, but he's dead)

bigonbnl - What about the Cher tour?


I missed him too!! I can't believe it! Work sucks, it really has been cutting into my mindless internet browsing time!! Ok, since we're both in Denver we're just going to have to make a fake Dave and reenact the whole thing so that we don't miss out on anything. I'll bring the papier-mâché, you bring the blue shirt.

All this talk about Keith Richards reminds me of a frightening fact: We are less than 10 years away from The Rolling Stones Golden Anniversary Tour.

I think Ridley has borrowed Dave's original royal blue shirt, and so, Dave was forced to wear a different blue shirt - this one's lighter. His laundress must have a dream job . . .

Ridley does look very thin, but also very happy, no doubt due to the very impressive ramparts right next door.


Where ya been, girl?

Oh yeah, I forgot about Cher (shouldn't we all?) and cockroaches.

I been workin' it, but i've also been blurking a little. so i'm not totally out of the loop with ya'll. For instance I know that we have some hottie bloggers who have been accosting Dave with coconut supports of various kinds. I also know that Captain our Captain has a blue shirt fixation. But I’m sure I’ve missed out on a lot.

Miriam - Of course you're right. Mr. Noodle. How could I have been so stupid? Mr. Noodle is a hero in this house, as funny as anyone on television. Irwin is a genius. Literally. Much funnier than his brother, Mr. Noodle, though it was a shame about his passing.

That's me and my husband in the photo with Dave & Ridley!!! I forgot my camera, so that was the crappy work camera that we borrowed for the evening.

Yes, he was really in Denver. At The Tattered Cover bookstore. There was another blogger/lurker like me there - Chris G. (I think).

I was so shy and nervous that I couldn't come up with anything coherent to say...still, Dave was hilarious, and Ridley was very nice. Dave shook everyone's hand, and kidded with the kids. Very fun.

Hi Amber.

Still no clue offered about who these people are (or is my dyslexia/laziness acting up today?)

Doubtless they are at least blurkers if not groupies. C'mon...fess up! People don't just show up at a book signing in pirate caps!

Note to those meeting his Daveness in the future: Wear blue shirts so the photos end up monochromatic and demonstrate to Mrs. Daveness that an intervention is called for.

*Gilda Radner voice*
Never mind

Those are some fly ramparts for a dragon fly.

Actually - since I'm the one who initially mentioned that Dave only wears blue shirts - he does appear to own MORE than one. He was pictured in a nice short sleeve silk shirt a number of photos back.

That kinda makes things worse, doesn't it? It isn't that Dave doesn't want to carry a lot of luggage and has two blue shirts that he rotates with the dry cleaners daily. He has a few shirts . . . but they are all blue.

[sigh] Dave, seriously, dude. Let's go shopping when you get back. I pick out the shirts, you whip out the plastic.

Oh, yeah: you buy lunch too.

I agree that a blue shirt intervention is called for. Maybe bloglits can buy Dave shirts in various other colors? A new shirt in every town! What size does Dave wear, judi?

C-bol had a brilliant idea in the twinkies. If/when I get to meet His Daveness, I will bring twinkies too. :)

I was THERE. It was awesome. It has actually been one of my life goals to meet Dave Barry, and I did it. He even drew a little doodle in my book! I probably made an ass of myself in front of him, I was nearly blubering.

Oh, and it was at the Tattered Cover bookstore on 16th street. He's wearing a blue shirt because, as he said, "Ridley and I are at this point wearing each other's clothes" ;)

Anyway, you guys know that story where he gets drunk and wanders two miles and passes out on the chief of polices lawn? I had him sign the picture he drew for that adventure. He said, "You know, that story is actually real" and I said (make note, my brain is not function AT ALL at this point, I am so entralled to meet him...), "I know"

I know? What the hell was I thinking? Somebody doesn't tell you a story, and then upon saying it was real you say, "I know"! ARGH!

Anyway, it was very fun anyway, and Ridley was really nice also. But damn, meeting Dave was great.

Did I mention that my dad has been reading me Dave Barry columns since I was 5? Yup, that and Hardy Boys books is what I grew up on. One has nice, good morals and the other includes toilets the blow up. Guess which one I'm still reading today?

And, off-topic but whatthehey, St. Petersburg is finally getting autumnal-looking. It got autumnal-weather about two weeks ago, but the scenery is finally catching up.

Hey Guys,

Stop picking on Ridley...as far as I concerned..He's a babe!


Heyto! How goes the espionage internship? Good to hear that you are checking up on us! When are you back stateside?


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