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September 18, 2004


No point in calling the Brazilian police.

(Thanks to Andrew Comings)


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"The 10 to 20 dart tips were kept in a brown pouch."
What's the pouch for...you put your weed in it...

*checks the security of her lab at another UC school...

Oh and the fact the police uniforms was stolen is great.

Bandit: Hand over your wallets, watches and cell phones
Police: Dials his work number....
Desk officer: Hey bob what is up
Bob: send back up
Desk officer: Oh is the footy game going that badly again? Ok I 'll send in the second string
Bob: no no we are being robbed!
Desk officer: There are like 40 of you guys! Good one Bob!!
Hangs up chuckling
Bob hands over all his belonging and volunteers uniform also

*hides from grammar police after that last post...
Notices grammar police have lost their uniforms.
surrenders to the officers...

hmmmm... look what I found!! Anyone for a game of darts??

Impressive. I'd feel like a bad-ass if I got away with something like that...ahem, not that I would try or anything...

seriously competent police they have. why were they unarmed???? maybe they are the nice police.

Poison Dart Tips wbagnfarb

Brazilian Police Squad starring Leslie Nielsen

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