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September 19, 2004


Ye don't want to have to be measured fer yer chains.

(Thanks to BigMur from the message board)


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Holy Cow! I think I might be first!

Oh, and my favorite - Sail ho.....

So talk Like a Pirate Day is on Sunday this year!

bow yer 'Heads all Ye Scalliwags, 'here goes!

Aaaaarrrrrrr Fathaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Who aaaarrrrrrrrrt in 'Evvin, 'allowed be Thy Naime!

Arrrrrgh Maties, set sail for the Isle of topless Wenches!

Pour me some clap o' thunder, fry up some cackle fruit and make it snappy while I wait for my matey's to wake up.



"Sail men, me squiffy ho's!"

Oops, wait...

You der! Commence to swabbin' da poop deck. I'll not abide a poopy deck...

Where'er we goin' anyhow?


I think this sounds like fun:

carouser - One who drinks wassail and engages in festivity, especially riotous drinking

Arrrrr.. me thinks me hempen halter be too small for me ramparts..

Batten down the ramparts, matey! I'll not have renegade ramparts causin' mischief on me ship!

Them bras be made of hemp? Wull, no wonder ye be itchin' like a man who spent de night wid Lady Chlamydia!

You might want to try here for your authentic pirate breakfast... or not.

Arrrrrr! Me thinks ye all are ripe for boardin'! An' I'm just the bastard to scuttle ye!

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