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September 24, 2004


But nobody said nuthin' about no Bra Man.

(Thanks to Jane Hodges)


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What, it's no longer cool to be first?

What a bunch of boobs.

These people sound great!

Frikken idiot gov't tells you that you can't hang bras on YOUR OWN FENCE?

What is this, Cuba?

Yeah, we owe these people our support! Neither spirit nor rampart shall sag whilst while the bloggits are on the task. Or until Judi posts something else brazarre.

Did it have a gigantic black bra that could be used as a sail???

Can someone explain this bumper sticker please? Thank you.

I'm going out on a limb here, but I don't think Mahatma read the Harry Potter books. Voldemort was the antagonist, so...I guess either all the republicans support the lord of darkness, or just a subset of republican do...or should.
Any better guesses out there? Can you put a bra on a bumper?

Christobol, in Cuba it's a little different because all the bras are government property to begin with.

LOL Higgy.

That gives me an idea! Let's get a huge black bra and run around the country dressed as pirates, and we'll have a song and we'll drink rum and it'll be for some cause - spreading awareness about Dave's... ok I've got part of an idea. But I do want to sing and drink and dance in a pirate outfit near a very large black bra that may be a sail.

Who's with me?

Christobol - if we recruit Peri, we'll get two birds with one stone....

*ducks and hides*

D'Art - You're right. In that case I support Cuba's right to mess with farmer's bras. In Cuba, that is.

Higgy - obviously we'll draft Peri.

*gooses and immitates john cleese*

Is it just me or as an act of civil disobedience, would anyone else outfit all of the cows inside the fence with brassieres? and eyepatches... yes eyepatches and coconut bras... and codpieces!!! Almost forgot about codpieces and... Cellphones!!! Cellphones with ringtones that make their udders larger with each ring... Fight the man cows!!! Right on!!!

It was just you, WC, but now it's US!

Go ahead and mail in the protest bras to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks

FWP Headquarters
PO Box 200701
Helena, MT 59620-0701

T OK, a bunch of us get together wearing eyepatches, coconut bras, grass skirts, pirate hats and cod pieces, and go around the country finding cows, drinking rum and singing "yo ho ho" type songs, and dressing them up as pirates with cod pieces and cell phones. WE'll have a black bra soooo big that we use it as our tent and lacey panties sooo big we can use them as sleeping bags. At night we will sit around Cbol and listen to him make up stories and act out the stories in such vivid way that we take bets on how many personalities he has. WE'll have a 1974 Winnebago that we travel in, and we'll call it the MOATmobile.

Who's (not hooz) with us?

After a quick proof-reading, I should clarify a point: we will be drinking rum and singing songs, not the cows.

That is all. Have a booger weekend. And don't neener anything I wouldn't neener.

Are you guys drinking?

Fish, Wildlife and Parks said the area will be enhanced, perhaps by planting some trees.

Yes, of course. Bras on the fence...AND TREES, people! That will make it MUCH more tasteful...

Dr. Dog,

I'm packing my bags, especially if Cbol is leading the way. The cows can sing along if they want to.

Dang, have these people not noticed that we are bombarded with Victoria Secret bra ads on TV constantly? I can imagine the screen they'd have to make to hide those!

if they do this in Ireland.... will it be erin go BRAgh there?

Bangi - one of the best aspects of the Freedom of Speech clause - no, scratch that, THE best aspect of the Freedom of Speech clause is that it does NOT require that you either (1)have anything sensible to say OR (b)have a sensible way to say it.

Everyone together now!

God Bless America!
Land That I Love!...

Brainy: I have not, yes it's true *hangs head in shame*

A contribution to the fence from Ms Lohan is in order

I have been drinking since 5:00, when i woke up.
151 is the breakfast of champions.

My sis and her friend went down south on holiday a few years back and took each other's (or is it others'?) pix on the bra fence(the one and only original fence that is).. it looked fantastic .. I understand they cleared it off last year sometime and started a new collection.. more of the same

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