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September 27, 2004


Dave ridley and Ol Chumbucket.JPG

(That's Ol' Chumbucket on the right)


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Aarr! them be some handsome landlubbers.

Ol' Chumbucket looks like he's swabbing the mizzenmast with his Hello Kitty feminine product.

Um, is this thing on?

*taps microphone*

if the three musketeers were on the high seas....

Nice to see some technology actually working...

The old "Fuzz-cam" was getting a bit old...

Nice blue shirt ... still.

Where are those guys dragging DB to?

Obviously photoshopped. It appears to be Dave posing with a grown-up Doogie Howser and a young Waylon Jennings. But a least he's wearing a different shirt, although it is still blue.

So, while toilet paper, cannons, and coconuts bras are nice gifts, what we should be bringing him is shirts. From having seen him in person, I'd guess he wears a L. (That would be Large, not the subway in Chicago)

Blue shirts enhance the blueness of Dave's eyes. What is wrong with blue shirts?

What's that design on Ol' Chumbucket's shirt? Looks like a herd (flock?, gaggle?) of rampaging iguanas.

By the way, what is the correct designation of a bunch of iguanas (iguani? iguanaes?)

Hey, blue is my favorite color too, but even I change it once in a while.

Ol' Chumbucket looks like he's been visiting the bum wines aisle again.

Mike W.

Thanks for the learning moment! From the pictures I've seen of the Galapagos Islands, mess vividly describes a mess of iguanas.

I think Dave probably started out with many different shirts, but ended up having to chuck them in favour of more important items... like coconut bras, Jolly Roger toilet paper, boxes of Twinkies. Hey, at least he's got his priorities straight.

Looks like a squid squad to me.

Quality photography at last! Helen Keller has been cured!!

Hey! As Ol' Chumbucket's former co-worker (he was formerly the Entertainment editor at my newspaper) I have to defend him from the fashion police. Sure, the iguana shirt is a questionable choice, but journalists, and journalists-turned-sea dogs, are an especially poor lot, and have to do a lot of dumpster rummaging to get by. Also, he's 'theatre people,' which means he's biologically incapable of wearing matching clothes.

For the record, those are whales on my shirt. A "pod" of whales, I believe. Thanks for the defense, meerkat, and very nice story, by the way. The fact is, I am the first to wake up at my house each morning and I don't want to wake my wife while I'm throwing on clothes, so if it usually looks as if I dressed in the dark, well ...

But meeting Dave (and Ridley, of course) was one of the highlights of my alleged life, even if it did mean the end of one of our running gags. And thanks for help[ing set it up, Judi. Again for the record, the photo was taken with my camera by Mad Sally, the Official Lusty Pirate Wench. The coolest thing about the CrapCam is that it's not a camera at all. Just some gizmo they tacked a camera to to attract "that" sort. You know who you are.


Where's the picture of Mad Sally, Official Lusty Pirate Wench then? And what does it actually say on that T-shirt? I can see "Team Pirate" but the bit above is hard to make out.

The shirt says "I'm Part of Team Pirate," which is what Cap'n Slappy and I call the four person team of our Web site, the two of us, Mad Sally and Jezebelo, the Web wench. Below it has the title of our book and our Web site url - www.talklikeapirate.com.

Mad Sally was takin' the picture, so of course the only way you can see her is the gleam in my eye. BUT, in the Portland photo taken on the CrapCam (posted below), she is just below me, with short red hair, in her "Prepare to Be Boarded" baseball shirt (the details of which completely escaped the camera.) I told you she was lusty.

Woohoo! Now *that's* lusty! Yarrr!

Here you go, mateys.

whaddya know... pirate wenches got ramparts

Hey, Chummy, page could not be accessed


He's a vicious pirate of the seven seas. I'm sure he's got blood of every nationality on his cutlass at some time.

What Dave and 'Ol Chumbucket failed to mention was where their historic took place...
The First Baptist Church!
That's why they had to drop in the black photoshop background!
Eye witness and spicy wench- Lorien Stormfeather

What Dave and 'Ol Chumbucket failed to mention was where their historic meeting took place...
The First Baptist Church!
That's why they had to drop in the black photoshop background!
Eye witness and spicy wench- Lorien Stormfeather

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