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September 24, 2004


(Thanks to Mac)


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I (and my friends) bring back Kinder Eggs from foreign lands for everyone every time we travel. It's an important tradition!

Last year around Easter time I was in Calgary and they had ones as big as your head! Those were cool. My major Kinder Egg fan friend here almost fainted when she saw it.

Polly and Punky: Come here and gimme some of that endosperm, big boy!

Jeff P: Actually, not to be too nit picky, but do you really mean endosperm, the nutritive tissue surrounding the embryo? Or would the term... hey! Where ya going?

Rachel and IO,
Oops, I just realized that Dundas and Bloor are parallel. I think I lived somewhere near Coxwell and Dundas (hey, it was back in 71, you probably weren't born yet).

Flash - I am pretty near the downtown core but I did live in Etobicoke for a couple of years (Royal York & Eglinton - not the wealthy side)

Peri - When you do try them (& I know you will after all of this blogging), please let me know if the smarties are good. I'd like to know what I'm missing. BTW - I also lived in Winnipeg for 4 yrs.

Flash - Dundas does turn and cross Bloor St., so it's possible to have lived near there (that's a few steps from High Park)

I live near St. Clair and Dufferin - Corsa Italia.

YAY TORONTO! Best city in the whole world, and SARS-free for over 1 year!

iolite - I haven't seen Vanilla Smarties yet either...

HEY! Why do you guys in Winterpeg get candy before we do? Nestle's even headquartered in T.O. (used to work there, actually...)!

Flash, just saw your other post - goes to show you how directionally impaired I am - I didn't even notice your Dundas/Bloor issue. I was brand new on the scene in 1971 - But thanks for thinking I wasn't - you made my day.

Any Brits out there who would like to tell us about the joys of "clotted cream" sweets??
(Oh, IO and Rachel, do they still let you skate on the fountain pool at the City Centre?)

Oh yes.
It's ALL about the money.

Nuff Said.


Flash - don't know about skating at the fountain, but we do have a rink and the new city hall, so I suspect not.

Rachel - we'll have to keep eachother posted on the smarties sightings if they happen. Also, I share your Sars free joy, it's nice not to have to be accosted by the sanitary gel & face mask police everytime I get near a hospital any more.

Wine Gums are my fav. I moved from Calgary to New Orleans last year and they are not sold here at all. I have to get visitor from Canada to supply me.

well, shiver me timbers. sorry. just got here. that is an astonishing headline. i read someplace that some black people have darker skin than some white people.
who says the media arent doing their jobs?
[now i gotta read all these great posts!]

Wow, Punky, good for you. My wife thinks I'm nuts but I still think about skydiving some day.

Anyone remember Bonomo's Turkish Taffy? We used to get it at the movies. Commercials: "B-O N-O M-O, O-O-O, Bonomo's" and "first you smack it, then you crack it".

Well, it was no Smarties. When we're in England my wife like Terry's chocolate. I think they come from York.

Master of the obvious.

polly: that's weird, i was JUST thinking about the 'calories if you swallow the gum' question.

garrison keillor clarification: i wasn't hanging out with him; i was just in the audience at the book fair. but i listened to phc religiously and loved when they sang together... i was with my ex (we were getting along) and had perfect seats, and he was brilliant, as someone else said, during his talk, and i was so happy, and then we got to sing.... it was lovely.

other highlights: giving adam a cd and having him say "i LOVE this cd; i have a tape of it in the bus"... and having him smile at me, really smile. oh my god.

british/canadian candy: some of the best candy in the world is stuff i bought in the grocery store in england. for gods sake, the crap we have here is so... crappy! anybody know the name of this great german candy that is like a honeycomb sort of thing, but made of chocolate, and when you bite into a section, the liquid interior squirts all through your mouth and tastes so good, you could... um... ahem... anybody know what that is?

Judi, no, but you're getting me hot.

judi - it's Schokolade Orgasmus

Here's your link, Guin.

And here's your web tutorial to show you how to do it yourself.

Newbie, lucky you -- I love N'Awlins.

Caption from one of many great Gary Larson cartoon
"His few friends had told him he could never buy it, but Mr Crawley surmised that they just didn't know where the store was".

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