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September 23, 2004


This is unnerving.

(Thanks to my little, and much more musically talented, brother Sam)


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Fame and fortune follow Dave as a musical celebrity...

You have a brother?!?
I never knew...

Speaking of the T-Blues, is there any place where we, your rabid fans, can download it?

You could BUY it. Or are you just semi-rabid?

I suddenly have a strange desire to learn the guitar.

Man, that last C7 progression was just hilarious - ROTFL!

eh........it's Greek to me.


Still don't like that?


Tipiyotki -- or whatever.

The tupperware blues reminds me of a little ditty that my father used to sing. It went something like this...

Sing song! Second verse! Could get better but it's gonna get worse!

Oh, I kicked ol' Nelly in the belly in the barn.
Oh, I kicked ol' Nelly in the belly in the barn.
Oh, I kicked ol' Nelly in the belly in the barn.
Gramps said I do no harm!

Sing song! Third verse! Could get better but it's gonna get worse....


I laughed,I cried...it became a part of me.

Guess what everyone? I met the actual, physical, living Dave Freaking Barry this evening. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA, etc.

But I really wanted to say that (despite rumors to the contrary) he did not smell even faintly of alcohol, and was a complete, total, absolute 80-proof gentleman, although that may be because I have about 40 years on him, chiseled facial features and two different Biceps of Doom.

I half expected, when I found out that he'd be signing autographs within driving distance of my school, that the event would take place somewhere more appropriate to his line of work, rather than Sam's Club, such as perhaps -- just thinking out loud here -- a bookstore. Is it just me? Maybe I am the lunatic. Nothing against Sam's Club, either.

I know most of you are going to be just oozing gallons of green-envy sweat when I say this next thing, but I happened to have with me (I was reading it in the car [My roommate drove! For a hefty $25 price tag!] and tucked it inadvertently under my arm) one of Dave's newest, "Boogers Are My Beat," and he volunteered to autograph it besides, the inscription of which reads, quote:

"For Doug, my idol - Dave Barry"

The inscription of Peter and the Starcatchers reads:

"For Doug, a swashbuckler - ARRR! Dave Barry ... Ridley Pearson 9-23-04"

Yes, there was some random person sitting at the table and signing with Dave too named "Ridley Pearson," whoever that is. I didn't ask.

So anyway, thanks Dave. You big old fat old beer-bellied old lying old sausageheaded landlubberhead.

Dave, I thought you said you only knew 3 chords.

That was 4.

Nice lil' twelve bar type thing, though.

Hey Dave, (If you even read these), How's this for a front page headline? This comes from Rabun Co. Georgia, Redneck central.

Learn to Play like Dave!! wow. what a great infomercial that will be.

or how 'bout: learn to play like dave's brother sam (not of 'sam and dave' fame, but still cool).

I'm still working on "Learn to Hold the Guitar in Such a Way that You Don't Poke Your (not you're) Eye Out".

But after that, I think I will try that route, judi.

Doug — Do you suppose it might have been Dave's brother Sam's Club?

Well, According to this artical, Dave rocks.

I'm so envious of you neeners who get to meet Dave in person. I would ask him to drop by Nashvegas, but he'd end up saying things like "y'all" and "aint" and listening to country music and his brain would turn to mush. Then I'd have a moatload of angry bloggers after me led by Christobol throwing funny things at me, like chihuahuas strapped to toilet seats, etc.

Doug - did you spout any anagrams at them while you were there?

Huh. I had a dream last night that I was in a concert and I was supposed to be playing the cello and I had a solo ... but when I looked at the sheetmusic, I couldn't read it ... and I didn't know how to play ... so I pretended to play until my solo and then I threw up and started to cry.

Let me just add that it was an elementray school concert ... so no mocking me for the crying and puking bit.

Is that what it's like when you perform, Dave?

punky - do you mean:
- playing in a dream
- believing the Remainders are an elementary school band
- OR
- the crying and puking bit?

queensbee (are you in here somewhere?)

I was in Albany last week, but didn't see you.


I pick door number 3.

Coulda been worse Punky, you coulda been naked.

That would have just been worse for you tho - for the others in your dream it would have been all "hubba hubba - check out the naked hottie who just puked on her cello!"

Hey Dave,

For reference sake, and the general edification of all, could you post something that is 'nerving'?


Thanks Fed!

But don't believe them on the side effects - it gave me stupor every time.

I don't see why Dave shouldn't do his booksigning at Sam's Club. I bought my copy of Peter and the Starcatchers there.

Sam's Club is owned by evil #1 retailer WalMart and therefore is also evil. Giant hungry superstores that eat small businesses for snacks and the mom n' pops that owned them for dinner. NO GOOD

Nevertheless, I love Dave and I forgive him.

But, Targetgirl, isn't Target much the same thing?

Anyway, I got there kinda late and would have missed Dave and Ridley if I'd been 5 minutes later. *whew!* There wasn't much of a crowd there. I think bookstores are a better bet. I hope the other two L.A. gigs went better.

Big props to Ridley for putting up with Dave's Legions of Unusual Fans (which, needless to say, WBAGNFARB).

What, no lyrics? How am I supposed to play along (supposing that I have one atom of musical talent in me) without lyrics???

Mike W- Yes, it is. But it's much much smaller, hasn't populated Canada (yet), has better community charity programs, and treats its employees far better (I'm one of them). Basically, lesser of the available evils. Underdog bigbox retailer, if you will.

Sadly, I have no more mom n' pop stores to choose from. We all sell out eventually... *sigh*

punky: i'm surprised no one has said it yet, but the puking and crying at RBF concerts? yes, if you're talking about the audience.

mikey: definitely bookstores have wayyyyyy better crowds, thus far anyway :) sam's club things are not the same...

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