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September 19, 2004



In addition to the blog-related pirates, the people pictured above appeared at the booksigning driving a Dodge van that had been converted to a pirate ship. They had swords AND a cannon, so we did whatever they said.


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Aye, correct me if I'm wrong mateys, but the landlubber on the right looks like he be wearin' Mickey Mouse ears. Cap'n Dave's been spendin' too much time in Orlando.

Nay, that be Dave's pirate hat. Looks like it be tipped back a little. Perhaps a bit too much rum fer him!

Arghh, there be spammers on last night's threads. Let's board their vessels, plunder their booty, and scuttle their scurvy ships (er, Websites)! Who's with me , Mateys?

On second thought, went to a parade today with all three kids, takin' my worn out, knocked-up, pirate lass body to bed!

Yeah right, Dave, I bet they had to hold you down and force you to drink the gallon of grog. Pull the other one.

Captain Jack Rackham

Arr. A fine ship is fine thing, and a solid shipbuilder be yer best ally when the storms surge yer aft quarters.

When the seas be high and wind unkind, "Dodge" be me choice.


Arrr, I wanna see a photo of the Jolly Doger van/ship!

Looks like a bunch of Scallywags-Mateys

Rough Wench, be we not needed at the war? Yon scalawags look to be firin' at their own fleabitten hides!

The VIkings can bite me.

Yarr, how can those of us bein' at the St. Louis booksigning next ...scurvy... month top that?? A cannon? Shiver me timbers! Thar be a plot afoot!

They be toothless bastards, Cap'n Jack...

arrrrrr.. and dave, dave - you can win the presidential election! just look how popular you are wi those folks. hey. vote dave, the pirate candidate!

I think it looks more like a version of the "Princess-Leia-I've-attached-cinnamon-rolls-to-the-side-of-myhead-to-keep-my-ears-warm" look that was so popular when Star Wars first came out

oops.. missed a hyphen. For those of you who worry about that sort of thing, here it is -

to many fat man ..:)

i rok man!! yeah!!

I have a coconut bra. Sadly, Dave will not be able to see it, as I will be unable to attend any local booksignings when he's in L.A. Unless he and Ridley would like to kick out my two roommates for the night and chill with me. We could kick it at my place on the east side of the down-low n get some like ultratight shiz happin n we could be superfly homeez fer realz dog. What-what?

arrr, happy day after. Rum, bleargh

Because I had a pitiful number of entrants in my TLAPD 55 word flash fiction contest, I'm back to self promote. The contest goes until Sept 22 and though I haven't coerced the general public to do My Will, I have managed to get Australia's Queen of Romance to sign on as the judge. She is on stamp, that's how big she is. Or how small.

Win booty! Big or small -- I've got several sizes, though they don't have non-skid bottoms. Sorry, you'll have slide around on the poop deck.

Cuthbert dons his pirate panoply one day too late

Arrr, mateys! It be lookin like we have a spammer or two at yon post. Keelhaul'em!

Also, can we have somebody identify the bloglits in the picture? (These arrrrr great!)

Arrr and ahoy, mateys!

The Eagles will kick the Vikings' asses tonight anyway.

(at least I hope so - I have Donovan McNabb on my FF team and they need all the points they can get)

Avast me hearties!
I was nearly keelhauled by the local landlubbin' authorities yesterday for screaming ARRR at passing ships (cars, whatever). I even got my serving wench of a girlfriend in on the piratical swearing when I asked her to "swab my deck" if ye be getting my drift. She tried to mutiny. We be supportin' ya Davie, ya scurvy dog of a humorist!


Here be one of them dee vee dees that only a pirate would love

Since when did Pirates start wearing Mardi Gras bears? Is this another example of a wardrobe malfunction?

Mardi Gras bears? Boy those Louisianans know how to party!

Arrrr. The pirates in Seattle be none other than the most feared SeaFair pirates, I wager. They be a scurvious bunch, with their Jolly Dodger and their booty. Avast, the landlubbers of Seattle have been terrorized by that band o' scalliwags for 2 score years now. Parlez!


Shiver me timbers! The Ghost of Groucho wanders the earth once more!

Are all pirates so, um, well-fed?

It's those Blow Me Down meals. Very high in protein.

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