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September 20, 2004


Never let it be said that judi is the only one who posts beefcake.

KEY INCOMPREHENSIBLE QUOTE: Bred on the Coffeen family farm, she is the daughter of Stookey Elm Park Redstar Ex 92 and her dam is a Good Plus renown factor daughter and the next dam is VG-86.


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Hmmm....I'm strangely aroused.

Are they talking about the animal or the people?

Well, I'll be dammed...

What do you mean, incomprehensible? It means that when all the other cows come to the barn, I get my teats taken care of first!

Well, it was a close call, but I think I like Judi's version better.

Um- I think Dave missed an important point in the article. The animal is a COW which means she is not of the male species but is udderly endowed with milky ramparts. Long may they wave

Yeah! Wisconsin! Sheesh!

*Ducks head in shame. Take holsteen cow of the year trophies off of the mantle.*


Got milk?

(hey, someone had to say it)

Graz: Hmmm....I'm strangely aroused.

Strangely would be the word for it hon

"Glamour Shot"? I suppose her offspring will be named "Money Shot"?

You know what they say, never look a gift cow in the Good Plus renown factor daughter dam.

For one thing, I think you have to put your head up her a$$ to do so, and you need to get to know a cow before you do that.

I think we've got our next cover of Vogue here. And I bet no one will be calling her a "skinny cow" and urging her to eat a cheeseburger.

"Jim's daughter, Kelly, shows Glamour Shot."

HHHmmmm. Who shows Kelly?

*snaps on shoulder length rubber gloves*

This won't hurt a bit now, Glamour Shot...

I knew there was a good reason I left the farm.

Listen, something's gotta keep those people occupied so they don't go starting militias.

"We're all excited, pleased and very much surprised," said Jim Coffeen. "You try to make the best mating possible. It's very satisfying when you breed a winner like Glamour Shot. I mean, normally I prefer a woman, but on those long winter nights..."

Glamour Shot = Roast Mogul

Thank you.

Damn, did I say that out loud?

Dave, Dave, Dave . . .

I think the coconut brassieres have put you in an altered state.

This is NOT the kind of "beefcake" that female readers and those of us of an alternate lifestyle enjoy.

Unless we are REALLY perverted.

Excellent, Jeff.

Is it just me or isn't the whole thing incomprehensible?

Is it just me or isn't the whole thing incomprehensible?

Is it just me or isn't the whole thing incomprehensible?

Ouch - sorry - @!#@&%!@*)#^)!* Microsoft!

Holy Cow! (somebody had to say it) That is one sexy heifer you got there Dave. I'm just mad I wasn't invited. I never get invitations to the high society events.

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