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September 12, 2004


Tasmanian Frogs Coordinator.


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I guess my invite to Frogs on Farms Field Day got lost in the mail.

f-f-f-f-f-f ... oh .. second!

is there a Frog Co-Ordinator's Association of Australia? Inquiring minds want to know

"World Wildlife Fund Frogs on Farms Field Day"

I will spend the rest of the day trying to say that three times fast. Or, come to think of it, three times slow.

How does one get to be a Frog Coordinator? I want to coordinate frogs for a living.

*dusts off resumé and puts in application to be Everglades Frog Co-ordinator*

I'm not sure what the pay is, but the job title alone is worth it.

What does a frog coordinator coordinate?
other than frogs?

What does a frog coordinator coordinate?
other than frogs? I'm confusing myself...

sorry for the double post. my computer has been acting up ever since the frogs became uncoordinated.

I had a friend who accidentally signed up as a volunteer for the World Wildlife Fund.
It was by accident though.
He saw the WWF and thought it World Wrestling Federation.
They kicked him out once he did smackdown on a panda.

hey, thats right.
is it even kegal to share acronyms?
shouldn't that violate some copyright?

This is a very important occupation -- 'cuz, you know, the last thing anyone wants to see is clumsy frogs.

I think that "The Tasmanian Frog Coordinators" would be a good name for a rock band.

My guess: Tasmanian Frog Coordinators hold a shiny black wand and direct Tasmanian frogs to do the "Bud" Weise" "ERRR!" routine, only in Tasmanian for Tasmanian beers. or perhaps not but I'm just trying to help.

I think that frogs are one of the last animals that need to coordinated. The frogs in my area are very coordinated, both socially and physically. Now opossum, that's a whole other story. Someone needs to coordinate their asses off of the highway and back into the trees. The same with squirrels, the squirrels in my area lack even the basic coordination skills and just seem to be aimlessly on the look out for acorns. Unfortunately, most of the tress in my area do not have acorns. A few pinecones maybe, but no acorns. On the other hand, the racoon coordination skills put the mafia to shame. No trashcan is safe in my neighborhood. Even the stray cats come by and shake their heads at the destruction.

I coordinate random fires.

who co-ordinates the co-ordinators? and who would co-ordinate the senior co-ordinators? and how far up the chain would you have to go before everybody was co-ordinated... or there was someone co-ordinated enough that they didn't need supervision?

'World Wildlife Fund Frogs on Farms Field Day' wbagnfa Beatles nostalgia album.

Don't misunderestimate the power of coordinated frogs. If you were to put 1000 coordinated frogs in front of 1000 typewriters in a room, eventually they would produce the script for a Presidential campaign speech somewhere in a swing state.

Rebecca - not too many years ago the wildlife people sued the wrestling people over the WWF thing. Wildlife won, Hence it is now WWE for the wrestlers. Dont ask me what the E stands for I don't know

And now a haiku:
Tazmanian Frogs
need some coordination
who wants the job, you?

I thought about majoring in "monitoring frog practices" but my rat bastard college counselor steered me amiss.

If, as Corn implied, frog coordinators teach them to be less clumsy, I hope that there are also frog ettiquette teachers and other staff for a Frog Charm School. Otherwise, what's the point?

i didnt know that frogs were uncoordinated -- will they be learning to dance, or what? devil of a job in tasmania.

Sounds like a job worth applying for! Where do I send my resume?!

They need a coordinator for bad French people in Tasmania??

What will they come up with NEXT?? the EB.

Do Tasmanian frogs move everywhere as miniature whirlwinds too? I can see that a co-ordinator would be required to control that.

*wonders if basing view of the world on Looney Tunes cartoons is possibly leading me awry*

"TASMANIAN farmers learned the importance of ... frog-awareness...

They were keen to find out...reap the benefits frogs can provide..."

I find that I am lacking in frog-awareness.

I want to reap frog benefits.

Where do I sign up?

I am keen.

Did anyone else think that the logo for the article's website looks like a women's swimsuit?

Brainy: Yeah, hubba hubba!

frogs flying freely fortuitously frolics on farms field day...

So there


Oh, Judi, I think you need to clean up the mess in here.

Although they are preferable to rump hangers that cover only the legs of boxer shorts.

Frogs at work. I'm in if they still have openings! ;-)

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