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September 18, 2004


Time for some wood.

(Thanks to Laura McEwan)


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WEll that's nice.

Oh where do I start. That post ahs so many graeat lines..
"This item has never been used and is brand new."
Thank goodness who wants a used fajnitas?

" It does have some moss growing on the rear and a small patch of bark missing but no axe wounds."

I have some moss growing but not on my rear and thankfully all bark is present and accounted for with no axe wounds as of yet.

" It was entirely naturally produced under the magical Cornish sky …. man has had no hand in this.""

How much did the Magical Cornish Sky (WBAGNFARB) play into the writing of that description? too bad for the lady elm that man has had no hand it...

Well, splinter me timber...what have we here.

"Picture 2 gives you an idea of just how much joy it can inspire."

Yeah, he looks absolutely euphoric. And what happened to his eyes?

Bring me a shrubbery

J.. are you of an age to remember Bogor? I can just see him loving this.. possibly being the person who put it on eBay in the first place, except that this came from the English arm of eBay.

For those of you who never saw it Bogor was a weekly comic strip about a lone woodsman with an active fantasy life and a forest full of pot-smoking hedgehogs... it was inspired

talk about shivering me timbers . . .

talk about shivering me timbers . . .

"the vagina mono-log" *giggle*

Any clever comment I might try to write about this one would just end up paling in comparison to the original link, which was brilliant, so I'm not even gonna try. I'll just say thanks to that guy for giving me a great laugh this morning. I love the Brits' sense of humor!

I wonder if this can be used in conjunction with the SweetPee?

And no one mentioned that Mother Nature's Undercarriage wbagnfarb

Arr, I say we send it to Capn Slappy and Chumbucket of the Festering Boil. Give the crew a bit o' thrill and the ship's goat a much-needed break.

When it said "Saturday Night: Time for some wood" I naturally assumed this was to be a Beavis and Butthead thread.

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