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September 23, 2004


There be pirates in Los Angeles.



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Arrr! Am I first?

Is that Mad with that smart-looking eye patch?!

Someone should take that sword away from Dennis the Menace or we might be hearing about the first accidental field appendectomy to be performed at a bookstore since Dave's last book tour.

and Mike Weasel in the pimp hat?

I assume that's Mad, Jamester, Jamesterette amd Mike Weasel?

Way to go guys!!!g


Worlwide! Worldwide!

Hmmm, How's Snake Plissken gonna handle this....

666 and a match and a light and a drag on olde "Free Spirit"! :-)

Is that Chevy Chase?

Waaah! I sat in traffic for 2 hours from Torrance to Glendora to get to the Sam's Club...and they had left already! Another woman and her child and I moped about morosely until one of the workers was forced to go in the back and fake their signatures on some books so we would leave. Snif.

Lonegun - mail your book to Dave and he'll sign it for you. He's that kinda guy.

Who's MAD?! :-)

Madscientist, Eadn. Sheesh.

Lonegungirl - I can guarantee you those signatures aren't faked, we watched Dave and the Ridster sign about 100 books before they left.

Oh, Dave and Ridster, you can get a ticket for getting you timbers shivered in LA.

I don't mean like a traffic ticket, I mean you buy a ticket and exchange that for one shivered timber.

Anyways, they're cheaper by the gross. Go figure.

Addendum - Dave and Ridley signed 2 copies of "Starcatchers", one copy of "Is not making this up", and a poster for me.
The wifester is having a fantasy of my son Ryan on The Antiques Roadshow in 50 years..."Since you have the whole package, the picture and comments from the blog, the book, the poster, the whole package is worth...50 million dollars!"

They weren't near this festive on Thurs night when I saw them at Barnes & Noble at the Grove. I brought my girls with me & picked up a copy of the book and they were just sitting quietly behind a table signing the books. No pirates :(

Nice to see the wifester is still in the glow of meeting the authors. Did she wait until you were out of earshot before she began contemplating the sales value of the items? *joking! bet Dave would give the nod on the $50 mil*

Susan - did you shiver their timbers? They like that.

I wish somebody would shiver my timbers...

Mad, Mike and I had dinner in a very fashionable Coco's afterwards. Am glad to report they are both relatively normal (begging the question of my judgement in these matters, of course!)

Mike strikes me as to humble to mention this himself, so I have to let you all know that Dave's inscription in Mike's book seems to anoint him to Rockstar status, I think it referred to him as a "Blog God" (Mike, what was the exact wording again?).

I was judged "demented" by our fearless leader.

I'll never wash this mind again!

hmmmmmmmmmph. mikey's a MESSAGE BOARD god, for god's sake. but he IS a god. so ok.

East Coast! West Coast! NEXT is Vegas!

This'll be one book signing tour Dave will looooong remember.

... we'll see to that ....

Way to hang MOATies! Keep up the good work!

*waiting for European Vacation*

Dave actually signed my book as "blog god" which might BAGNFARB. It was way cool meeting bloglits! I only barely made it in time to catch Dave and Ridley due to traffic. Whew! Thanks again Dave and Ridley! Great book so far, I'm already on Chapter 12.

cute little kid. who are all the big people?? i'm green with envy - c'mon to albany new york!! a crowd will gather. [not necessarily for you, but a crowd will gather.....]

I'm jealous! Dave meets bloglits while I'm halfway around the world!

Wait up for me Dave!

Wah. :(

I want to be called a blog goddess!

BTW, I forgot my Mandatory Blogchik Time Comparison: It's 3:59 pm here. Weird, ain't it?

Great pic, guys, and I love the Weasel's hat. Much better than Dave's, Mike!

Check the ReMOAT Yahoo site for Higgy's pics, including great "grammar" inscription by Dave.

Great pic, guys!

Jamester ... your son is A-dorable!

Great hat and patch, Mikey, Mad!

You make us all so proud.


I live up here in Soo Saint Sibera.. so no Dave here either.. WAHH! Nothing happens up here. Dave will be in Detroit next month with the Remianders (or whatever its called) but I have no money. Damn soon to be ex spouse!

Just because I think it would be a cool topic, but obviously I can't post to the board... how did you discover Dave's Humor? Me, when I was a sophmore in HS we had an assignment where we had to find a article about computers/tech. and turn it in for a grade. I think we had to write a report. Well, Dave Barry is also printed in a News Paper in Layton, UT. So, I saw a article with some computer sounding headline, clipped it, and wrote a paragraph from something I skimmed out of the article. To show how much the teacher didn't pay attention.. I got a good grade on it. After I got it back I actually read the article, laughed my butt off, and thought, "this is what I turned in?!" So, I have read Dave Barry since then. Defiantly the funniest colomnist out there!!

Long Live the Blog God! Hahahaha Good going Weasel.

Pirate hat tip to the Jamester with wee-onester, and Mad"You'reStillWaySexyEvenWithOnlyOneEye"Scientist

Way to go guys!!

About 16 years ago, Dave's article appeared in the Sunday Parade magazine in the Houston Chronicle. When hubby and I went back to college, I had to ask the library to stop throwing away Parade just so I get get my weekly Dave fix. I made photocopies and gave them to my instructors, and they became converts. These days, I send the URL to many who live in small towns and their paper doesn't (or won't) carry his article.

Got to meet Dave two years ago when he was in Arlington at a luncheon/library event. I took the day off to attend. The best part was when the band invited (coerced) him into playing guitar and singing The Tupperware Song. He signed my book "Web Goddess".


I really hate to see you going "unshivered". Gimme a call... ;-)

Great shots, LA bloglits! Way to show up in Pirate Gear - sniff - so proud!

He's a cute little Weasel. And Mad you look FABULOUS! I hope I can get to Vegas. Still don't know...

Jamester, I can't see you! You're hiding there behind Dave, silly!

Aw shucks *blush* The hat I acquired last year at the Renaissance Faire. I even wore it to dinner :) And Mad is definitely very sexy in person! ;) Y'all shoulda seen the boots!

Dave has a column in the Florida Times Union - local paper here - one day last year I read it and I have been changed ever since... I have even converted a few "non-believers"...

I agree ... Mad is beautfiul ...

You go, girl!

I have to agree - Mad appears to be the "Hot Pirate Chick" of the week... sorry about that last reaaaallly random post - I think I killed off my last brain cell last night...

How hot does it have to get before Ridley wears short sleeves?

Thanks everyone I will get the real pics up on the Ysite soon. Mike is very tall and funny Jamester is charming and wonderful as is his family. He has the cutest kids ever! And yes Peri little Jamester and his sword defintiely stole the show.

Ok, I am a long-time blog-reader (since 2 weeks before they switched to the new format), but first time actual blogger - but I had to blog to let you guys know that I will be at the Tattered Cover in Denver when Dave and Ridley come - I don't have any coconut bras, though :(

Any ideas? I have to represent the lurkers!!!

Hey Melt'n, ever read Poke McHenry in the Times-Union? He's my great-uncle. *g*

I want to meet Dave and Ridley! I feel so left out. And also unshivered. *pout*

I concur with Mad; Jamester's kids are great! I'll definitely look forward to seeing the Bug Hunter on the Discovery Channel in about 20 years.

Confidential to Mad: Happy 30th Birthday, you sweetheart, you!

To really represent the lurkers properly, stand at the back of the line, watch what's going on up front, and wish that you could be half as funny as those folks who make Dave laugh regularly....

Oh, sorry, that's just me.

confidential to Jamester: Thanks!!! Dave's hug last night was BDay gift enough. I am emailing you little jamester pic and posting the others to Y site now

Long time reader, first time blogger. I was 2nd in line at Sam's in Glendora, and luckily, had brought extra pirate gear. That's why Dave and Ridley got to keep my fancy 99 cent store hats

Long time reader, first time blogger. I was 2nd in line at Sam's in Glendora, and luckily, had brought extra pirate gear. That's why Dave and Ridley got to keep my fancy 99 cent store hats

teachernb8 you had the red bandana! Thanks for saving the guys. Their publicist rushed them in and out really fast. It was sad not to get to hear them read. You should have spoken up as a blogger and got your (not your) picture taken with us. :-)

hey! Dave's not wearing a floral print shirt!

Judi!?!? Did his luggage get lost again?

There's no good way to tell a story about becoming a Dave fan in NYC. "small town", my a** - we've got millions of people, dozens of daily papers, including "the newspaper of record" which claims "all the news that's fit to print" - but to read Dave I have to read the International Herald Tribune or see miami.com . Not many do; I feel kinda lonely.

I showed up at Borders Books, Broadway & Wall St, at lunchtime ten days ago. Supposedly Dave had just been there, but who ever gets out for lunch before 1:30 in the Apple? No sign of any pirates; just the usual mob into which any Dave Booksigning attenders had obviously vanished within seconds. (The only worse imaginable fate is to disappear into the jam of traffic that attempts a roundtrip to Long Island - by car!! - in afternoon hours. Luckily, no one would be insane enough to attempt that.)

A few signed books were still on sale. I bought one happily. Then it disappeared from my living room overnight. Turns out it caught my 11-year-old's eye, and then she "couldn't put it down" for two days til she had finished it all. (Would've been one day, but they don't let you read Ridley or Dave in Social Studies.) "Cool book. Where'd you get it?" And the book itself still looks new, too.

So all ended better than I could have expected.

I'm just glad I live in a place, weird as it may be, where (a) I can still sort of try to keep up with Dave, and (b) Dave's stuff can still be cool.

Avon, sorry you missed Dave. I was hoping to get to the Borders signing but we were just getting back from Phoenix so I missed it. But I'll see him in Vegas October 15.

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