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September 26, 2004



The blogperson known as Christobol brought three children and two enormous bokxes of Twinkies. He gave us the Twinkies, but took the children with him.


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FIRST!!!! yaayy

Nice of Christobol to bring you a jar of vaseline to smear on the camera lens, or is that Twinkie filling?? whatever substance that might be.

Are you suffering a gypsy curse?

Well, excuuse me!

Remember before "not!" when people said "well excuuuse me?".

Wow, nice to see that the Crapcam is still alive and well.

Darn, our ONE CHANCE to see Christobol too....

Cute kids! I love the little one with the sword in her mouth

Has anyone else noticed that every shirt that Dave wears in these promo photos (owns maybe?!) is blue?!

Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Dave, ol' pal, ol' buddy, you can't help the way your hair grows but you *can* do something about a "wardrobe malfunction." There is a whole rainbow of colors out there! Why not go wild and try a different one or - hold on to your Pierre Cardin - TWO!

Call me. We'll go shopping.


Fort Lauderdale's answer to "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"

he used to have a maroon shirt. i'm not sure he still has it, but it was quite a nice shirt.

Hooray for Christobol!!!!
I can't believe you gave Twinkies to Dave and Ridley!

You and the little swabbies are so cute! At least I think they're swabbies... Too bad the CrapCam is so crappy...

lookin good guys.. gonna go clean my glasses now, see if it makes a difference

hehehehe MKJ...
By bidding for this item you agree to the following statement: “I am aware that once the auction has ended and I’ve paid for the item, I will receive no further correspondence with the seller. I understand I will receive nothing in the post if I am the winning bidder for this item, I am also well aware that nothing may change as a result of being the winning bidder for this item, after all, it’s just for a laugh innit, and as such I will not leave bad feedback or demand a refund if winning this item does not change my life in any way”. However, you never know…..

In English that would be.. send me money. Nothing in your life will change except that you will be poorer by at least a penny

Could the CrapCam be an experimental one powered by spinach? Yet another tree-hugger method of fuel conservation goes awry.

You know....if you squint your eyes, turn your head to the side, Christobol kinda looks like the guy who plays Will Truman on Will & Grace.

....wait a minute...that's it...he's not really just a mild-mannered blogger, but is in fact a very talented and famous writer who paid off Dave and Ridley with Twinkies to goof with the photo to protect his identity.

That's great, Dave, but were they deep-fried Twinkies?

good spotting sly.. the only flaw in his logic is he used the Clark Kent method of disguise... blur the photo slightly, or, even better, put on a pair of glasses, and all of a sudden no-one has a clue who he is! Not only that you don't see Eric McCormack and Christobol in the same place, so he must be!!

The other thing that never made sense to me, in all my years of watching/reading Superman, is that Superman got changed in glass phone booths.. even with superspeed, how did he never get noticed by at least ONE person? I'd notice if a nerd stripped off in a phone booth and walked out as Mr Superbuff-Tight Cheeks_Superhero.. at least I'd like to think I would have

Sorry that last post was a bit garbled.. If I didn't have to go to work, now is about the time I'd either go for a nap or have monster cup of coffee

Christobol, love the little buccaneers, especially the tough little lass with the sword in her mouth. Please bloggers, if you see Dave and Ridley in person, beg them to come to Philadelphia. Dave used to work here, maybe that's why he is avoiding it like the plague. I am soooo jealous.

Well, when I saw Dave, he was wearing a tasteful red and blue checked shirt.

My theory, however, is that the blue shirts and the CrapCam are linked. Apparently, he used his entire electronics budget to buy blue shirts, and now has to use a camera from a 1988 happy meal for all his official book tour photography.

cristobol - glad to see you survived the squirrel. You should have put the squirrel in one of the boxes of twinkies. That would have been a fun suprise for Dave and Ridley back at the hotel or at airport security. Especially the flying squirrel...

Those damn digital cams!

please, christobal.... give that child a twinkie so s/he doesn't have to eat the sword.

i say s/he because as blurry as that photo is, i'm not entirely sure.

morning bangi!!! those were th squirrels from ebay see the squirrel post from yesterday

Way to go Christobol! Another blogit meets The Dave! Nice looking children too? And I like the way you insure the kids get their normal daily intake of iron.

"Chew on that saber me little maties!"

"Now go brush ye teeth to remove the slivers."

He gave us the Twinkies, but took the children with him.

A double-win!

Seriously, the kids are adorable, but all kids are more adorable when you can give them back to their parents.

Those kids are adorable!...but seriously isn't Ridley the cutest??!!!!

I'm not really commenting, just checking to see what the blog time is.

Webmom... I do not think the statue of limitations has passed for Dave to come to Philadelphia... however he could come to Cherry Hill or even Pennsauken...

nice to meet you c-bol!! those are some cute little kids. okay. i'll rent some kids...c'mon to albany dave!!

uh - just another thought - looking again at the picture... dave - what is that on your head - looks like a yarmulke, with long sidecurls .. like the hassidim. hmmmm.

I saw the Twinkies and I saw the kids and I knew who the man in the back was before I even read the caption. :)

c-bol ... too bad the camera-person was drunk and swaying. Was it the Dread Pirate Roberts or Deb? ;)


If you would ever like to test drive three boys for a day or two I'll swap ya...

I have one question, who will be eaten first?

Mmmmm...I've got hot, sticky cinnamon rolls here.

Not quite as good as microwaved Twinkie, but I'll share, anyway.

Anybody want a piece of this?

*Offers up buns to blogglet*

I gotta wonder who's butt's sticking out (stage right) with their (not they're) head in the book case?

No thanks for the cinnamon buns, but if you have any dark chocolate around, it's MINE.

*checks cookie jar*

Here's a giant bar of Hershey's Special Dark just for you, MOTW.

Hmm, which bun will be eaten first?

How old is your son? The reason I ask is because I have one going through the same "spell". It's to the point that I wonder if maybe he has a memory handicap of some sort... So far this school year he's forgotten homework at school, left his karate uniform and swimsuit at home, lost glasses, left backpack on the bus, etc... And this after me repeatedly REMINDING him to bring those things.

I think I've come up with a strategy (strategery?), though. I'm going to duct tape important items to his body before he leaves for the day. Backpack...violin...dufflebag..permission slips...

Per Christobol's brothers...I already asked. Two and they're both married. (shucks)

Maybe he has a cousin or even an available inlaw?

Polly, don't think elle was thinking along the lines of available "other"..... but then maybe she was.

Our Valiant Young Lad (as my husband and I call him) is almost 12. He has ADHD. Yesterday, he didn't take his med., so it was a day fraught with activity and chaos. The lost lancent device was the frosting on the proverbial cake. A figurative cake which was mixed, baked, frosted and half-consumed. Then, since he was bored with the project, abandoned as a monumental mess. (Gosh, that sounds too much like MacArthur Park...) Making him pick up just about anything takes 30 minutes.

We do lots of organization, redirection, simple instruction. Check-lists help, too. (and chocolate, for me)

I was there, and I have to say that men like C-bol really irritate me. There was this great-looking guy with three gorgeous and well-behaved children. Meanwhile, I think that might have been my wide butt -- I was leaning over to strap my youngest back in the stroller after he took off, running gleefully past the kids' section and through Horror and Fantasy. I'm in SOOO much trouble with this one.

Thank G-d it's a blurry pic, is all I can say...

Oh, so it's not just CRS (can't remember s**t). Oops, that's right! That's when you're older...

Greetings all! I've sent Dave / Judi a better pic from my crapcam, so we'll see if they upload it.

It was great to meet Dave and Ridley - they are very funny, and genuine, and that is pretty cool when you consider how long they've been on the road.

My kids really enjoyed it, and Vyv read up thru chapter 5 on the way home, and took the signed book to school to show off today. They love the story so far, and liked hearing Dave and Ridley read from it (very excited when they got to a part that Dave and Ridley had read - so far we can't duplicate Ridley's excellent porpoise imitation).

The website was wrong about which location they were visiting - so that was a bit of a scare, but we made it in plenty of time. Crowd was good, tho quiet, and there were two other children dressed as pirates (making mine a bit less self-conscious, if you can call having a sword fight in a book store self-conscious).

If you get a chance to go to one, it's worth it.

By the way, the first pic taken by Dave's official crapcam (by the bookstore manager) was of the floor, and it came out great. I think it may be designed for floor pics. Also, right before she took the next pic, Ridley shouted "Everyone get blurry" so we did.

Come on folks, of course the photo has to be blurry when you are dealing with celebrities. Otherwise those cute kids would have to walk around with scarves over their heads like Michael Jackson's kids do.

And, if it wasn't hard enough to be fierce with a pink and green sword in your mouth, it would be about impossible to be a scurvey pirate with a scarf over your face.

At bedtime last night, it was time to check my daughter's blood sugar. I discovered that he'd been playing with..."

just a thought... maybe some of your son's "issues" stem from the fact that you semm to be refering to him as your "daughter". What's that about?

BTW: Try public embarrassment. One mother I know (when her daughter forgot her lunch) showed up at school, at lunch time, in the lunchroom, in a housecoat and curlers and called out loudly, "Sweetheart, you forgot your lunch!"

It never happened again.

Christobol looks exactly like I imagined him! Which one's Christobol again?

Wasn't anyone else surprised that C-bol appears to be an adult?

Sorry for the confusion, mudstuffin.
He, my son, the Boy who loses things (our Valiant Young Lad), lost his sister's (my daughter's) lancet device.

I sing parodied verses to embarass my kids. And to amuse myself.

Cristobol's the tall blurry one, Fed Duck.

Dave: bokxes of Twinkies?

C-Bol and the Fuzzy Munchkins WBAGNFARB

MOTW: We must have been separated at birth.

When Dave and Ridley go to the Chicago Costco tonight at 5:00pm, I wonder if they'll have a look at their custom coffins. I hear they have a new one painted up to look like a box of Twinkies.

Maybe you can get them to pose inside one...

Or at least standing on top of one with 13 other guys holding some booze.

"Fifteen men on a dead man's chest. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum..."

Dave and Ridster are gracing Chicago
Bringing their Starcatcher book to a Costco
Twixt coffins and cases,
Are pirate-y faces.
Arrr! Tis surely a bloglit farrago.

(okay, YOU try rhyming something with Chicago)

nice picture
(still wearing that blue shirt)

Good one, Christobol. The swords were a nice touch.

MOTW, my wife will be fighting you for the dark chocolate I'm sure. Or she would if she wasn't on a diet now, so I guess you're safe.

Ok, I am now convinced that Christobol & Dave are two seperate people since I see the evidence before me (although the picture is pretty blurry).

Soooo unfair...funny AND cute, and married (damn).

** heavy sigh ** story of my life.

Here, Zoodle, have some chocolate ...

Zoodle - you'd have to get in line behind Punky for a shot at Christobol anyway...

She's had dibs for a while now....

Those are three adorable kids!

Dave, blue is nice, but variety is the spice of life, ya know?

Zoodle ... Higgy's right ... I adore christobol ... so if you really want him, you're gonna have to thumb wrestle me for him! Be warned that I don't fight fair and I use my teeth! Just ask that crocodile I wrestled in the Everglades ... I have his leg hanging from my rearview mirror ... the crocs, not christobols ... 'cause, although I'm enamored, I ain't crazy.

Thanks for the chocolate MOTW! (I have a sign at my desk that says "Who cares what the question is, the answer is chocolate"!)

Sorry Punky...since you have dibs I'll try to restrain myself but...you can't stop my dreaming!

Anyone else have children that move so fast they cannot be captured at even the highest camera speed? Maybe Dave needs one of those cameras for capturing hummingbird wings.

Mrs. C-Bol absent. Hope springs Punky?

Deon ... cute! But you know that rare couple you see that have been together for ever but still look at each other as if they were newlyweds? That's c-bol and his wife ...

So although he's the cat's meow in my book ... he's a cat I'll never pet ... so to speak :)

You people make me laugh. On occassion. :D

Which one is Dave?

Dave's the tallish blurry one.

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