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September 19, 2004


A lusty crew of buccaneer blogpersons came to our booksigning today and gave us some valuable pirate items, including Jolly Roger toilet paper. Ridley and I were deeply touched, as you can see in this high-quality photo.



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Deeply touching. First.

I see that Satan is standing behind Ridley...

Thought Satan be busy with that double-postin' cur of a blog...

How drunk was the photographer?

Captain Jack Rackham

You're a HOT Satan, though, Joshkr! You've got that James Bond eyebrow thing happening... Seriously.

It's just the wobbly effect of the camera, that's all...

FORGIVE!! I meant it in the best "you look like satan" terms.

*Bares ass for spanking.*


*standing ovation to my fellow bloglits*

Gee, Joshkr...thanks. Sometimes I need a bit o' correction.

Sounds like you guys had a great time at the book signing. I'm so proud of you all!!!


Oh, and you've got some fabulous cleavage there, Tina.

((Wink wink))

Thanks Polly, I am rather fond of them myself. Is it wrong that I considered asking Dave to sign my ramparts just to see what he would do?

I plan on asking him to sign MY ramparts...

Actually, I'm bummed there are no bloglit around these parts so I can have some of my comrades to be nervous with. I'll probably pee myself when I finally get there. I'm actually very shy in person. Sorta.

Wonder if Dave has ever had somebody pee themselves when they meet him? At least he'd remember me...

Polly - well you will have company in vegas. And if there is anyplace where signing ramparts (WBAGNFARB) is acceptable it is vegas. So get your tickets and meet us there.

Aargh Me MOATie! Ye done well! Make Me proud to be a'kin o'yours (not you'res). Take no prisoners!

Pillage! Plunder! Take photos.

Strike and fade into the mist..... The Ghost MOAT.....

J-arrrgh-shkr. I was going to vote for Novell, but too late. What did you decide?

Polly nervous? Say it isn't so. I figured you'd be up there leading us. Oh well, we'll have the shy and retiring Mad and Punky ready to take no prisoners (other than Dave). Just bring your ramparts and you'll be all set.

OK, Mad, its up to you to ask him to sign your ramparts then for the L.A. gig! Jamester, just have the kids turn away for a minute...

If Dave or Ridley won't do it, I'll try and forge their signatures for you. That's just the kind of guy I am.

Where are you guys? Planet Smurf? Why is everyone blue?

Last time I was "deeply-touched" was at my physical, but I don't usually bring it up in polite conversation. Present company excluded, I guess.

Pirates are rarely polite.

My son will not turn away.

Neither will he refrain from comment.

"Dad, you're not gonna let Dave write on me too, are you?"

Dave, you can hoist my sail any day of the year!

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