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September 25, 2004



Good name for a rock band.


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*starts using "F" keys instead of mouse*

Just "popping" in for a quick heinz.
Should Vegetarians eat animal crackers?

When sign makers go on strike, is anything written on their signs?

Now I have to run, errand list a mile long and Sangria night is tonight. Hopefully, I 'll be back later...

Ignore me, (like you haven't been!)

I'm just changing my name from a Kilt post.

So why didn't I know it was AASQD,Redux? Do I really want anyone to answer that?

Does anyone want to go with me to watch my son march in the parade?

Did you notice how I can make boring, mundane (and non-funny) trivial non-conversational stuff into stupid questions?

Something tells me El isn't getting my e-mails.

It takes real talent to do that, neo. :)

Check your e-mail, sly. ;)

daylight saving hour...again?

Say what?

So no complaining about gas prices unless you live in Hawaii or Alaska.
Posted by: Sarah J | 12:11 AM on September 30, 2006

News flash to those who think they have a corner on the complaint market: You have your problems, we have ours. You don't get to decide which of our problems are big and which are small, and what we do or do not have a right to complain about, enjoy, dislike, love, or hate. Thank you for sharing your opinions, asked for or not, but don't judge. And don't live my life for me.

An enjoyable night of television can help keep your mind from dwelling about every day worries; such as the high price of gas.
Posted by: slyeyes | 12:27 AM on September 30, 2006

Having hobbies is an important part of life. I agree totally. Right now, I make jewelry in my spare time.

people in Provo eat a lot of prepared and pre-packaged food
Posted by: Sarah J | 12:56 AM on September 30, 2006

Sounds like perhaps, maybe, there is the slightest possibility that you live in the United States. That's what people in this country eat. Really.

ROFL at Lab. ;)

i like to complain about people that complain about people tellin em what to complain about

does that count as a hooby?

how bout a hobby?

also, some of us eat things we've killed ourselves

with (prepackaged frozen) french fries, of course

It's good to see that Lab's curmudgeon cap is firmly in place for the month of October.

When you leap forward, what does the hour between 2 and 3 am do until regular time resumes? Does it sit there and wait? Does it holiday in Tahiti? Does it simply cease to exist until we re-create it sometime in March?

Note: I have no problem with corporal punishment within a family, as part of (note: never all of) the disciplinary process, as long as it's not misused, but I don't want teachers spanking my kids. I grew up with it (at home and at [private Christian] school), and it didn't make that much difference to my behaviour when enforced by the teachers, whereas I have great respect for my parents, who used CP to teach me many valuable lessons. I hope I will use it wisely and well when my turn comes.

*wishes she had some prepared, prepackaged food*

*... even something that Terrel had killed, as long as it was prepared*

*drools thinking of venison*

*feels guilty thinking of Rita's and Lab's neighboring deer*

*goes the kitchen to check AGAIN in hopes something will have prepared itself*

*checks and double checks post to be sure that brain and fingers are communicating at least nominally*

*realizes that they aren't*

*goes back to bed*

I meant that pre-packaged food it ALL you can find. Fresh food doesn't exist in Provo. Everything is frozen. I was looking for cauliflower the other day and couldn't find any in the first two stores I went to. CAULIFLOWER! What kind of US grocery store doesn't sell cauliflower? Or snow peas? Or peppers in a color other than green? I'm just used to being able to find Asian pears or white nectarines and other fun produce, not searching for red peppers or snow peas to make a stir-fry. Do other people have problems finding stores that sell red peppers or snow peas?




what's it to ya?

Right now I'm really tempted to take a push pin to the panic at the disco CD before my head explodes

I actually have to drive pretty far out of my way to get to the GOOD grocery store that almost always has everything I need when I need it. I only rely on my close local stores for the bare necessities.

We just came back from a fall fair where we ate meat on a stick. Tender bbq'd chicken schmeared with spicy coconut milk. YUM.


now i'm hungry

I'm listening to Phil Collins.

Against All Odds


How can you just walk away from me when all I can do is watch you leave

I don't know of a really good grocery store that carries everything I'd want to cook with that's located within a 30 mi radius of where I live. TuperSarget is the closest, but I miss having a Whole Foods or Wild Oats nearby.

I'm listening to Cardinal Trait right now, but in about 20 minutes it's back to General Conference! YAY!!

I'mmm drrinkking Moountain Deww. I love my caaffiiene, but I normallly take it in smalller doses.



I'm hitting the Black Cherry Vanilla Coke, myself.


I have a diet Pepsi waiting in the cooler for me...

Is ok to complain about gas if it is my own?

Ok ok...probably TMI.

Lab, you make jewelry? What kind?

TCK...what, you didn't hunt and kill your own french fries in the wild?

*Drools at the thought of some venison*

I'm drinking Diet Caffeine Free Coke.

El, isn't that brown bubbly water?

And the Magic Number is "one".

And for one of the few times in my life, I'm rooting for the Braves.

Decisions, decisions.

I just got back from the Cards/Brewers game (which we won THANK. YOU. SPEZIO! w00t!!!) As we were walking to the train station to go home, we passed the venue for Taste of St. Louis. A band was setting up, and as we got closer, I saw that it's Cowboy Mouth I heart Cowboy Mouth. They are from New Orleans, and play killer rock 'n soul.

I worked today from 7 - 11 (ouch) went to the game, and then planned on staying home and being domestic. Now I want to go out and play. I COULD take the train downtown by myself and watch a little of Cowboy Mouth.

But I really really really need to stay home.

but I don't wanna.

I hate being a grownup.

OK, I'll drive to my grocery store 10 minutes away where they have everything I want from fresh basil to frozen salmon fillets and will buy the makings for steak soup.

Then, brace yourselves for it, I'll make steak soup.

Unless I go catch Cowboy Mouth.


*wishes fresh basil was available somewhere near her*

I've been looking through my newest cookbook looking for a fun new vegetarian soup recipe to try for "Sunday roommate dinner" tomorrow night and am sad that I can't find many of the ingredients. For the more obscure ones it has "helpful" tips like going to an Asian market to find them, but there isn't anything like that around here. I miss good food :(
I so can't live in a small town (I consider anything less than 500,000 to be small). I'm a city girl, true blue, through and through.

/complaining about food, I promise!

I just called Albertson's in Provo. Red bell peppers (which, btw, are the same taste as green bell peppers, but they cost more) are on sale 10 for $10. She's out of snow peas, though. Shall I continue to make calls to find snow peas?

It looks like there is a Many Lands grocery in Provo, as well as many asian and latino markets. I'd say the culinary choices in Provo beat the shit out of places, such as Podunk, Il, where Neo lives, for instance.

That's where I ended up a couple of days ago, but It don't usually shop there. I was just surprised that Smith's AND Macey's didn't have any. But thanks for calling.

Lab, that's so sweet that you're doing so much research for Sarah.

*smooches Lab*

*heats up some prepackaged fuud*


No asian markets in Provo. That's sad.

Asian Market
(801) 375-7913
291 E 300 S, Provo, UT 84606

They close at 7:00

*bubble bursts*

Sarah...try growing basil. It's one that can be grown in a pot. I got some in the spring...it's grown pretty well, I just haven't used it that much. There are a lot of herbs that can be grown at home...I have a huge rosemary shrub...and the lemon balm is growing well. I need to harvest some and dry it. Oregano too...the mint didn't do so well...it was in a pot, not in the ground, and I don't think it got watered enough.

BRB... going to the garage to get my boots, and then to the closet to get another box of tissues. I just can't seem to stop crying.

Ok, fine, Asian markets exist here, but good ones don't. Finding foreign food isn't hard, it's really just good fresh produce and seafood that is hard to come by. The one's I've been to didn't carry different produce than the grocery stores, if they carry produce at all. In CA I go to places like Imahara that carry great produce, tofu, and sushi, not just boxes of noodles and jars of sauces, which is what I seem to find here.

Mint does well in a pot, usually. Mine is fine.

Aren't red peppers a little sweeter than the green ones? I wonder if I could tell them apart in a taste test.

I'm allergic to mint, so I'll not grow any, if that's ok

And mint is one that needs to be in a pot so it doesn't take over the rest of your garden. It grows like crazy if left unchecked

Provo: The new Kourou?

*trying again*

Provo: The New Kourou?

Perhaps it's hard to find seafood since there isn't an ocean nearby. I live in Cincinnati, which is not a small town, and seafood is hard to find. And I wouldn't buy it from the places that have it - there is NO OCEAN IN CINCINNATI. The seafood CANNOT be fresh!

The experts say that frozen seafood is better, since it is flash frozen and travels well. It will be fresher, once thawed, than fresh. Any seafood more than four hours old isn't all that fresh anymore.

Have Sarah and MiK ever been seen in the MOAT at the same time?

I'm a food snob. I grew up spoiled with fresh, picked-that-day strawberries, artichokes from a bush in the backyard, cucumbers, eggplant, squash, tomatoes, string beans, chiles, and corn from the garden, and other produce from Imihara, Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. The lack of turnover in the produce depts here is astonishing to me, as it the lack of selection. I hear that Costco has fresher produce, but I have a life-long ban from Costco (long story) so it isn't really an option, even if I could eat three heads of cauliflower before it goes bad.

I am just a few more than 4 hours old (i admit), would you still consider me fresh?

I am debating driving 20 minutes of curvy ass road to get the essentials. (Diapers and beer)

I was thinking the same thing about the seafood thing. While I was on a business trip once in Oklahoma, I ate a dish that contained shrimp.

Very. Bad. Idea.

Speaking of Oklahoma! Hayadoin' Fish?

Leetie, yeah, I think the longer they stay on the plant, the sweeter they are. I've never tried a taste test.

Sarah, get down on your knees and thank the deity of your choice that you will never, ever, ever, ever have to move to the sticks. Because, trust me... Provo is not bad at all compared to many places I've been.

And anyway... You're good at cooking, so you can improvise with what you can find. Don't sweat it. Tomorrow's meal will go fine.

I also think you should try to grow herbs, even if it's in little pots on the windowsill. One of my father's windowsills is crammed with all kinds of herbs growing in small round pots: mint, rosemary, oregano, basil, and a few others he uses less often (plus some flowering climbing plants).

I've been absent today due to working on Wikipedia. I added a lot of history to the francophone article on Kourou. I will probably translate it into English soon.

Sarah, at some point it's time to grow up and accept that the place where you live - that is, where you are in live and the world, is your own choosing and your own fault. Bitching about it and blaming others doesn't help. If you don't like your life, it's up to you to change it.

*orders three crates of Quityerbitchen to restock the dispensing machine*

So Lab... are you saying that the taste difference between green and red peppers isn't worth the cost difference?

... or that if you can't find red peppers, just use the green ones and it won't make that much of a difference?

I'm saying that I refuse to pay extra for the pretty colors. They taste the same (enough) to me that I've never thought, "Damn, I should have used red instead of green."

BTW, don't use purple if you plan on cooking them. They turn black and icky looking.

I do have a pot in the window sill in the living room growing cilantro (the couch is higher than the sill, so I don't have to worry about it getting knocked off like when it was in the kitchen) and I'm trying to do soughdough bread (so far, not so much success, but I'm still new and the info I've found is pretty confusing and hard to understand, but I'm trying my best) so I'm trying to deal with my lack of "good food," but have been discouraged this week trying to find produce that's worth buying. I tried cooking favorite foods last week to try and get over my depression/home-sickness/loneliness/discouragement/self-pity and loathing and it didn't really help much, so I just slept with Green Monkey next to my pillow and called my brother. I get to go back to CA for 10 days in November, which I'm really looking forward to (seafood, real mushrooms and produce!! YAY! YUM!! ocean, with boats and everything, tall trees, and FOG!) I really need to finish school and get out of here, maybe even do my student teaching somewhere on one of the coasts. All I can do is look to the future and work toward reaching my goals.

I don't eat green bell peppers and red and yellow taste entirely different, sweeter, at least here in su.so.ca.

And I agree about fresh fish.

Yes, you are fresh, Mr. Fisher.
If you need diapers, the beer should be the incentive! Or you could decide this is the time to start toilet training! :)

Surinam in pictures.

I didn't think Paramaribo would have so many colonial homes still standing. It all looks surprisingly Dutch, even though I already knew it had been a former Dutch colony. The houses seem out of place, somehow, and not very suitable for such a tropical climate.

In happier news I get to talk to my brother on Wed while he's in the airport to go to Atlanta for the next little while! And he sent me a letter!

I'm still on the lookout for a counselor in Provo, so if you know of any let me know, as long as ther're not totally insane

There ya go, Sarah. You'll get thru it. We all have. Gosh, when I was in school, all I had was an electric teapot and a cafeteria pass. Uphill both ways. ;)

If I ever get the chance to eat peppers, I usually choose the red ones. Easier on my stomach. But JU and the p-nut are both allergic.

What else can we study in-depth tonight?

So where do you stand on the pancetta / bacon issue?

*ducks and runs*

*wonders if Lab is gonna try calling the Kourou Albertsons*

Speaking of potted Basil; I just bought two pots at the store so I can grow them in my kitchen.

And.... as to whether or not I'm going to see Cowboy Mouth or make steak soup tonight, the answer is "C".

I ran into a friend at the grocery store and I'm goingoutodinnerbye.

(so much for my resolve to be a grownup and stay at home and be productive)

*loves Mr.Fisher a box of Depends*

I would have picked Cowboy Mouth, but then you knew that.

Being productive? I have to be productive?

But I don't wanna!!!


I did do a load of laundry today...

And I may work on the tub drain tonight. I am not one to take baths, preferring to take a shower...(yes, I wash...just not sitting in the tub.)

At any rate, a couple weeks ago I did take an actual bath. I kind of enjoyed it. Except for the fact that the drain leaks...so water was s--l--o--w--l--y draining out the whole time. Noisily. The kind of noise that drives me crazy. I found on line a way to make the drain close properly. I'm going to try that (ok, one productive thing for me)...but I may stop at the store and get something to cover the drain too, just to be safe.

So I may do something productive today after all.

I was productive already - painted the kitchen. Now, time for Buckeye Football!

I did three loads of laundry, but I still have to more that I don't want to do. Tonight is girls' night out (the guys are at a meeting just for them!) at Macaroni Grill, cause that's where everyone else wants to go. I would have picked Bombay House cause I love Indian food, but we're planning to go there for my birthday later this month! YAY! for Indian food!!

Why is it, you can do something nearly every day for years...in a certain order...

And then without thinking, do it in the wrong order...so it doesn't work...and you can't figure out the problem? Certain that you are doing everything right?


Ok, It's Sangria Time (similar to Miller time, but without all that annoying Miller beer)

After Heinzing this is what I have come up with:

Yay for Indian Food. In desperation, I have begun experimenting with cooking my own.

Yay for basil, I have 5 pots on my deck.

Yay for Cowboy Mouth. I'm not really sure who they are, but it sounds like fun.

Yay for dinner with friends. Friends are good, dinner is good too. Mixed they are great!

Yay for Steak Soup. I would still like to have the recipe *hint, hint, wink, wink*

Yay for beer and diapers. Remember these are the hallmark moments that will disappear all too quickly. Then it will be them getting the beer and you in the diapers. ;-)

Yay for Phil Collins. Saw his funky swing tour in Pittsburgh a few years back. What a show he made!

Yay for meat on a stick. When is meat on a stick a bad thing?

You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming now. Or have some Sangria. I put watermelon in mine. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Does anyone hear an echo...echo....echo in here?

Still looking for my sense of humor, please return it if you see it. Thanks.

Indian food, yum. Have to make my own.

Sarah, I live in "where the F is Murphy, NC?" and I can get 90% of what I want. The rest I either get in Atlanta (2 hours away) or by mail order. So it ain't that bad, but is a pain in the arse.

Getting our new fireplace this Wednesday. Been painting the ugly, gross, disgusting brick and it looks great! Weeee. So glad the old wood burning stove has taken a hike. What a pain and what a mess.



Well, since no one else is here

*takes off clothes and streaks*

*realizes that I am not drunk enough for this yet*

*throws clothes back on, hoping no one saw*

LVP, how is Linus?

Fine, he has exchanged his security blanket for a trophy wife and a high powered (but still unfufilling job) I keep encouraging him to go to the desert and find some meaning in his life, but he says that he and "Chuck" are just friends.

Throws pants on Lab's lawn 'cause I didn't have time yesterday.

Cal beat Oregon State 41-13 - Yay!

*gets out blue and gold pom poms*

Our sturdy Golden Bears
Are watching from the sky

Night all, been replacing doors since all the teenagers have left home there is no one left to slam them into oblivion. I are tired.

Thanks for being here, you keep me "sane". Yeah, right!

Okay, For some reason I have a pain in my back. I have tried everything that I can think of. Including the tnt recipe of booze. I am thinking it is bedtime with a hotpad and a whimper.

*sore and jealous, wishing she could stay up and play*

Have a good Saturday night all!

Wow, El, I read that as:

"*gets out blue and gold porn poms*"

Must be Saturday.

I think I would be okay with mail ordering ingredients or going farther for them if I wasn't on a fixed (actually, dwindling) income and had an actual paying job. I'm ready to be done with school and have my own classroom and students.

Macaroni Grill was good, but I had 2 1/2 raspberry lemonades before my food came so there wasn't much room for it (although there was somehow room for another 1 1/2 glasses after the food showed up)

Well, it's done! I wrote the Wikipedia article on Kourou. Read all about it!

*crashes head-first into bed*

such as Podunk, Il, where Neo lives...

Hay! Watch it, bub! Make sure you smile when you say that!

I'm sure you meant to say, "such as Podunk, Il, land of wonderment and fresh air and delight, where people are friendly and your kids are safe, and you can go for a walk at night with no worries, and life is good, where Neo lives..."

I'll read that in a minute, Marie..

I like red & green peppers for different reasons.. they do have different tastes (yellow and orange have no significant taste IMO) but are great for colour variety.
I like pretty much all the little herbs n spices.
Can't eat fish, but I'd probably like it if I could. I'm not that picky. Well, not really. Okay, a little bit. But not like that.
There are a few "fresh markets" around here, but I'd love to have a bit more variety than we do, without the cost that goes with it.

Today's big buy (well relatively big!) the Prince Ultimate double CD. Most excellent. I've loaded it onto iTunes, and I'm going to see if I can transfer some of the tunes to my phone. *crosses fingers*

*cranks up Purple Rain while drinking L & P with strawberries*

I have not worked on the drain for the tub...but I did get one of the thingies to cover the drain to keep it from leaking...

I also got a new showerhead...installed it even. Although I had an attachment on it before for a handheld shower sprayer, very handy when cleaning the tub. But...it was plastic, and apparently I ruined the threads on it. I put the new shower head on it, turned it on...and water sprayed everywhere. I'll have to look into a new one.

But for now...off to bed after a shower.


Where did everybody go? I was out all day, and it looks like I missed Lab's curmudgeonly goodness.

*steps tentatively up to microphone in center of moat*

Excuse me everyone? Is this thing on? I... I have a confession to make.

I know how many of you feel about Guinness, "the drink of the gods." But *blushes* I had never tried it. So I went out tonight and I ordered my very first Guinness. And it came out, black and frothy and smelling rich...


And I didn't like it.

I'm so sorry.

*rushes away, ashamed*

Well, I guess I missed Susan too. I'm going to bed.

*pokes head back in door*

BB, you missed me too! *pouts*

Neo.. I can't stand the stuff. Can't stand beer, stout, lager, draught... any of that stuff.

I used to down a CD if I had to.. but it's been at least 12 years since I last had to do anything like that. I'm more of a wine and vodka kind of a chick.

*waves hello*
*sets out blueberry paakes*
Have a fun football Sunday everyone!!!

Oh and BB try as they might the Giants couldn't keep the Dodgers from the post season!

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