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September 25, 2004



Good name for a rock band.


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Will you ever have that recipe again?

*smacks Jeff*

I had avoided the dreaded earworm until you posted!

Actually, there's a song on the Urban Cowboy soundtrack that rhymes "Mexia" with "Maria" so it would be easy to make that mistake.

But neo, do you have the recipe?
*hopeful look*

Bangi keep running I think it is helping.

Jeff I think there will be a great pitching duel in the second Dodger game. Greg Maddox maybe a geezer, but he is a pitching god. And I think he might get matched up against his former Atlanta team mate.

Ack! News about a crazy Cal graduate on the MB! Those guys make fo.no.ca look like it's full of crazies, but it isn't, only Eureka is full of crazies, everywhere else there's at least a couple of sane people.

I don't know Sarah, Eleanor went to Cal.

Oops, did I say that out loud?

All of CA is full of crazies!!!! Sure does make it an interesting place to live.

I know she did; so did my dad.

Mad, it will be interesting to see Maddux & Glavine facing each other. Of course, the two of them in their prime plus John Smoltz couldn't hold onto a 2-0 series lead against the '96 Yankees, and that was 10 years ago.

But now El Duque's leg might be hurt and the Mets will have to get their hitting shoes on to win.

"Inappropriate" so does NOT cover this slimeball's behavior.

When I saw that headline 45 minutes ago I thought I'd be sick. He's blaming his crimes on a clergyman who abused him dozens of years ago? Like that takes away the blame? The whole situation is revolting.

OK, time for something funny

Out of curiosity who here believes in the theory that for every action there is a reaction?

I hate baseball

Who wants to know?
Is there a right answer?
Is there a prize?

Need more 411. :)

Sure Jeff bring up the '96 world series. That was only one year. Anyway I think it will be a fun game to watch. I hope it is on fox so that I can watch it.

I hope it's not on a tuesday

I do, DDi.

Foley sure is coming up with some flimsy excuses today. "I'm an alcoholic. I'm an adult victim. The dog ate my homework."

Sad if he had been molested as a child; BUT, he's now a responsible adult and can make choices about his actions. Obviously, he chose unwisely.

A co-worker's son worked as a page last year. He said yes, he knew who Foley is by reputation. The word was out to steer clear of him.

Sarah, October is going to be a long month for you then.

Oh, El....have you talked to CG lately? (insert musical note symbols for which I don't have the code)

I just got used to being at school from 7-7 and getting home and watching House but now I'm going to have to find something else to do to after working in the preschool for 8+ hours.

♫why do you ask, sly?♬

Are you wondering if we watched the Cards beat the crap the Pads up this afternoon?

CG left in a very bad mood when it was
4-0. As he was leaving, I said, well, sly's happy. ;)

pssssst, Sarah. Careful, Lab is liable to call the various and sundry television stations servicing Provo to prove other shows are on besides baseball.

El, I DID enjoy the win. And I have my fingers crossed that the Cards' post-season choke reflex is stifled.

I know there are other shows, but there isn't House, which is the only show I watch every week. I ♥ Hugh Laurie

The MOAT went to bed early, I see.

I'm here!! Haven't heinzed though.. but I'm not in bed.. we're ignoring the fact that it's only 6:20pm here.

Hi Kaf, I'm off to bed now. Have a nice evening!

Okay.. heinzed now.. and Jeff, please don't ask why I know this, but Anna Nicole Smith's reall name is Vickie, not Nikki.

I know how to pronounce Mexia. And Waxahachie.
*pins shiny gold star on lapel*

And Cyn taught me how to pronounce Natchitoches.
*pins gold star on Cyn*

Guess what I bought this week? I'm making turkey bacon pumpkin n spinach risotto for dinner. Then pumpkin choc chip muffins for supper. Then if there's any pumpkin left, I'll decide what to do with it.
Please insert guess here..

one of these?

Sarah.. what gave it away?

Kibby was born in Binghamton NY. Or so his mother and birth cert. says. MeThinks he spent all of 6 months there....

Kibby also knows what actions create the reaction of a slapped face. *doesn't go there*

I was born in Christchurch, New Zealand.
The action that causes the reaction of a slapped face is calling your mother a b!tch to her face on Mother's Day. You only do that once.

To be fair, I've compared my mother unfavourably to several animals, domesticated and otherwise, over the years, but that was the only time I've ever done it in anger and out loud, to her face. I got what I deserved.

I can never quite imagine Kaf as the swearing type.

Good morning moaties! It's a lovely windy, dreary, gray fall day here in the city of wind. The leaves are falling, the air is crisp...
*takes a deep breath in*
Ahhh... refreshing!

A quick poll: If I myself don't like people that are judgemental... aren't I in turn judging them for being judgemental? Damn it! I'm a hypocrite, aren't I? Oh well. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?

*looks around*

Is everyone still sleeping?

*waves krispy kremes in the air hoping to entice the moaties*

Morning, DDi and everyone else.

*czechs calendar*

Is today Judgment Day? I hope not; I'm TOTALLY unprepared if it is.

I have been checking the Cardinals' pitching rotation and playoff schedule. IF we keep up this "one day on, one day off" schedule, maybe Carpenter can pitch evey game. El, what do you think CG would say to that?

*sets out plates of assorted cheeses and crackers*
*sets out plenty of glassware*

Ok, when I say I don't watch TV, what I mean is that I don't watch anything on "network television" with any regularity. Actually, I can't think of anything that I watch on network TV... and I'm trying to. Hmmm... Not counting The Simpsons reruns... Ok, I got nothin'.

But, I do watch TV. I watch Food Network, A&E, Travel, and Discovery. And Court TV. And, of course, I watch sports: ESPN (any flavor), Outdoor Network, etc.

If Cops (or anything with a car chase) is on, I'm there!

But then, on some channel I watched a rerun of House. I loved it. I could see myself getting hooked on that show. And Scrubs.

So, to get home after working 8 hours at a preschool, and find baseball on instead of House? I'd have to find some bourbon. Stat!

Ok, not really. I'd grab a stack of CD, the radio, a soda, a cigar, and head out to my deck. Kinda like I did last night. Ahhhhh.

*carts-in several cases of whine*

Good morning. I'm feeling much better today. Since we got home each day has been better, as my nose is no longer clogged (TMI?).

Anyway, good game last night, right? After seeing the Cards & Padres I'm pretty convinced the NL winner will be the Dodgers-Mets winner. And with the latest injury it isn't looking rosy in Flushing. As John Harper in the Daily News put it:

You can't take Pedro and now El Duque Hernandez out of a rotation that was already the big question mark for the Mets going into the playoffs. Not unless Scott Kazmir can be grandfathered into this series, anyway.

Put it this way: If the Mets reach the World Series with John Maine, Tom Glavine, a rusty Steve Trachsel and either Oliver Perez or Dave Williams as their four starters, it means the National League was even worse this season than everyone thought.

I guess time will tell.

Sarah, thanks for the Marmaduke link; much funnier than the real thing.

I read where Foley left the House floor during a vote to text-message a page to ask him to get a ruler and measure his dick.

One of the worst things about this is that it will give more ammunition to Jerry Falwell & his ilk (a word you cna't use enough) who believe all homosexuals are pedophiles.

Sorry, my mistake, Kaf. Bill said "Vicki(e)" but when I typed it I automatically typed "Nicki" (as in Anna Nicole).

As for pronunciation, on our first trip to New Orleans the airport limo driver asked if anyone knew how to pronounce Tchoupitoulas Street. I had read Frommer's guide so I won.

Note to Sarah & Lab: Fox has a rerun of House on tonight at 9, "on a special day and time".

/end programming note

My toolbar is all screwed up!!!!!!!!!!


I know it's something I did, but I can't figure out how to undid it and in trying to correct it, I'm messing it up even more. I mean, the toolbar isn't supposed to take up the entire bottom half of my screen, right?


I guess I'll have to call the helpdesk and admit I'm a doody-head. I hate to do that, because I know they keep score.

I love Scrubs. I love all the characters on that show.

I used to love House, but it seemed to be the same show over and over again. Person gets sick; has a convulsion or 2; person gets treatment; person has bad reaction to treatment; House sends one of the attending physicians to patient's house to find something; Patient is closing in on death; House gives person radical treatment at the last second; person lives. And I really didn't find myself liking any of the regular characters on the show, except for House, even though his character was hard to believe in.

I'll still watch it once in awhile though. :)

I'm finding myself looking forward to Extreme Home Makeover more and more often lately. How about this past week's episode, huh? I had to TiVo through alot of the sappy parts.

I also watch Food Network all the time. That and Spongebob Squarepants.

Sly - wanna call my helpdesk and pretend you work here? They keep track too, but what good will that do them since you really dont work here? ;) /end brilliant idea

I think Lab should call your helpdesk. Maybe they have peppers.

Hmmm, intriguing idea, DDi.

Today is CB Radio Talk Day. (I don't think that's really on the calendar, though)

10/4, good buddy.

i watched NOVA last night, part was about a killer asteroid named Apophis that isn't going to hit the earth in 2029 ... and then they showed clips of el's favorite movie.

i say i like hypocrites, but i really don't...

and why is House always about parasites? because you can show amoebas or hookworms wriggling in ecstasy in the patient's lower tract?

Sly: What toolbar are you talking about? Email me if you want help. Or call.

Sly, you really don't want to use the words "good buddy" on the CB anymore. These days it's a derogatory term for hom0sexual.


My tooth hurts. Still. And a lot.

Perrhapz zit ees time forr dee extrraction, ya?

*loves Lab a bottle of hydrocodone pills*

Or would you rather have oxycontin?

Leetie, and also: House gets it wrong over and over again, ordering the wrong treatments seemingly ont he off chance, but instead tortures the patient and makes him worse.

Then at 48 minutes past the hour a light bulb goes off in his head and he "gets it" at last and saves the patient.

Way too samey.

That's why I like The Unit (Tuesday at 9 on CBS). Instead of what could be the same kind of rescue show each week they go out of their way to make it different. It helps that David Mamet is writing it and President Allstate is the star.

/end tv commercial

I'd rather do what any man worth his salt would do: Whine about it.

I took hydrocodone for it last night. But I didn't want to take any before I came to work.


I'm telling Mom!

Remember when I said that I thought Giant Frog might be sick?

Well, he's not. I am.

Dry, scratchy throat, a bit of nausea, and I feel a bit woozy. I hope it passes before tomorrow. I'm treating myself with lots of hot tea with honey.

So Jeff, how do they pronounce Tchoupitoulas in New Orleans? Here I'm wondering if it's different from the French.

*curls up on a couch, sips tea*

When I came over here a year ago, I brought two jars of honey from Montserrat. I'm using the "thousand flowers" one in my tea now.


That's very interesting, Marie. Thanks.

Bite me, Leetie!

In your dreams, toots.

How'd you know what I dreamed about?


You must have forgotten your AFDB last night.

*helps self to cheese and whine*

I think it slipped off while I was tossing and turning from my ACHING TOOTH.

Private message to Lab:


sly, sly!, she called excitedly!!!!

I know how to fix the toolbar thing, having done read it somewhere. You take your cursor and place it in a blank spot on the tool bar and then drag it to where it's supposed to be!!!

Oops, I got so excited that I knew something, I forgot to *zip* in.

Consider me *zipped*.

Today, according to the MOAT calendar is Leetie's special day:

*hitting post so sly can read this RIGHT AWAY*

I don't even know what a toolbar is. Maybe I don't have one.

Jeff - yes, I read Running With Scissors - I found it very moving, alternately funny and very depressing. I guess the hero survives OK in the end. I can't picture what sort of movie they'll make of it, lots of directions you could take it.
Dodgers - Mets today at 1pm, Derek Lowe vs Maine. Do you think my patients will mind if I just watch the gameplay summary on my computer and mutter an occasional "How do you feel about that?" when I become aware they've stopped talking?

On another note, I'm so married that I felt guilty as I was being seduced in my dream last night by a woman who wasn't my wife, and hardly enjoyed the experience at all...Sheesh, you'd think my conscience could at least take dreamtime off...

sly, I'm just guessing here but I think CG would probably want to shoot himself if Carpenter pitched again! Why are the National League teams too wussy to play two days in a row.
The Yankees do. They kicked a** last night, ya know!!!




*wonders if jamesters seductress was his wife*

AAAAAgh! poorguy

*realizes he doesn't have a wife*

*realizes this is good as he can have jamesters dreams without the guilt*

*goes to sleep*

Kibby, it disturbs me that you even think about dreaming about jamester.

Also, Kib, I don't think I said anything about giving this particular dream away or anything!..

I've not read the book or seen the movie, but I do have the Running with Scissors CD. "Albuquerque" is my favorite track, but "It's All About the Pentiums" and "My Baby's in Love with Eddie Vedder" are great, too.

Kibby called for a road trip!


Nothing yet...

"Jamester dreams" and "jamesters dreams" are slightly different - I hope.

*puts liquid bleach next to his night light, just ... in ... case*

*does a happy dance* The day after tomorrow is my birthday!

Posted by: Marie in Kourou | 09:24 AM on October 3, 2006

*counts on fingers*
*squints at calendar*

Happy Birthday, MiK!

pssst, my partner's "peaking", pass it on...

Marie, that's always the way; he made you sick.

So Jeff, how do they pronounce Tchoupitoulas in New Orleans? Here I'm wondering if it's different from the French.

For the most part, New Orleanians pronounce things in their own, not very French, way.

For instance, Burgundy Street is pronounced bur-GUN-dee. Calliope Street is CAL-i-ope. Terpsichore Street is TURP-sick-ory.

And Tchoupitoulas is chop-a-TOOL-us.

Jamester, I noticed a lot of reviewers compared the Burroughs book to David Sedaris, often crossed with "someone else", John Waters for one. Since I love Sedaris's stuff, I'm expecting good things.

The movie (we saw a preview) stars Annette Bening and Alec Baldwin as the parents and Brian Cox as the shrink.

MOTW, I'm pretty sure MiK's birthday is tomorrow.

Yup, checked the calendar; Thursday.

*looks at calendar*
*counts on fingers*
*recounts on toes*
*loves MOTW a new calendar*

Okay, who did it? Here I am, eating my lunch, and I want to play Solitaire. Who fixed it so I can't open it?

Oh dear sweet God, the folder is empty. ALL of my games have disappeared. Every stinking one.

I just emptied my recycle bin, but I don't recall putting the stinking games in there!

WOW! Was that a strange Jamester dream. Something about him and a deck of cards!

Kept thinging about the line "What's a nice guy like you doing in a place like this?"

One word rita...


... two words


Help! Does anyone know how I can reclaim my games files?

Jeff, if you liked "Me Talk Pretty" then Running With Scissors is a pretty good bet.

"Bleach"? Kibby... Just a mild detergent in warm water should do it...

*breathes deeply*

Screw that.

*shakes out a couple of Xanax*

Found the files. I did this once before, wayyyy back in Windows 3.1, evidentally deleted the shortcuts or something but found the files after some pretty desperate searching.

You may return to your regularly scheduled blogging.

The street washer machine just came by.

*sees Karma's on vacation - again*

Slow news day in El's neighborhood...

somebody rearranged my office skeleton into an impossibly perverted position during the night.

peach yogurt is disappointing.

*sure wish I worked where wolfie works*

*shakes head and envies rita's solitare games*

i came into work one day and couldnt find mine either. took me a bit of digging to figure out the tech weasels stole them all at the orders of the big bosses. not even 1 lil game left. we aren't allowed. even on our our time (lunch/breaks)

Damn. The Games folder is on my backup hard drive; all I did was put a shortcut on my desktop.


Wolfie: buy a (used) palm pilot / hand held computer

games on my phone and a gameboy advance in my purse.

*stands up* Hi. My name is Wolfie and I'm a techtoy addict.

but someday I aspire to a laptop so I can mooch wireless. I'm downtown and half the businesses have wireless so I just need to select a network other than my own.

I want to set up a wireless network at home and put a wireless card in my work notebook. That way I can blog and MOAT work from my deck on the weekends.

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