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September 25, 2004



Good name for a rock band.


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It doesn't look like they do. Darnit.

*sighs* I may end up having to make them and ship them myself. Which is not what I really wanted to do.
*grumbles and returns to surfin*

wolfie, Wolferman's ships English muffins and other breads and pastries. Maybe they have what you need.

Then's the symmetry of it all.

Then there's the BOTCHED symmetry when a word is left out, dernitall!!

Montana Muffins?

Too far?

Blue Ribbon Bakery muffins.

Since El isn't here yet, let me speak for her and say she'd recommend Harry & David.

I don't see muffins, though.

B&T girl: I want that exact kind of relationship. Except for, like, the whole mass murdering thing.

--Knitting Factory, Leonard St

White lady, surrounded by "Save Darfur" ralliers: Who's Darfur?
Husband: Well, I don't know, but whoever he is, he sure is in a lot of trouble.

--6 train

Considering Montana one. Nobody has any personal recommendations then.
Wolfiermans looks yummy tho. I need some of several things there.
And apparently I need breakfast cause it all looks good.

Sly, check out the book "Lies My Teacher Told Me", Loewen.

And let me clarify the pilgrim situation. They moved into a village where the inhabitants had died. The remaining indians from the village moved to other villages (probably spreading the sickness). The whole tribe wasn't dead. They didn't all live in the same village. They did, however, cooperate in growing, harvesting, and storing crops. The pilgrims raided the graves and stores of the crops.

Despite this, when hard times came, the remaining indians still assisted the pilgrims so they could survive.

In 1971, the 350st anniversary of the first Thanksgiving, Wamsutta, a Wampanoag elder, was invited to speak in Massachusetts where they celebrated the friendly relations between their forefathers and the Wanpanoag indians. They censored his speach. Here is an excerpt:
\It is with mixed emotion that I stand here to share my thoughts. This is a time of celebration for you - celebrating an anniversary of a beginning for the white man in America. A time of looking back, of reflection. It is with a heavy heart that I look back upon what happened to my People.

Even before the Pilgrims landed it was common practice for explorers to capture Indians, take them to Europe and sell them as slaves for 220 shillings apiece. The Pilgrims had hardly explored the shores of Cape Cod for four days before they had robbed the graves of my ancestors and stolen their corn and beans. Mourt's Relation describes a searching party of sixteen men. Mourt goes on to say that this party took as much of the Indians' winter provisions as they were able to carry.

Massasoit, the great Sachem of the Wampanoag, knew these facts, yet he and his People welcomed and befriended the settlers of the Plymouth Plantation. Perhaps he did this because his Tribe had been depleted by an epidemic. Or his knowledge of the harsh oncoming winter was the reason for his peaceful acceptance of these acts. This action by Massasoit was perhaps our biggest mistake. We, the Wampanoag, welcomed you, the white man, with open arms, little knowing that it was the beginning of the end; that before 50 years were to pass, the Wampanoag would no longer be a free people.

Two more possibles, Wolfie:

Pumpkin Patch Creation, is Southern and looks interesting.

And this one we do know: Mrs. Beasley's Baked Goods.

My sister sent us a basket from them a couple of years ago. It isn't just muffins but their stuff is good.

*zips in*

Well, since I'm a weasel attorney, with sleazy legal opinions
I'd recommend a store to wolfie that doesn't even SELL muffins, it seems I'm off to such a bad start that there's no point in being here today.

*zips out*

Thanks, Lab. I was just curious where you were getting your info.

the Mrs. is descended from Miles Standish, a fact she is extremely indifferent of,(when her mom told her, she said "then i could have hung out with those snooty girls at the D.A.R." I have a great,great,...uncle who died at the Alamo...as well as some ancestors from Acadia...

El, one of my best friends is an att'y. His name is Doug. Sometime I'll tell you the story about Doug and the snake...

kibby has no one that's historically important. no one that stands out. no one remotely powerful or infulencial.

my grandfather did make the first self seeding plantin machine though - while it was claimed he did this because he was lazy, I sorta doubt it.

*still likes his Partners qualifications*

El ~ I checked there first *giggles*
Now get your butt back here and we can share our bad day.

I've always taken columbus day off as a day of mourning. I also find a chicken more.. poetic.. for thanksgiving.
It's also the anniversary of the first date of myself and you know who. The fact he remembers and I block it out isn't such a good sign huh?

Did somebody pour 'crappyday potion' in the coffee pot today?
*shrugs and finishes her cup*

My pleasure, Sly.

I don't want to open up the can of worms again, but I believe that we all have free will....
Posted by: Kafaleni | 05:30 AM on October 5, 2006

Kaf, you're within an inch of being agnostic. Don't worry, we're friendly people.

Interesting point. Perhaps one of our resident....
Posted by: Jeff Meyerson | 08:09 AM on October 5, 2006

Jeff, have you been in my medicine cabinet again? I *warned* you about that! :o)

oh, for el. (and maybe others...)

Kylie's mom is in the marching band where i work...last night when Matthew McConaughey came to the game to promote the Marshall movie, he passed within 5 feet of her!

story about his appearance here

Wolfie, I love you!

i'm descended from Patrick Henry


Happy birthday, Kourou
Happy birthday, Kourou
Happy birthday, chere Marie
Happy birthday Kourou!

wolfie - I read "we can share our bad day." as "we can share our day bed."

*jumps into the day bed*

My, aren't we touchy today?


H3ll, I'm all for sharing stuff today.

Lab you make me all nipply at times.
You also just made me snork yogurt out my nose. Ppreciate that. Now I smell strawberries in everything.

I'm descended from the remains of the once numerous and terribly bloodthirsty blackfeet indians. And a couple illegal immigrant Italian peoples.

*jumps in the shared bed*

Eleanor, I think I speak for the majority here when I say we love and respect you and by no means think you're either a weasel or have sleazy opinions. On the other hand, if we're talking about being sleazy with weasely (sp?) opinions - I top that list!

Hey. I think I just insulted self. Oh well.

PS: Since we're talking about muffins, the deli down stairs started carrying Otis Spunkmeyer muffins and cookies. OMG are they DELICIOUS! And no, they dont have sugarfree ones, but I dont care. Its worth the nausea.

Jamester, I know: professional courtesy.

Geez, lighten up people. It's a beautiful day out there. It could be worse. You could be up a creek in Kourou without a zucchini.


Happy birthday MiK!!!

*still giggling at the idea of pilgrim style hot monkey love*

Kibby, I take no responsibility for anything that may have been played on WCRE at around 8am local time.

I was no where near the place.

We have a microwave at home again. I went to MalWart after work...and was getting out of my car when I saw two people walk by. Hmmm...they look familiar...wait! I know them! My mother and daughter were there...so we got a microwave.

The instruction booklet has been dated, with the reciept with it.

We realized last night we have a number of manuals for things we don't even have anymore. We will perhaps need to get rid of some.

wolfie, I could send a box or two of Jiffy blueberry muffin mix, would that help? You would have to add milk, an egg...and bake them...

One of my great-greats was the first woman tugboat captain on the great lakes...
After that, I got nuthin'...

Famous relatives? Sure I've got famous relatives. And if this doesn't qualify as "sleazy lawyer" tell me what does.

As the details of his crimes spilled out in Berkowitz's own words, police officials ordered cops to stop talking to reporters about their overwhelming evidence against him. Incredibly, one of his own defense lawyers, P... P..., was accused of trying to sell taped interviews with Berkowitz and book rights to the New York Daily News and the New York Post for up to $100,000. Both newspapers promptly rejected the offer.

Name has been edited to protect my mother.

*whispers to wolfie* But does it burn? Anymore?


The goal was not to have to bake Susan.
I'd much rather get Susan baked.

*cracks herself up*

I'm not sure if muffins will cut it anymore. They were going to be a present for a friends birthday in 9 days. Yesterday was her weddings anniversary. Her husband just told her he wants a divorce. Anyone know where I can order someone to dump a load of manure on his precious new truck?

Lab? Would you call the nearest albertsons and see if they have any zucchini?

the undisputed fact that some lawyers are sleazy does not support a conclusion that all lawyers are sleazy, just as the fact that some new yorkers are obnoxious does not support a conclusion that all new yorkers are obnoxious

Wolfie, I totally misread that... in my mind I read "anyone know where I can order someone to dump the body to turn into manure".

That sucks BTW. {{wolfie and friend}}

Tell her to pour milk on the carpet of his truck. Hurry! Before it cools off outside too much.

I feel terrible that we flucked-over the native americans. And I feel terrible about the holocaust. And for slavery. Yay! for Europeans! We ROCK!

But today is another day.

Happy birthday MiK!

Maintenance tech #1: Animal Control is on the way to remove the dead skunk carcass. I'll let you know when they get here.
Maintenance tech #2: Uh, go ahead and call them back and tell them not to come. We checked it out and it's a used banana peel.
Maintenance tech #1: Ten-four.

6400 Legacy Drive
Plano, Texas

*shakes head*

I feel terrible I'm about to sign him up for some veryyyy bad newsletters to be delivered to his work email.

Do you suppose that's terrible illegal?
*whips off pants and tosses them to the nearest lawyer as a retainer*

El, you can join me in the sleazy attorney lounge.

Speaking of roadkill, one of our twin fawns was killed earlier this week. We found its body just past our driveway.

We haven't seen the other twin for a few weeks, either, and the mommy deer hasn't been by in a while.

wolfie, I guess that makes me your attorney.

I say...go for it.

Check out the hooters!
*runs to the sleezy attorney lounge*
*beats bbescuela there, because I'm YOUNGER than him!*

And with that... I'm off for a while. Or all day. Who knows? I'm on vacation!

I'll be claiming to be a paralegal or something and be at the table on the left. With a large frozen girlie drink in my hand.

bb? You're hired. Do you charge by the hour or the undie?

Oooh yes. Milk spilled on the carpet.

I spilled a latte in my car last year...the milk smelled soooooo bad...manage to get it under the seats where it doesn't even show...it'll be very very hard to find...and even harder to clean.

wolfie, I'll keep the pants as a retainer. The rest will be pro bono.

I'd love to boom boom, and my drink of choice is the
chi chi. I can't find a picture but I know it has an umbrella.
And do they have large screen plasma TV, because the Yankee game is on in 5 minutes!

*puts on coconut bra and grass skirt and prepares to time travel*

I am not typing out loud how I misread that bb.

praise the lord n pass the ammunition.
and the tequila.

Go Get 'em Tigers!
sorry El


Ditto what Mad said! Happy happy!

Attention culinary inclined moaties:

What kind of apples should I use to make an apple crisp? And don't say edible ones! ;)

i vote granny smith

the most tart crisp ones you can find imho.
up here right now mac's are just being picked. yummy.

I think that granny smith are popular cooking apples.

Happy birthday MiK!

Granny Smith is what I use, and not because my granny's last name was Smith either.

Granny smith are nice and tart and hold their shape well. Golden delicious are also good baking apples, as are Rome, Jonathan, and Jonagold.

yep.. what everyone else said about the apples.

Wolfie.. re the alimony link - the husband is no longer the only one with a point.
re - your no longer muffin basket - a nice piece of fresh fish under a car seat would be an excellent idea. Unwrapped, and make sure it's nice and juicy so that the carpet picks up the lovely fresh fish smell.

My ancestors.. I haven't looked specifically.. I do remember that I'm related to the 6th wife of Henry the 8th, but not Henry himself. There's probably a few rogues in there as well, because both of my grandfathers were Australian, which as we all know, was entirely peopled by criminals.

Lab.. not even close to agnostic. Having free will means you have a choice. That means my choice to believe in God and follow Him was deliberate and informed. It means I know what I'm thinking and doing, and I know why I did it. That's belief.

I have to be at work early today.. so this is kinda a rush post. Happy Birthday again, MiK!!
Has anyone seen her today? Don't tell me she's decided to get a life and leave us!! ;)

I was thinkin granny smiths too. It's been so bloody long since I've cooked with apples I turned dumb when presented with the idea of a crisp. I really need to start cooking more, otherwise all those culinary classes are going to go to waste.

Tonights dinner: Homemade sloppy joe sammiches and tator tots followed by a tart apple crisp with french vanilla ice cream. :) Only the best for my honey!

*invites herself to DDi's for dinner.*
*is in the mood for tatertotie goodness*

wolfie, I said only the best for "my honey"! That MEANT you silly!! ;) The tatortots are awesome, I made them before, after frying them up, I top them with grilled onions and peppers along with some shredded cheese. Basically, a coronary on your plate!

B can go hunt his own dinner. Heehee. Just don't tell him I said that.


*whispers* can I have mine cheeseless?
purdy please?
*batts eyelashes n tries to look all cute n stuff*

Anything for you darlin!
Don't tell B I said that either. ;)

PS: Is it Friday YET?

About 9 1/2 hours till friday according to the blog-clock


Yankees 3, Detroit 0


Yankees 3, Detroit 3

I know.:(

Yankees 3 detroit 4 :-) and El it was 3-1 in your first post not 3-0 right...

How will you spend your dash?

You might want to mute the music. Really sappy.

Some one explain this to me, please? I started to open the Dash page, then closed it. The music is still playing. I can't make it stop. For the love of mike, make it stop!

Oh crap, neo! I'm so sorry!

I'm gonna go spend some of my dash scooping up dog poop. See ya!

Mine didn't play any music

I think neo must be hogging it all.

The Yankees lost.

Aren't I already having a bad enough day without this happening?

Could you not get a hit, A-Rod?

Yes. Today it's all about me. Sorry.

We love you, Eleanor
Oh yes we do
We don't love anyone
As much as you
When you aren't happy
We're blue
Oh Eleanor we love youuuuuuu!

Now that the dog thing is out of the way, I will next be spending some quality dash time with the band tonight.


Awww Eleanor! Why does everything always have to be about you? Why cant it ever be about someone else? Like the paperclip on my desk for instance? Huh? Why?

Just kidding sweetie. Sorry. Bad joke.

*loves Eleanor a jar of nutella and some fresh produce*


Jackie says you can use any apples but Granny Smith (which she likes as an "eating" apple) are awfully tart for that. But I'm sure whatever you make will be yummy.

Especially those tatertots.

Wolfie, if you can get the key to the trunk of his car (I know you said truck, but maybe he has a car too?) there are many places you can hide a fish (or whatever) that he won't find for years.

Yay, BigD's LittleD is coming home for the weekend. We haven't seen her in 7 whole weeks!

Notes from Grey's Anatomy and Oprah: Diahann Carroll looks damn good for 71.

Yay, BigD. How's she doing in college?

Yum, nutella on a slice of papaya! :)

Best apples for pie are: Northern Spy, Golden Delicious, Rhode Island Greening, Pippin, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Gravenstein. Use any of those.

Kaf, some agnostics believe in God. What it means is that we believe that God exists, but leaves our lives up to us and doesn't intervene. So, if you believe in miracles or divine intervention, then you aren't agnostic (but that goes against what you said earlier). Otherwise... well, you are agnostic.

I prefer to think of God as hating Grovelling, Apologies, Flattery, and the Averting of Eyes.

I thought you were gone for the day, Lab?

Customer: I'm looking for one of those things where I can plug it into my TV's video and plug like four video game systems into it and push a button to switch between them.
Employee: Yeah, I don't think we sell those.
Customer, picking up item: I'm looking for this.
Employee: Oh, we don't sell those.
Customer: You... don't... sell these?
Employee: No.
Customer: You're sure?
Employee: Yeah, we definitely don't sell those.
Customer: You don't sell these? This thing that I picked up off your rack with a price tag on it?
Employee: No. Circuit City might carry them, though.

Best Buy
Astoria, New York

-dashes in-

*averts ayes (but not eyes) from Leetie's ta-tas*

I've never heard of Gravenstein apples. I want an apple. Or a papaya. Hold the nutella.

-dashes out-


That is all.

Sly, what thrills ya?

Tatortots turned out scrumdiliumptious. Sloppy Joes just as tasty. The crisp TBD.

I think she's excited about the Cards. I mean, I knew the Padres didn't have much offense, but this is ridiculous!

Time for the Dodgers!!!

Sorry El, but I really want the Yankees eliminated before Vegas so Jeff won't have any bragging rights I mean distractions. Sorry I can't do the cross through font.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes!

I am sick as a dog. I barely slept last night, maybe an hour.

Then this morning we found out that the modem had poofed during a power outage, though all the other electronics were fine.

So no posting until now, because Giant Frog just replaced the modem. I watched DVDs all day instead, because thanks to my throat and my blocked nose, I just cannot sleep.

My maternal grandmother (the one I wasn't very close to), died the day before my birthday, so when I finally read my e-mails, it was half "happy birthday" and half "we have some sad news".

Kinda torn, I want the Yankees to lose, but if they win Steinbrenner will leave some Free agent Talent for the rest of us.

Oh and Hi all. Sorry I have been gone. I am going to try and stop by more often.

I was suprised by the religous discussion. I am not sure I believe in God. My theory is that people can believe what they want just don't bother me with it.

Pilgrims horrible people escaping religous persecution. I call it unwitting biological warefare. They wanted to move so they could pratice their own version of religous persecution.
I don't think Europeans killing indians is any worse than indians killing indians. Sorry Native Americans killing Native Americans. In fact during the French and Indian war tribes aligned themselves with the French to help conquer there historic rival Native American Tribes.

Happy Birthday Marie sorry you don't feel well. Your mdem poofed. All I could think of was men F@rt and women Poof. Sorry.

It has come to my attention that I caused hurt by my remarks yesterday. I didn't mean to do that. I was just typing off-the-cuff, which was stupid. I should know better. I know I've typed stupid stuff before and deleted it, and I wish I'd done that yesterday. I guess it's the web version of 'open mouth, insert foot.' I apologize, I'm very sorry, I was out of line. It won't happen again.

Blogchik, I don't think anything you said could have been worse than:

I mean, I knew the Padres didn't have much offense, but this is ridiculous!

Posted by: Jeff Meyerson | 07:49 PM on October 5, 2006

I mean -- HELLO! The Cardinals *have* been known to win a game or three. So they won most of their games at the beginning of the season and fell apart at the end. They still won enough to make it to the playoffs (you know, after conquering that "magic number" stuff)

And PS; my ex and I have our girls thinking we're going to Sunday's game together (we're not). Long story short, through a series of conversations and off-the-cuff tongue-in-cheek remarks, they think he asked me to the game. He and I did laugh at how gullible they are. Ha! ha!

Um.. .wait... he's going to the game...and I'm watching at home... um... you know....


By the way, Jeff, I'm just kidding.



sly, GO CARDS! (Good day for me. Cards won, Yankers lost, Dodgers lost.) 'nuff said.

bc, no problem here. I think most of the crowd knows that opinions flow freely here, and that offense should not be taken. As Archie Bunker once said: "If you don't like it, you can lump it. Take it down the road and dump it."

Lab, I was gonna try and explain myself here, but czech your email when I write it..

{{{MiK}}} No matter how close you were or weren't, losing a grandparent is difficult. Feel better soon, too.

*unpacks blueberry muffin and inserts pig manure*

There, that outta do it.

*insert witty comment regarding baseball, religion and Pilgrams - here*

*trows pants on Labs lawn while he's on vacation*

I'm having blueberry n strawberry paakes for breakfast. That's the plan, anyway.

I am not yet fully out of the grip of the Martian Death Flu, but slowly getting there... my eyes are itchy and I have an on-again off-again headache right above my right eye.

Oh well. At least I got some sleep before the headache started!

Remember when I said a few days ago that Giant Frog was sneezing? Well, apparently he had had all the symptoms of Martian Death Flu for four days before I started to feel its effects.

So this morning, I realized that we had the traditional "sick couple" roles reversed: I'm the total wuss, and he's the trooper. He went to work like nothing whatsoever was wrong, and even managed to eat just as much sugar as usual. I hadn't the faintest idea he was sick until he sneezed more often than usual the other night.

My maternal grandmother was not in the best of shapes lately, but she died peacefully in the hospital with, apparently, my mother and aunt by her side. Her husband, my grandfather, died when I was around 8, I think. Her ashes will be laid next to his.

Blogchik, since I have no idea what you may have said, and I don't want to go back and check, why don't you repeat it and we'll see if we should be offended.

So Marie, did the Frog remember your birthday? And did he get you anything? Inquiring Labs want to know.

Sly, I was not denigrating the Cards (although obviously you could read it that way if you want to), just commenting that - like the Astros last year - the Padres have no offense.

It's a fact, no matter how well or otherwise St. Louis plays.

You've been awfully touchy lately.

*runs away, stopping to drop pants on Lab's lawn*

One last thing: other than the Dodgers, I don't generally root for other teams to lose the way so many of you seem to revel in every Yankees loss, and I don't generally whine when my team loses.

You might remember that in the future.

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