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September 25, 2004



Good name for a rock band.


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This cheese article seems appropriate for the Curd M0AT. My question: will there be a separate entry for the one who manages to cut it?

Susan! It's lunchtime - knock it off!
*wrestles wolfie for brain bleach*
*thinking of nice thoughts puppies and kittens*


I was rather skeeved by some of those myself.

Although I'm still cringing a bit at one of MiK's pictures from last night...if you looked you know the one I mean. If you didn't look, you really don't want to.

The playlist...

Wednesday 9-27-06 All Request Lunch Hour
“Oh Pretty Woman” Roy Orbison
“The Longest Time” Billy Joel
“Cars” Gary Numan
“The Heart Of Rock and Roll” Huey Lewis and the News
“New York, New York” Frank Sinatra---Whitt or maybe Sherika
“Unchained Melody” Righteous Brothers
“Another Brick in the Wall pt. 2” Pink Floyd---Vicky
“Drift Away” Dobie Grey and Uncle Kracker
“Call It Love” Poco
“Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love” Barry White
“I Only Have Eyes For You” Art Garfunkel---didn’t get the name
“What’s Love Got To Do With It” Tina Turner

better than someone elses.


Yum. Egg salad.

There is a girl in New York City
Who calls herself the human trampoline

I haven't used my neti in a while, either. I didn't find that it helped at all. But I did find that mixing a little cocaine with the water made it more pleasant.

Aside to Lab: Thanks for the earworm, yo.

I should have coffee and egg salad more often.

Perhaps she's bouncing into Graceland? Ohrwurm, Leets? My bad! *grin*

I don't understand how the guy in the picture I posted a link to last night can move all that weight with his eyelids using nothing but (according to him) "breathing exercises".

Oh, and I *snork* along with Leetie at the "better than someone else's" comment from Wolfie.

MiK -Here is a picture of a samurai crab... i first heard about them in Carl Sagan's Cosmos series. They are found on the site of a defeat of the Heike (or Taira) clan by the Genji (or Minamoto) clan at the battle of Dannoura in the 1180s. The child-emperor Antoku (whose mother was Taira) was drowned rather than face capture, the explanation is that crabs whose shells looked more like samurai were thrown back and the rest were eaten.
How much of this did i know already and how much is wikipedia? I'll never tell...


*runs away screaming from the Samurai crab*

Actually, now that I think of it, my mother did have a copy of Sagan's "Cosmos." I must have mixed up Dad's "Ocean World" and my mother's "Cosmos," as I used to look at the pictures in both books often. I must have assumed, years later, that the photo was in the Cousteau book due to its subject matter.

That looks like the same picture I saw in the book, by the way. I remember being very small, maybe not even able to read yet, and thinking that the crab looked like the face of a Buddha statue.

*gets the heebie-jeebies, shivers*

Thanks, Insom!

Samuri Crab?

Anyone else picturing a crab that looks like John Belushi?

"cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger, fries!"


haaAAAaahh! yoh tsuku naka yomu? *draws sword* *points at self* AAEEEE ...

Pepsi, no Coke.

(which, when you think about it is ironic, Belushi-wise)

You're blocking, Vido! Blocking!

Yo, sly! I was just going to mention the Pepsi thing - and yes, very.

RIP John, I hope they have unlimited coke in heaven with no bad effects. :)

Trivia: The cheeseburger, cheeseburger, thing is about a little greasy spoon in Chicago run by a Greek family, whose founder is the one who put the "goat curse" on the Chicago Cubs.

Billy Goat Tavern

And Higgy, no fries, cheeps!

samuri crabs WBAGNFARB

Thanks for all the good wishes, guys! Fortunately, it was all pretty much a non-event...
I did have a dream last night, however, (it was kinda long and rambling and confusing) at the end, I was going home on the bus from a day out, and my father rings me. He says can I keep an eye out for Mum because she czeched herself out of hospital while still a bit looped on meds. I spotted her soon afterwards, and she was totally out of it, but having a great time! Bizarre.
Then I woke up 13 minutes before my alarm went off. I had to get up early and make a batch of brownies for a pot luck dinner tonight, anyway. Double choc-nut-cranberry brownies, to be precise. Mmmmmmmmm good. My kitchen smellss amazing now.

Wolfie.. have you sent the "ass in a box" either in to judi or to the Gift Guide? You really should! *snork*

*is distracted by the something shiny tray* oooh... pretty!

I wish Dog The Bounty Hunter WOULD get a makeover. I don't watch that program because I can't stand to look at the Overbleached Mullet Squad (WBAGNFARB??) Even Beth needs help. I think the Fab Five wouldn't mind getting their hands on all that overmuscled flesh.

It's raining this morning. It's been drizzly and grey most of the week, but today, it's gone over to the dark side. Gah.

Speaking of SNL, has anyone (else) been watching Studio 60. I think it's pretty good and lots of the cast of West Wing is in it.

And yes, insom, so is Amanda Peet! And she's very good. :)

Lorraine Newman: Dead or Alive?

Alive now that I spelled her name correctly.

watched both episodes of Studio 60, interesting when the medium starts to feast on itself. i don't think 'in the real world' an opening Gilbert&Sullivan number would be as well received...

break time's over! once more into the breach!

Don't forget the sunscreen!

Ow, we want the funk
Give up the funk
Ow, we need the funk
We gotta have that funk


This is my daily dilemma: To figure out something easy and yummy to make for dinner. It can't involve potatoes, tomatoes, or peppers.

*goes off to surf foodnetwork*

Farhking ohrwurms.

How 'bout strawberry tart. That's not got much rat potato in it.

Homemade mac and cheese?

Brownies. They can be made without the tomato and they'll taste just fine.

I do have some frozen scallops...
Maybe I can whip up something with scallops, garlic, and spaghetti. OH, and pancetta. I have pancetta. Yes. Must use pancetta. And butter.

I'm going to Leetie's house for dinner tonight.

I liked the brownies idea better.

Brownies for dessert!

Actually, I had a brownie a little while ago...I got one of those Warm Delights single serve things...I had a brownie one and a lemon cake one. Being in the mood for chocolate...brownie it is!

Not bad. A bit expensive...for the price I could have bought a box of brownie mix. On the plus side, I can keep these here at work...(not at home, my daughter would eat them all right away)...and make ONE serving, and enjoy it warm.

Kind of like the chocolate stuff (I posted the recipe on the recipe den)...but a much more reasonable amount for one person, almost too much, it was really rich...

But it was warm. And delightful.

Dmmit. Leetie has me jonesing for some funk.

Thank you falettinme...

Susan has me jonesing for a brownie. A Susan brownie, not a Lab one.

My bronwies are GOOD, thankyoufairymush. I *told* you I'd leave out the tomatoes this time. Sheesh. Wimmen. Can't please none of 'em.

be mice elf, agin

Thank you, Susan, for that nice plug for a warmly delightful delightfully warm dessert. We now return you to your mlaksdoiurelkad;lkj....

What about scallop, garlic, and pancetta brownies? Now dat's some brownie goodness!

So, no mac and cheese, then???

I love scallops though. Are they the big fat ones? I've never cooked them, I just order them. :)

I love homemade mac n cheese!

Brownies, mmmmmmm!

Now I feel like eating brownies for dinner, not pasta with salmon in a cream and lemon sauce.

In other news, I am depressed. Yes, again. I guess that's not news, then. Hmmm.

Oh well. It'll pass. I'll just read the news to distract myself.


This calls for a glass of Merlot.

El, mac and cheese would be wonderful. But I think we already eat too much cheese.

*grates more parmesan*

Big fat sea scallops.

Does the sculpture in this picture remind anyone of those long, twisty lollipops?

Leetie, czech you e-mail...

But I know what you mean about eating too much cheese, I know I do, but I remind myself that my mother lived to the ripe old age of 92 and ate more "dairy" (as we call it) than anyone I know.

*zips out to get some Havarti and crackers*

Weasel is the Cheese King. He is also growing a pasta baby.

Pasta with salmon in a cream and lemon sauce? *drool*

I had fish sticks, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, and bananas and pears.

And spent choir practice about 2 or 3 feet away from a fan. The A/C still doesn't work in the choir room, although apparently the part has arrived. The choir director set up a fan...right beside where I sit. After the singing warm ups...I asked if it could be moved. He turned it down a little, but left it there.

Geez. I don't have hot flashes yet!

Susan, I know what you're talking about. Sometimes you can have too much air. *snickers quietly*
I can relate; I was in a class today and they had the air conditioner on! The high today was only in the 60s, and yet the AC was blasting. I had goosebumps. And not from the cute instructor who smells so good.

I heart Albert Pujols.

speaking of people with initials A.P., Amanda Peet was (will be for Left Coasties) on Dave....

Brownies... brownies for everyone. They're so warm and sweet and delicious, but their uniforms have an unfortunate tendency to catch fire when you stick them in the oven.

The chocolate etc brownies were most excellent, and I picked up a "roast in the bag" chicken on my way to work. That's the good thing about working in a private home.. you can turn up with food and say "I have to cook this before I leave." Works out well. Dinner was wonderful.. waaay too much food.

I've talked to Mum this evening. She wasn't released till after 5pm, and my sister drove her home, because Dad was at work. I tried talking to her earlier in the evening, but every time I asked a question, or she tried to answer, she said "Hold on, the other line's beeping" and she'd put me on hold again. After about the 4th time, I hung up and sent her a text to let her know I'd call her later that night. So I have and she's doing great.

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*blearily opens one eye*
Just 10 more minutes, k?

Ok I have officially been dumped by BF last night. I should have seen it coming (and should have been the one to do it first) but still, it hit me harder than I thought. I even threw up when I got home (sorry for TMI). Then I took a xanax and went to bed at 9.30. Why do I always fall in love with guys that don't fall in love with me?
This is bad timing since on Saturday I'm getting up at 6am and take a 4.5 hours train ride to go to yet another cousin's wedding where I'll be the only single woman *sigh*
Everyone have a nice week-end, see you next week when hopefully I'll be in a more cheerful mood! (anyway, it can't be worse)


Does anyone know what today is?

*hopes no one thinks that's a stupid question*

Does this make me look fat?


MarieP, he might be in love with you, but he's just not available to you now. He's got all this other baggage to drag along and deal with. It doesn't mean that you're not worthy of love, or that you won't find love, just that he isn't the right one.

You are beautiful, extremely smart, and have one of the sexiest voices I've ever heard. You'll meet Mr. Right one day.

MarieP, I'm sorry you are hurting!
The simple explantion is that he's nuts. All of US love you tremendously.

Are you going to keep us in suspense, sly???

I don't have my official MOAT calendar handy.


Are you going to keep us in suspense, sly???

That question might qualify, Leetie.

*evil grin*

More hints about today:

Why is there air?

Do these pants make my butt look fat?

Are all of the posts on OINY real?

Stoopid question day?

Is that a question, Leetie?


Is *that* a question, rita?

...and...ding! ding! ding! to Leetie!!


Ask away!!!

*zips in*

Why is the sky blue?

Do I win a prize? :-)

MarieP, he's an idiot, as I've previously said. If you want to come to su.so.ca., I'll fix you up with CG. He's not good for a permanent solution, but he'd take your mind of a**hat for a while. :)

(My "duh" was directed at myself. Not to you, Rita.)

if an orange were blue, would it still be called an orange? or would it be called a blue?

MOTW's contribution to this day:
Why did BF break up with MarieP?

{{{ MarieP }}}

still, it hit me harder than I thought
And that probably made it even worse. You are trying to rationalize with your brain that you knew it was coming ... but your heart was blindsided. Light some candles, turn on your favorite music, and (of course) have some chocolate.

*loads the sock-full-o-nickels™ launcher with 3 kg of chocolate*
*a-i-m-s in MarieP's general direction*
*F-I-R-E away!*

Why are women crazy?

Yay! I win!

------> Do I get a prize?

Why does MarieP live half way around the world?
Where does one hang their a**hat?

Why is "why is the sky blue?" considered a stupid question?

Am I good at this stupid question thing?

C-bol has something to say on FF.

My mama always said, "Stupid is as stupid does", Lab.

Leets - Behold! Your Fabulous Prize!!

Bottoms Up.


Would "Meat Cocktail" bagnfarb?

you bet your sweet a**hat!

Fish, is that a joke?

I have my calendar here at work with me, so I knew what day it was anyway.

I get some strange looks and questions about that calendar.

My job here is done.

Cbol fell a littls short on humor in his FF article. (And he spelled Simms wrong)

MOTW, that was excellent, thanks for the C-bol referral.

Lab, I was having a business lunch with a dork one day and I had to drive him back to his office. So to make conversation for the (short) ride, I asked that sky/blue question - and he explained it!!!!!
Ride not short enough.

Which one?

Lab, did you porpoisefuly spell 'little' wrong?

Fish, that's disgusting. Makes me extra happy to be a JAP.

It's a huge comfort to have you Moaties {hugs}
I wish he would think like you do!

My stupid question: why do I believe that I will never find another man that I will get along with as well as I did with him?

Answer: it will pass, it must pass, there must be another one somewhere

It will pass Marie, I promise.

Maybe I should come to Paris and bring CG with me!!!

Far enough from the pig, El?

El, why would you ask the question if you didn't expect an answer?

Someone did that to me, once. She asked me, specifically, because she knows I know all that crazy, useless crap. And then, just as I started to speak, she said, "Oh, no. I should never have asked." I think this was the same day she said, out loud, for everyone to hear, "I hate to read". She registered a zero on the respectometer after that day.

That reminds me: There is a bar tender at Applebee's that we call "tricorder". The first night we met her, she made quite the (bad) impression. She went to the back to get something, and I made the Star Trek tricorder sound, scanning up and down where she had been standing. Then I said, "Jim, this is amazing! This person has NO detectable personality!"

So, now we simply call her tricorder.

Will there be any more posts today?

El, you're from Japan?

** omgwtfbbq warning **
My friend just sent me this story.
I wish Jeff was here to tell me what Jackie would say.

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