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September 25, 2004



Good name for a rock band.


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I'm here. Anyone want to join me? :)

*hopeful look*

are we moving here now?


I hope so. Let's spread the word, OK? :)

I'm on it!

Fine with me. What was wrong with the eggs? (Just curious...)

curds? erp

Thanks Kaf.

I'll send e-mails. :)

*waves hi to cyn*
How's it going, sweetie? :)

*checks in*

Curds. (not Kurds)

An-y way...

*giggles like a preschooler*

Cheesy place, El. Works for me!

*czechs out*

I don't feel like copying/pasting my post made one minute after Sarah J announced the move. Y'all go back and read.



(sounds like you need two)


Cheer up!

Gee El, thanks for letting me know about the move, NOT!

/end sarcasm, goes back to finish heinzing*


*sigh* my 13 yo just got a cast off his wrist from (when he punched a kid that was grabbing him) a school fight. seems folks really over-react these days.

oh hey, El! (i wandered off before i posted)

Hiya, gang. I'm trying to finish this stupid book before we leave tomorrow but why do these people think they have to write 400 pages?

Anyway, I think Bangi could be wrong: Vomiting Leetie Head WBAGNFARB, depending on the kind of music (sic) they play.

{{{MOTW again}}}

That is bad. Good thing you found out now so you can work on getting things straightened out before they get worse.


It's not gonna be fun, but you're doing everything right. Hang in there.

Anyway, this is very appropriate since we're going to Wisconsin tomorrow! My brother in law already asked for a Bucky Badger t-shirt (don't ask me why) and now I need to watch out for fresh cheese curds? They sound kind of gross but we'll see.

MOTW, I read your post before the move. I'm sorry your having such a rough time.

Jeff, stop being a smarta** and czech your e-mail.

Here's the afternoon snack I promised in my e-mails!

*smooches to all MOATies*

At least it's still the begining of the year, there's still time for things to work out.

and now something to make you laugh (or bang your head on the wall):

The Abortion was Over Easy
Girl #1: I got all upset because I thought there was a baby inside.
Girl #2: Yeah?
Girl #1: I thought I had killed it. But then I found out that it was a chicken and not a baby.

Ivy Tech community college
Fort Wayne, Indiana

New MOAT? Already? Sheesh. Nowhere near heinzed on the old one. Hugs to all that need them...

Lady #1: I'm saving myself for Mozart.
Lady #2: That's going to be quite a wait, honey.

El- could you email Judi and aske her to get rid of the gay pron (NTTAWWT) links up top. I'm sure it will set off many a work filter. There were some on the egg thread too. I'd email her, but I'm super busy. The stuff I am refering to is in the trackback section.



Actually I was thinking vommiting confetti WBAGNFARB, but VGLH could work too.

Will do, Mad.

I don't see any gay porn links. Not that I'm looking.

YAY! for Judi!!

Judi did it, in a nanosecond!

Judi's the best!

Then I'm glad I was LTTG. I don't need the web cops after me.

It won't let me post!


I had classes all morning and all afternoon. I want to just take a shower and go to bed, but I still have to go to class tonight. And dinner. Dinner, then class.

I want to sleep for about 12 hours. Saturday's a-comin'!

This isn't spam! CAR!

It's not letting me post about my love life. I'm not getting roboted, I'm getting blocked, and I can't figure out what word it doesn't like.

Stupid PypeTard.

Hey, I remember reading this post two years ago!

Yeah, I know, I have no life. It was funny to see the curd thing again, though. Wasn't it a running gag during that book tour?

{{{{MOTW}}}} I agree with Jeff; it's a good thing you found out about this now, before things got any worse and harder to fix. Your VYL sounds like a good kid, though. I'm sure that with your support, he'll make it through the school year.

I just finished "The Great Railway Bazaar." My favorite part must be the bizarre stay in Burma, as well as Vietnam in 1975. He was there just before the big cities were bombed to itty bitty pieces. The part about Japan was the funniest, though.

One book down, four more to go... I really should ration them more efficiently or I'll have weeks before more reading material arrives.

More things to do with produce.

Huh. Who produced that show, El?

Their next dance will be performed in the banana aisle, to the classic "Slip Sliding Away."

I thought you were supposed to thump a melon to see if it is ripe, not tap on it.

Orange you glad I didn't try to make a corny joke about it?

Huh. Ten years?

Aiiiiiieeeee! *cups hands over eyes*

I remember it too, AND that there were a number of comments. I think Polly made some of the comments because she lives in Wisconsin.

Have they been deleted???

MiK: I think maybe you linked to that cheese curd thing last time, but I'm not sure. Yes, it was the poutine section.

Jackie thinks the latter sounds good, by the way.

I find Theroux to be too snobby to bear but I liked his early non-fiction travel books, especially Railway Bazaar.

Once Herds of Free-Range Lesbians Roamed the East Village as Far as the Eye Could See

Chick #1: The East Village is so gentrified.
Chick #2: Yeah. Brooklyn is really gentrified. It didn't used to be like that.
Chick #1: America... is pretty gentrified.
Chick #2: Yeah.

--St. Marks & A

From Jeff's excellent Wiki link:

Sonically impaired curds


To me, the joy of reading Theroux is finding out just how snobby he can get before he gets in trouble. Usually, the answer is: very.

I'm not sure which of his travel books is my favorite. The first one I read was "Riding the Iron Rooster" (on a year in China in the early 80s), which I still love... but I think "Dark Star Safari" and "The Great Railway Bazaar" are lovely, too. "The Pillars of Hercules," not so much (maybe because the places he's been are rather ho-hum compared to the exotic locales in his other books). Now I'd love to get my hands on "The Happy Isles of Oceania".

*snork* This video was on TV a minute ago. The band, OK Go, is being interviewed now.

I expect they had a lot of boo-boos before getting the routine right.

One more eclipse photo.

Marie: I haven't read Dark Star Safari but I have read his The Old Patagonian Express: By Train Through the Americas, which I'm surprised you haven't read.

Also: Sunrise with Seamonsters: Travels and Discoveries 1964-1984, Sailing through China, The Imperial Way: By Rail from Peshawar to Chittagong and Patagonia Revisited with Bruce Chatwin.

Oh, I've read a little of his fiction too: The Consul's File and The London Embassy (both short story collections) and The Family Arsenal.

I didn't get the email about the MOAT move. I had to follow the crumbs. Does this have something to do with that "Ellie" thing yesterday?

Before I forget, Kaf, here's some calorie free chocolate.

Odd. I could really go for some cottage cheese with fruit right now.

*zips in*

Gee whiz, boom boom, I did forget you in the new MOAT e-mail. How careless of me.:(

I just czeched to see if I had your e-mail addy, and what do you know - I do!!!


private message to boom boom - no, not a thing, I just overlooked you.



I've been overlooked!

*wanders through singing*

I'm looking over a bbescuela that I've overlooked before!

Hmmm, something's not quite right there.

I seldom look at a horoscope. Just now I happened to read my horoscope for tomorrow:

Like a small bird distracted by shiny objects, you might have some trouble focusing on one thing at a time today.

Gee, ya think?! And this is different from any other day, how? I mean, as most of you know, I am the queen of shi-... oooh, shiny!

(And yes, the word that I didn't finish was "shiny," not something else!)

Beebs.. she ignored me too. Come over here and you can have some of my chocolate. Or some of the bag of corn chips I have next to my putor.

VGLH might BAGNFARB, but vomiting two year olds is not. Also, it doesn't smell or look good. Oh, did I forget to mention, he was holding a bucket and STILL managed to use me for target practice? Ugh. Everything from my top half is now in the wash. *shudder*

Mid-afternoon, I got a call from my sister to say "Mum's been taken to the hospital with chest pains, but it's probably nothing serious, I just thought you should know in case it gets worse or anything else happens" She went on to tell me that Mum & Dad had her kids with them at the local swimming pool, when Mum started feeling the pain. As part of protocol, the pool staff rang an ambulance, and she was whisked away (very disappointing, by all accounts - no lights or sirens). Dad took the kids back to my sister, then went up to the hospital where they've been ever since.
I sent him a text message about 5 minutes ago and he just rang to say they're waiting for blood test results. The verdict so far is that it's most likely cardiac-related but probably not a heart attack. Meanwhile, Mum's been fed, and Dad's hungry! At least he has things in perspective.
Providing the blood tests don't show anything major, she should be able to go home tonight.

So that was my storm in a teacup for today. I'm going to make dinner now (chicken fajitas from scratch!)

And here I was at the store last night looking for some cottage cheese...

CAR! (to help Blogchik)

Medic@l update: All is well.. it looks like Mum had a gullet spasm. They're keeping her in hospital overnight for oberservation (read: arse-covering), but all her tests have come back completely clear otherwise and there's no damage to the heart or surrounding muscle.

YAY Mum!

umm.. observation. No extra er's necessary.

That's what I'm thinking, too, Kibby!

*sneaks up and plants a kiss on Kibby*


... shucks!

ooh.. gather round and observe, Moaties.

Kibby's shucking.

OOO, I would love some fresh corn.

mmmmm... corn.. hot, slathered in slowly melting butter.. well, except for the corn, that sounds like a recent fantasy I had..

perhaps I've said too much..

*throws the corn into Kaf's fantasy*

Kaf, good to hear your Mom is fine.

Kaf, that was scary. I'm glad it's nothing too serious.

Yes, YAY! for Kaf's mum being all right. It must have been a scary day for all of you.


and it's not as bad as the webaddy sounds. no warning required.

Asstounding, Wolfie!

does anyone have that thingie cbol wrote about love? or a link to where it was?

bb: that reminds me, I need to watch The Full Monty again.

Don't know how long we'll be around today as we have to leave around lunchtime. We'll be in Madison until Sunday morning, get home in the afternoon sometime. I'll try and check in Sunday if I can.

{{{Kaf's mum}}}

Happy ending.

Would Gullet Spasm BAGNFARB?

Kaf reposted it a while back, and I saved it:

Heinzed to 7pm.. just had to post this, because time is disappearing while I try to catch it.. Hopefully I can get this all sorted before I have to go out again ..

One man's opinion of love (I know this is not my blog role, so keep your scroll finger handy)

Love is a verb. It's an action, not a feeling. It's what you do, what you choose, large or small, every day. Who are you thinking of when you make plans? Love is not a partnership. It's all in, all chips in the pot, nothing wisely held back. It's not a negotiation. It's a free gift of your whole self without consideration of what you'll get back. It makes no sense, nor should it.

Anything else, sex, companionship, the living together of two individuals maintaining their "self" and sharing while it's mutally beneficial is something else. It's not love. It's less. And it can be fun, and it can feel good, and it will end.

If you're not scared, it's not love. But the fear isn't just or even primarily about what you're risking. The fear is that your gift of self won't be accepted, or accepted genuinely, in love. But it cannot be given in doses, it cannot be guarded. It will not be restrained.

You can't force love, nor fake it. You just have to be open to it, and it will find you. Don't hurry it, and don't settle for less. And if you're busy with something less than love, something about yourself, you're not open to love. And if you're too impatient to wait for the gifts of love, you'll find only fool's gold.

Love is beautiful, and love is messy. Love encompasses all. Love endures sickness, frailty, and pain such that mythic heroes would weep, and it provides moments of simple, dumbfounding joy that render poets speechless. It's why we're here.

Or maybe maybe I just need less tequila in my coffee.

Posted by: Christobol | 06:51 AM on September 15, 2004

Posted by: Kaf, who has this saved on her computer so she can't lose it! | 11:11 PM on April 27, 2006

Thanks MiK *hughug*

now can you kick typetard so it remembers my info?

*sets up shiny object array*

Hard hat: This is my idea, okay? Seriously, don't try and steal it, because I think I can make this happen. Ready? The Fab Five visit Dog the Bounty Hunter's show, and they give Dog and his whole crew a makeover.

--Construction site, 26th & 6th

Overheard by: Big Perm


oh! look! ---------------->

*zips in*

Good morning MOAT, from su.so.ca. where, according to the TV weather guy, it will be really hot today, 92F, but then by the end of this week or next, CRS, it will be, and I quote "really cold, 63F".

I'm shivering already.

Now, now Kaf, I didn't overlook you. You were already here. :)

I'm glad your Mom's OK. And your Dad.

wolfie, that is too funny!

El, you may have gotten stuck with a quarterback you don't like in FF; but at least you didn't end up with T. Owens. I know you really wanted him, but looks like you are better off without him.

Fish, what are you going to do with him?

Speaking of suicide attempts... .I'm going to the Cardinal/Padres game tonight. Apparently, the Cardinals have chosen to do their post-season choking early this year in order to avoid the rush.

Kaf, good to hear your mum is feeling better!

Wolfie, I had printed out C'bol's thoughts on love, but I don't have it with me. I just looked at it last night in fact. I remembered that it was written September 15, 2004...

Melted butter...heeheehee. None in my dream last night, but there was a flock (herd? gaggle? school?) of lobsters trying to get into the house in one of my dreams. Very odd looking lobsters at that. Don't they turn red AFTER they are cooked? These were fairly lively, but bright red.

*giggling at the responses that will get*

Running home to check things...a new kitchen door!

Sly, I noticed that (the Cards) but thought it would be impolite to mention it.

El, they are talking 32 degrees in Madison tomorrow night!

WTFBBQ? This is September, for crying out loud!

*goes to dig out sweaters and gloves*

Invasion of the Lobster Pod!

Ruuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. or get the butter.

day 2 of less than 3 hours sleep. im a lil bit wacked out right now. it's kinda fun. the bossman keeps lookin at me funny. well, funniern usual. he put a new light in my backhall last night. is it weird my boss follows me home and does stuff like that for me?
i paid him in chocolate chip cookies. homemade. i may not cook, but i bake well.

sly, I am *giggling* about T.O., not that he's in the hospital of course, but just at Fish's predicament.

Also Lab has a small problem since Shawn Alexander is out "indefinitely".

*crosses fingers for her team*

OMG, I just went over to the ESPN website and it said that it was a suicide attempt by T.O. - how horrible.
Come to mama, baby. I'll make you well.

And the Pads seem to be on a tear, and the Cards are the victim. Sorry, sly, but I know CG will be happy.

It's been about 40° when I've walked to school every morning this week, but then gets up to 75+ before I walk home. I'd rather the weather would make up its mind. Carrying jackets/sweaters around is a pain.

Idealist: If he really loved me, wouldn't he moisturize?!


Calling Meghan:

Man on cell: Yeah... I'm just calling to let you know the Naked Cowboy called in sick today because of the rain. Yeah, I'm going to take his place. I just wanted to let you know. OK. Bye.

--48th & 2nd

Idealist: If he really loved me, wouldn't he moisturize?!


Calling Meghan:

Man on cell: Yeah... I'm just calling to let you know the Naked Cowboy called in sick today because of the rain. Yeah, I'm going to take his place. I just wanted to let you know. OK. Bye.

--48th & 2nd

I did NOT hit post twice!

I got the robot and had to pypetad in the numbers, so how did it happen?

Yes, lobsters only turn red once they're cooked, unless there's a species that I don't know of that's always red.

For some reason, Susan's weird dream reminded me of a photograph I saw often in one of my Dad's books (probably "The Ocean World" by Cousteau, which I liked to look at often for all the pretty pictures).

It was a crab that lives only somewhere in Japan whose shells have an arrangement of bumps and lines that make it look a lot like a human face.

It completely freaked me out as a child. Even now, remembering it, I get a bit of the heebie-jeebies.

Does anybody know what I'm talking about? Maybe someone can help me find that picture online somewhere.

*refuses to comment regarding susan's crabs*

{{ Kaf's Mum }} Glad she's okay, Kaf! Yes, better safe than sorry. My best friend lost her mom almost ten years ago, very suddenly. She was a nurse (the mom), out to lunch with some friends. She said she didn't feel well. Her friends wanted to call an ambulance, but she insisted they take her to her husband's office, just a few blocks away. While there, she fainted. He rushed her to the hospital. Turns out that she had an unknown heart condition - a small hole that had opened up. They performed CPR, but all that did was make the hemorrhage worse. There was no way to know about it unless they'd opened her up, which they did post-mortem. My friend was at least able to be there just before she passed away.

This morning was very pretty. Lots of clouds around - bright silvery ones and some dark. While I was driving in, I could see dark patches of rain falling from some of the grey clouds, interspersed with the bright ones. Lovely!

See? I found something to be thankful for AND it's shiny!

MiK has crabs.
Susan has lobsters.

*falls off chair laughing*

i need more coffee.

YAY! for things to be thankful for!

I don't remember all of the dream, it was obviously very odd...

At some point I had gone into the kitchen to call animal control...the lobsters had disappeared...but there was a little red fox...and some wolves. Which I was writing down (in the dream) as wolfies.

I didn't think I had eaten anything that odd before bed...late supper cause of a meeting. A meatloaf sandwich. (Not a Meat Loaf sandwich though...speaking of whom, he turns 55 today. Shaun Cassidy is 48. Aren't you glad I shared?)

The door is being installed...nice looking door too.

The framing from the old one was cut off...the smell was not good. Obviously some moisture in there somewhere...

When the other door was replaced the guy doing the work mentioned the original panelling on the walls. I got to see a little of it today. Solid wood panelling...at least half an inch thick...detail work on the right edge of each panel...great looking stuff. Can't get stuff like that today.

Shaun Cassidy is 48? WTD?
And David is the older one, so what does that make him??

This is disturbing news, Susan.
But - you're in the news biz so I accept it. :)

Sarah J - and YAY! for friends to share them with.
{{ M0ATies }}

David Cassidy is 56.

And Barbara Walters was 77 on Monday.

(Jackie is watching The View.)

We're packing, then will eat lunch and go.

Hope you lovely people have a pleasant week.

Speaking of dreams, a favorite was in Robert Klein's comedy sketch Robert Klein at Yale - which, let me repeat, I have NOT been able to get a copy of.

He claimed he was on The Tonight Show with Dr. Joyce Brothers and told her about a recurring dream he had about hot dogs chasing donuts through the Holland Tunnel.

"She was hip, though. She told me I was hungry."

bada bing

(((Kaf's Mum)))
Yay! for it being nothing serious.

BTW, I just got an email from Love Interest. He suggests we talk once a week *for now* (he underlined that) and that we talk on Sunday. We are both insanely busy.

My sleep deprivation caught up with me today. I totally slept in. Skipped class. I don't feel guilty either. I feel like I could sleep all day.

This is an ad from a local garden center, dated 9/13/2006:
COW POO POO ... 40 lbs. $1.19
This is not the Poo T. Owens has been giving the Cowboys. Rumor has it Bill Parcells is threating (sic) to lock T. Owens in a room full of Mike's World Famous Cow Poo Poo for two or three days. I guarantee he will forget about his hamstring and be begging to play!

I got looking around for more info on neti...since I haven't been using mine.

There are apparently many different kinds...I do the jala neti...salt water.

Other kinds...include milk.

Or a cotton string or cord.


Your own urine.

I will not be doing those. Plain old salt water works for me.

Apparently it cools the brain as well.


better than someone elses.

*wanders off in search of bleach and scrubbie for her brain*

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