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September 22, 2004



A better pic of the CocoBra Throng, courtesy of Leetie)


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Now clothes under coconut bra, is cheating . . .

Much Nicer. And we can actually see Boo

I told everyone that I was there. But did they believe me? Noooo.

You didn't want to wear them when going through airport security and risked putting them in your bags?

Boo, I believed ya, Man.


Boo, where's your coconut bra?

"Now" should be "No". Aww,
Never mind . . .

Now that's a picture! Way to go, guys.

Nice pic!

As for the grass skirt, MKJ, I've always had trouble keeping the grass from parting when I've worn one.

I don't know about the rest of y'all, but the image I'm seeing is all skewed below the middle point. Is that supposed to be like that?

I can still see everyone above the waistline, so it's still a good picture.

Funny about the coconut bras, though. I was in Phoenix on Saturday, at a conference that my wife was attending. That evening my wife took me to a dinner party that the conference was hosting, and there were these ladies wearing grass skirts and...hold on to your hats...coconut bras. For a moment, I thought maybe it had something to do with the blog, but I couldn't prove it. Nobody would admit to it, either.

I thought that was your "model" pose, elle.

Guess not?

Can you guys give a left to right identification?

*Airport security guard* "Where'd you get them coconuts?"

*Dave Barry* "What coconuts?"

*Airport security guard* "Them coconuts." *gestures to Ridley* "The one's your man has there."

*Dave Barry* looks around* "Oh, those coconuts. Uh, Florida."

*Airport security guard* "Ow'd they get to Arizona then?"

*Dave Barry* Uh, Bloglits... yeah that's it, Bloglits brought em to me.

*Airport security guard* "Now,'ow's a Bloglit supposed to bring coconuts from Florida?"

*Second Airport security guard* "Wait, wait. If they was African Bloglits they coulda done it African Bloglits migrate."

*Airport security guard* "An how are they supposed to carry coconuts to Arizona?"

*Second Airport security guard* "Just pick 'em up by the bra straps. See"

*Airport security guard* "Ah, well, that's all right then. Go on through"

To protect the innocent, everyone's crotch has been digitally scrambled.

Leetie, Rita, Elle, Boo, Dave, Ridley

No, the picture isn't supposed to be all weird on the bottom like that.

Who's the honey holding the book? Can we get a dossier to the Field Office, please.

The Field Coordinator

Ted, my post just above yours lists the folks in the picture.

Ted, that's elle, voted MOAT president by the bloglits. I can get you her fake e-mail addy for a price.

How's the campaign going? I'm not seeing much prime-time tv ad saturation....but I know you'll correct that.

And I was refering to the Dave Barry for President campaign.....not the referendum regarding "changing the yellow center line color to mauve" issue on Novembers ballot.

The CocoBras are great, but where are the thongs?
Oh sorry, I see that the word is "throng". You ladies realize that from now on, whenever we see your names on a post, a mental image of you in your cocobras will pop to mind. WOW! (I think that CocoBras WBAGNFARB)

I'd like to point out that in real life, elle is actually 9' 3" tall... and Boo forgot his beanie - which I have a picture of, for the right price (from the Blog-B-Que)

great lookin group of groupies

Wow. A digitally remastered Master. That's hard on the eyes.

Makes you wonder where Dave's and Ridley's hands are going ... and how Leeties ended up on Dave's knee .... just say'n.

is there really something wrong with the pic? it looks fine to me...

Looks fine here

looks fine here, too.

you blurry folks need to ease up on the "vino".

I see it was warped at the bottom too. Weird.

*eases up on the vino*
*entire picture goes wacky*
*doubles vino dosage*

You were just trying to hork the vino, weren't you Punky?

Mine isn't blurry either.

I still think elle should have worn that outfit when she came to NY to see W. at Madison Square Garden, though I suppose sleeping on the floor of that bus garage on W. 57th Street might have messed up her suit. ;)

Mine's kinda oddly pixelated in a big giant line.

BTW, I have been meaning to ask, what does MOAT stand for?

Does Dave only own two shirts? Maybe we should take up a collection...

Ted, whatever you do, DO NOT take any of elle's vowels. She has just the right number now, and we do not want such a fine balance to be upset.

Glad I'm not the only one who thought it was just another hallucination (talking 'bout that back and forth scrambling pic). I kinda like it, actually; someone should investigate what's going on and maybe we could design in some kind of random mutation feature for future pics.

Or maybe it's best to just have the random mutation feature originate at the user end, i.e., work the vino.

Angie - MOAT is (drumroll....) Mother Of All Threads.

Can't wait to see Dave tomorrow. spent last night retreiving all of his books from around the house and deciding which one I'd ask him to sign (and a copy each of the new one for the kids for Christmas).

Jamester - I can't wait either. I bought the book monday and am half way through. It is awesome. I am thinking of getting dave to sign my Lab notebook. Then if I ever win a Nobel it will ahve the signatures of a Pulitzer and a Nobeloriate - should let me retire when I sell it on Ebay.

Blue Meanie, Just looked at your email address... I grew up in cedar grove!

PS: Please remember, no linking to the VIP area.

Got it, Leetie. I made that mistake once, and got noodled to near-death for it.

Cool about Cedar Grove - I'm just the other side of the hill. (Grew up in NYC, though). Does this mean I won't have to hide anymore when you're around?


Why are you the only one looking at the camera?

speaking or hoarding vino ...

The person who wrote this would fit in very nicely on this blog:

The way to achieve inner peace is to finish all
the things you've started."
So I looked around the house to see all the things
I started and hadn't finished.... and before leaving
the house this morning I finished off a bottle of
red wine, a bottle of white wine, the Bailey's,
Kahlua, Wild Turkey, the Prozac, some valium,
some cheesecake and a box of chocolates. You have no
idea how freakin good I feel....
You may pass this on to those you feel are in need
of Inner Peace.

The picture looks fine in MS Explorer, but in Mozilla Firefow the bottom third is messed up!
No vino involved.
I had no idea a jpg pic would come out different from one browser to the other.
To those who can't see the bottom: there's no hanky panky going on at that level. Not at that time at least.

elle ... it's my new credo.

who's the fake blonde in the front?

we're thinking of doing a centerfold series called "Fake Blonde Bloggers".

let me know babe.

OK, now it looks fine. Yeesh.

By the way, CocoBra looks similar to CoCobra which is someone in league with poisonous snakes.

Heh... well, it happened to be MY camera taking the picture. So, of course, that was much more important than looking at the bookstore girl fumbling with Dave's camera phone. I think Boo is looking into the camera too.

And I'm looking at the picture in both Mozilla and IE and it's screwy in both! Looks like Dave and Ridley are sharing my pants.

Hugh, got a problem?

Hmmmm....secret VIP room....must investigate...

Hey Ridley.

With all that money you will be making, why don't you leave your kids blue blazer and home and buy your own.

Either that, or stop trying to personally keep the Twinkie people in business.

The jpeg is fine on Safari, too.
Sure wish Dave and Ridley were coming to Atlanta...

sniff sniff aaarrrrgggg

elle is kindof a hottie. any chance she is single or has twin?

Sorry efc, Elle was just married at 11:43pm and celebrated by eating her single twin.

Single twin? Can I get twin singles?

So sad to learn I've been faking my own orgasms.

I guess I just didn't want to hurt my feelings.

Dave, you need to start using your book tour to pfurther your campaign. You should be striding! Surging! Barging! And if you happen to remember it, you might want to throb a little while you're at it. (Good for the female electorate, don'tcha know?)

Ted, you should be heading all this up. You're the campaign coordinator; you should be molding your candidate to your evil will.

And no "premature electorate" jokes, please.

And "pfurther" is German for "further."

I hope that pforestalls any comments about my typing.

Jon: "pfurther" is not German for "further."


AHA! Your tinyurl will not fool me again, my friend!

*innate brain stem reflex causes mouse to click on url*

Whew. Lucky this time.

Leetie: YOUR url is tiny

Mahatma, what are you, a pucking English teacher?

The presidential campaig seems to be focussing on where the candidates were 30 years ago. I have no accounting for his wherabouts during the Vietnam war, and when the media start hounding me, I am just going to refer them to Fred Willard, our new media advisor.

In the mean time, i am trying to meet some honeys on the campaign trail. So, waiting for that dossier, Elle.

The Field Coordinator.

Hey, elle - if you're whipping out the dossier for everyone, then share!

Don't just keep it to yourself and the metrosexual!!!

Any word on the dancing with hands over his head question yet? Take him to Lulu's and find out!

Well, shucks! The photo looks fine to me now. Gotta stop poor that vino (which is Czech for vino) over my monitor.

Someone wanting to take elle's vowels? MAN! That's just plain MEAN!

Oops, she did it again.

Seems the photo's memory-challanged. Leetie's back to having her hand on Daves left knee.


Posted by: Chaz "Doesn't Like Enghlish Teachers" Stevens on September 23, 2004 11:27 AM

How about posted by Chaz "who knows how to use a Spell Checker -- which is really important when making a joke about the proper use of the English language."

Ww...tht wld sck, wldn't t, ll?

You could always buy one.

Was it you, Ted Haaabtee-Gaaaber?

Alex Trebec: This is the color of the sky on a clear day...

Burt Reynolds: *chews gum* What is forty-two?

Connery: I'll take "The Penis Mightier" for $200.

Trebek: That's "The Pen Is Mightier." There's no such thing as a "Penis Mightier."

Connery: Well, if you do have a Penis Mightier, you're sitting on a gold mine, Trebek.

Ken Jennings: "I'd like to buy a vowel, Alex."

Alex: "This isn't Wheel of fortune, you 45(or something) winning streak dumbass."

Ken: "I'm sleeping with Vanna, Trebek--so suck it. I'll buy all the vowels and consonants I want! MUAHAHAHA!!!"

Connery: I'll take "anal bum cover" for $100
Trebec: That's An Album Cover!
Connery: I spent five years trying to make an anal bum cover.

I'll take The Rapists for $100!!

It's Therapists!!

I've written a textbook and I want to use a couple of Dave Barry quotes. I need to find the precise source of these:

What, exactly, is the Internet? Basically it is a global network exchanging digitized data in such a way that any computer, anywhere, that is equipped with a device called a `modem', can make a noise like a duck choking on a kazoo.


Technically, Windows is an ``operating system,'' which means that it supplies your computer with the basic commands that it needs to suddenly, with no warning whatsoever, stop operating.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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