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September 23, 2004


Play your cards right, and you could be part of Cher's chicken coop.


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Subservient singers, I'm sure.


By singers I meant models, of course.

I don't care to be a Moderl - no matter how much of Cher I get...

She's 58? *shudders at the thought...*

*Holds up a crucifix in the general direction of Cher*
She can't be human. Plastic; maybe.

"she doesn't usually ask their names."
Probably because she wouldn't be able to remember it.

Hey Punky,
Can I be in your coop? I guess I could model underwear, if that's what you're into.

Wow. A role model for all of us ladies!

*buys bolt of chicken wire*

Hmmm...What next?

*think think*

I need bait.

*buys PS2, Claudia Schiffer, and rare steak*

Cher has a room full of cocks, does she?

Can't say I blame her, really.

If I had more money than god, I'd fill my dressing room with cocks as well.

Just sayin' ...

And yes, Fed Chik, you can be in my coop. (wink wink)

*waiting impatiently in Cher's chicken coop*

"You got some kaka on your doodle-doo, there."
"oh jeese, thanks!"
"You there - come to mama!"
"Don't you mean grand-mama?"

"You got some kaka on your doodle-doo, there."

How long have you been storing that in your arsenol, c-bol?

Very funny.

Tina, we should catch enough that we can share. One thing... I call any Italians we might bag. I have a thing for Italians...

*Props up trap door with a stick on a string. Camouflages with leaves. Hides behind tree with string and waits.*

plastic Cher

Here's a picture of the chicken coop from an older album

**realizes mom's maiden name was Vesio**

Can't resist pull of PS2 and rare steak.....must play FIFA....nevermind chicken wire.....must be some new age decor....

"I don't know why I came here," says Cher. No one in the unheated, dank assembly hall seems to know why she is there either.

"I always hated you, Barbie," Cher said to one of the dolls. "I always thought you were a blond bimbo, but now I see that you have your uses."

Cher has a new look (gag alert on this monstrosity)

I think Australia has a wildlife protection law against that, MKJ.

Okay for the coop, but only if we get the 1967 Cher

*walks up to Polly and Tina's trap doors, looks down*

Nice work! Catch anything yet?

And impressive bait!

*wanders off*

wonder if she will have a chicken coop for writers.

Dave. I think I require Mr. Language to help me answer the following question:

What is a "MODERLS"?

And, does being a MODERLS require training, either of the advanced or potty nature?

Your friend in crime.

I wonder if there are many cockfights in the chicken coop.

One would imagine.

Well, I would imagine.


I think a chicken coop full of guys would be nice. But I would have more of a hamster cage with a large wheel in the middle. The guy with the most energy would get some out time.

higgy, i can't WAIT til you get old :) ;)

Who has to change the newspaper under the coop?

Whatcha gonna do with him? HUH,Judi? Stick him in a chicken coop with the ground covered in Viagra?

Cuz, Well you know what they say, right?

Chickens eat with their peckers. (;b

Well, THAT led to a colorful visual, Fish!


*contemplates several retorts for Higgy*

"And we don't have to wait for YOU to."
"But...by then you'll be dead, won't you?"

*decides it's best not to share them*
*does anyway*

*walks up to Polly's trap, fakes Italian accent*

Hmmma, let'sa seea, whata we gotta herea? Hmmma, justa bistecca, notta bita pasta ora evena cannoli?! Somma trappa!

*walks off behind kibby, gesturing with hand*

Has Cher always been this weird, or is this the effect of all those non-surgeries?

Outerspacebob: no. Sonny, on the other hand . . .

If you cut off their heads, do they keep running around?

Oderl to the Moderls

How low will some guys dare to stoop?
Male models will vie for Cher’s coop.
Judged by their asses
The cutest get passes
Then jump when Cher holds out the hoop.


I would!

Then I'd probably put it in a beer bottle and take it in the next morning to see Tina.

... just the kind of guy that I am ....

Reminds me almost fatally of the scene in Toy Story with the little green alien toys in the claw machine. Something like:
LGAT1: The Claw! The Claw is our master. It picks us and we go to our destiny.
LGAT2: I am chosen!

Only difference: the alien toys were no doubt a bit smarter, on average, than Cher's boytoys...

Also, if you use Claudia Schiffer as bait, I'm not likely to be much use to Cher later...

From MKJ's link to the Armenian article...she is still Cherilyn Sarkisian, the only black-haired member in a family of Southern California blonds....obviously, an old article.

The question recently arose asking who is the ultimate male clothes·horse — which guy has the best body for wearing and modeling clothes? And the name which came up most frequently was Rio Ferdinand, the Manchester United and England soccer star.

Rio Ferdinand, born on 7th November, 1978, in Peckham, South London, attributes his elegant stature to his formative training as a ballet dancer! The Manchester United and England defender revealed he turned down a five-year scholarship to ballet school. Said Rio: “It was like a drama school but you had to take part in ballet as well. I never admitted that as a kid but now I’m older I can admit something like that. I’ve always been involved in performing arts and, hopefully, in some shape or form, ballet has helped me - you’ve got to have balance to stay on your feet well. I’ve always been interested in the performing arts. I love music and I love performing. I probably would have done something like that if I didn’t play football, I was really into drama at school.”

At 187 cm in height and weighing a lean 88 kg, Rio Ferdinand’s statuesque frame has helped to launch an impressive list of high-profile media campaigns. If Rio does have the ultimate body for wearing and modeling clothes perhaps the yin-yang nature of his ballet and soccer training validates the principle of Universal Balance — a concept regrettably overlooked by too many fashion designers.

Hey can you mention our contest? It is stupid, we know... Thanks: In honor of National Underwear Day, Campus Men is offering a Male Underwear Packaging Contest to encourage shoppers to enter photos taken via their cell phones of the best and worst (or funniest) underwear packaging.

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