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September 30, 2004




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I know Penny, I couldn't get in either. But I huffed and I puffed...and now, here I am!

Yes, good thing there's always the chimney!

It was so frustrating. Just as I was getting into this whole blog thing - locked out! But now it's back and all is right witht he world again.

It's a conspiracy against Dave's campaign!

I know - I was in terminal danger of productivity...

*gasp* Of course! They know that without the blog, all us bloglits will go mad... well, madder.

But we have overcome! Hoorah!

Musn't get that productivity too hight, then they'll start expecting it all the time. Bosses must never know what their employees are truly capable of.

Although there is this cute cartoon at my desk (which really isn't MY desk) of a secratry, oops, it's the 21st century, I mean an administrative assistant who is saying "Of course I don't look busy...I did it right the first time"

It's like Star Trek (Nerd alert!) when Scotty will always double the minimum time he needs to do something - so he always looks like a miracle worker.

By the way - my boss just came out to me in a blind panic, because 'his printer was broken'; he now thinks I'm a genius because I 'fixed' it in under a minute. It was out of paper.

Dave B(ickle)...LOL...that's brilliant!

lol Dave B(ickle)... I love it when my almost-zero technical abilities meet someone else's absolutely zero technical abilities! :)

of course, I didn't tell him what the problem was - I'm guessing I'll be brilliant again next week sometime when it breaks again...

Well, off to greener pastures... new threads await!

Dave B: be careful because your "genius" reputation can get you called in for something you can't handle and then another "genius" will take your place. Not that there's anything wrong with that either.

Rita, don't know what 14 pounds is worth in India. Maybe Bangi can help as she's a lot closer to the action. Of course, you'd probably have to move to India to be able to live on that.

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