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September 20, 2004


It would be frustrating to find out this is not a challenge for other people.

(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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Hey Judi,
The official talk like a pirate day was yesterday. (and you're supposed to say arrr matey).

!ekac fo eceiP

my brain began to hurt at level 6, by level 8 my head exploded......(and I'm left handed!)

i think i will have to run this one at home. cant download flash here at the orefice.

I turned the mouse upside down, but it was still hard. The arrrrrrr Judy said was out of frustration!

You can also skip any given level by losing, right-clicking on the game, and choosing "Play."

Just saying, that's all.

Level 6 was all the fun I could stand. But the game did feel quite Adventure-ous.

I got past the alien invasion in level 10, but the vampires in level 11 rattled my nerves so much that the cyborg dinosaurs in level 12 shot me with the laser cannon because I forgot to get the Mighty Shield of Arse Whacking way back in the secret bonus room in level 6. Now I have to get the key under the mattress in the Crimson Room and ...
Ok, I'll stop now.


I think I just had a seizure because of that thing.

No wait, maybe it was a heart attack because I had mozzarella sticks for breakfast.

Either way, I'm too drunk to know the difference.

jason mulgrew
internet quasi-celebrity

LEVEL 6!!! I took one look at level 3 and I fell over, which moved the cursor, which prompted the computer to say, "You Failed."

Angry people should be warned not to play this game.

Screw level FIVE! I HATE level FIVE!! Level FIVE sucks!!!

Level 18 is just insane. The goal keeps moving around!

Not that I actually beat the game up to that level -- I'm not that masochistic. I just wanted to see what some of the upper levels look like.

I'll admit that when things started moving in Level 3, I bailed 'cause I got "car sick".

(things DO move in Level 3, right?)

I'll admit that when things started moving in Level 3, I bailed 'cause I got "car sick".

(things DO move in Level 3, right?)

...and now I'm seeing double....

...and now I'm seeing double....


Frustrating, yet playable. Its the first enhancer I've ever actually been able to figure out. I suppose that doesn't cast a very flattering light on my intelligence, now does it. ;)

wait, that's not true, I also figured out the helicopter one as well, I crashed beautifully!

THBowers is right. I figured it out early on that turning the mouse upside down suddenly puts everything right again (until you lose, then it's all reversed again). However, it's still hard.

I made it all the way to Level 20.

Maybe a mouse would be easier. I still don't have great control over this trackball, which certainly didn't help matters any.

I got to level 10 and blew up on the rotating plus sign / helicoptor looking g-damn thingy.

After playing up to level 7 and quitting, I couldn't use my mouse normally for a little while; I kept moving it in the wrong direction.

Flipping the trackball around did help, although changing levels certainly was harder...

Mother of pearl! That's one annoying little game that I can't stop playing. I've forgotten how to use the mouse for normal stuff! And now my eyes seem to be all googly! Damn you, Dave Barry!

I'd like to know HOW I was able to play nintendo until I had permanent marks etched into my fingers... but I can't seem to manage moving a mouse in the opposite direction without having a brain aneurism...

Dear Bloggerette

The following comment has been deemed too rude obnoxious and insulting for human consumption at any maturity level, and has therefore been censored


Good grief. I think I gave myself a heartattack. I think I hit the walls and got that buzzer more than all of yall combined. I think I'll save the game for another day....after I restart my heart.

I got to level 18. How many levels are there?

Well, I kept going and successfully completed the final level, #20.

The second time around is easier. First took me a little while.

As if I didn't have enough reasons to scream at my computer, smash it with a sledgehammer, and run away into the wilderness, shun technology, live off the animals, never to be heard of again...

did anybody else have a difficult time operating the mouse normally AFTER playing that game?!?

Haha I finished it. No cool ending.

it was kinda easy with a touchpad

Wow...I didn't even think to turn the mouse upside down! I swear, law school makes you stupid. By the time I graduate, I should be barely functional. Anyway...still beat it :)

I just want to point out that I simul-posted with Jason Mulgrew, Internet Quasi-Celebrity, which is similar to sex, but without the gratification and touching and therapy.

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