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September 25, 2004


As you can see in this photo taken by our exclusive CrapCam,
many pirates showed up last night in Portland. I am standing next to the legendary John "Ol' Chumbucket" Baur, co-founder of International Talk Like a Pirate Day. And, yes, there WERE little blue spots everywhere.



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Wow, now THOSE are some pirates! Isn't that Johnny Depp down front?


Sorry, never been "first" before. It got the best of me. ;)


I always wanted a CramCam.

blue man group.


I just woke up from a dream where I met Dave (and Ridley)...

stupid low-population density Kansas

If you CramCam your CrapCam, you might get ClapCam.

I know how you feel, Dave. My phone takes such terrible pictures that I finally trained my service monkey to very quickly render representational sculptures from his own feces (tried it with other feces and that got me a restraining order, thanks). He's really quite good, but if you think it can be difficult to get strangers to pose for a crapcam picture with you (well, ok, you obviously don't think it's difficult, but only because it's not, for you) then you should try asking someone to pose for a representational monkey-poo sculpture.

Actually, regardless what you think, you should try asking people that. It's fun.

"stupid low-population density Kansas"

I'm in California. You can have some of ours. Please, take all you want!

Christobol, actually that was one of the mystery illnesses on Medical Investigation last night -- people in Miami were getting sick because an artist was mixing feces (her own and others) into the paints she used in her pictures!



Um...Do you still have that bellybutton lint shirt that I made for you the other day, Christobol?

And how have you been feeling lately?

Jeff - and they're blaming the artist? How can it be HER fault that they have poop-brown hair? Do they want the portrait right or do they want their health? You have to suffer for art, I hear.

Polly - of course I still have the bellybutton lint shirt you made me - haven't taken it off. I feel purple. Is that normal?

Purple... Just a sec.

*looks up symptoms of E. Coli infection in PDR*

Purple...that's feeling blue with some red mixed in, right?

Arrr there any actual bloglits in that pic? Inquiring weasels want to know!

Y'know, Kurt Cobain used to mix his own fecal matter in with paint to create his artistic pieces. This is the guy that blew his own brains out eventually and whom many teens (including my own 14 y/o goddaughter) regard as some kind of diety to be idolized. Smells like more than just teen spirit to me.

Sorry- a little off topic from pirates in Portland. Yeah Dave and Ridley!!! Way to GO!!! Whoo HOOOOO!!!!! :-)

It looks like the time travelling hamsters are up to their old tricks again!

Actually, I think it looks like my brohter and sister-in-law in the front row. Kinda hard to tell though. Usually, they are a little more sharply defined, but maybe they had some grog first and now they are blurry. (you never know, it might happen)

borrow 'yer camera?

BG - We are moving on. Go to the M one last time & you'll see what I mean. See you there!

Of course, Little Blue Spots Everywhere wbagnfarb. Or a 60's-style psych song.

It's the Blue Meanies!!

Bismuth-where in Kansas? I grew up in extremely high density populated Western Kansas, so I feel your pain.

And now I live in the densly populated central Illinois region. I think I musta done something wrong in a former life.

More pictures of elle!

what's with the guy at the extreme right of the pic? looks like he had his face obliterated by a cannonball.

is this a book critic?

I notice that the afore-mentioned formal eyepatches are conspicuously absent. 40 lashes, ye scurvies.

The photo looks like it was taken circa 1724.

I'm confused, it must be the picture,
but it looks to me like...
A cross between: pirates, geeks, a history buff,
DAVE, and 4 ppl who don't know where they are.

But that's just me 8>

Hey, what ever happened to the Blue Man Group? Or flash mobs?

People, people,people-- please, if you go to a signing, bring Pirate gear for dave and Ridley. It's terrible to see them looking so out of place in a photo!

Angie - my apologies for the tardiness of this reply. At the time I wrote my previous comment, I lived in Lawrence, attending KU. I have since moved on to more eastern climes and a less basketball-oriented place.

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