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September 19, 2004


Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Ridley and I will be observing it reverentially in Seattle at Third Place Books. "Blow the man down" is what we always say, although we have no clue why we say it.


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is that an order?

Blow the wench down sounds like more fun, matey! Arrrrrr


The bloglit rogues'll be plunderin' ye soon yet again, Dave and Ridley, Avast!

Avast! I have me buckels and now I be swashing 'em.

Arr, me hearties! It's 19:20 over here, which I think means 7:20 pm. So avast ye, maties.

Hey Leetie, how r things, have u missed me? I hope to surface here more often...it's a sanity preserver...am really bummed I missed the Dave Barry Meet'n'Greet with Beanies and Coconut Bras (which were my idea- the coco-bras-, I'll have you know- just check the original MOAT)...

AAARRR. That be buckles not buckels.

All the pirates used to wear fiber-optic hats

*Comes aboard wearin' pirate hat made from Sunday funnies. Looks jealously at MKJ's fiber-optic hat.*

MKJ, that be one fancy hat cha got der! What say we fight for it?

It's only "International" Talk Like a Pirate Day? What must we do to make this an Intergalatic event and cross all levels of reality while doing so? Unless, as I strongly suspect, there is no such thing as reality. Regardless, I'll shiver my timbers and perch on my own shoulder today while glaring at the world through my un-patched eye. Merry day, me mateys!

Ahoy there, Bangi Girl! How goes it in the far reaches of the realm?

Tis good to hear that ye can use the head now that ye have running water again.

Fer the sake of curiosity...what did ye use when your water wasn't runnin'?

Curses!! Forgot to use me new name!

... Blow the man down. Where is Ms. Lewinsky when we need her the most.

"Ahoy Cap'n, there's a steering wheel in yer trousers!"

"Arrrrr, it's drivin' me nuts."

Aye chihuaua! You're not in Seattle-o, senoro! You're in el Milwaukeeador!

Peg Leg Pete - ye be a funny man. I be laughin so 'ard I thought Davy Jones locker be comin for me. (going to wipe spewn coffee off keyboard now)

Avast, Shipmates! 'Appy International Talk Like A Pirate Day ta ye all!

Can you tell a shag from a Jolly Roger? If not, check our Pictorial Dictionaaaaarrrry, one of the two brand new pages added to the Radio London International Talk Like A Pirate Day supplement.


Happy Septembaaarr 19th,

Yours piratically,

The Knee Wench

Seattle, eh? Them two scurvy knaves Cap'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket 'as bin thar this summer, leadin' - or more likely ruinin', -the Seafest torchlight parade. A case of 'Cutlass in Seattle'.

pirates are the bad guys. who revels in killers and thievies. arrrrrrrg. yuck.

Arrrr, an' have ye never heard of Captain Feathersword, The Friendly Pirate (c)(tm)(patent pending)? Ye'll soon be walkin' the plank!

"Damn it Jim, I'm a surgeon, not a cutthroat. Now throw me that scurvy Bangi wench. My bed needs feathering."

Jeff "Captain Jack Rackham" Meyerson

Arrr, I almost forgot me own piratey name.

This day always brings to mind The Wiggles. Someone save me.

Ahoy me hearties!

Sink me! Yon scurvy pirate name generator put me in mind of a copy of that addled, bilge-sucking, dog of a movie Cutlass Island that some scalawag of a captain left on me libido deck in the days of yore.
The bleedin’ pirates warn’t practiced in th’art of pirate-speakin’, so it literally SUCKS OUT LOUD!
Oughta be walkin' the plank! The lot of ‘em!

Now all ye mateys, join me in this ancient sea shanty:

As I was a-walking down Rotherhite Street,
’Way, ho, blow the man down;
A pretty young creature I chanced for to meet,
Give me some time to blow the man down.
Soon we’ll be in London City,
Blow, boys, blow,
And see the gals all dressed so pretty,
Blow, my bully boys, blow.

Yeah, it doesn't make much sense to me either. Arrr.

Ahoy me matties

This day is OUR DAY, so Avast and blown the world down. Abord every beauty that cros with your ship. And Jolly your Rogger.

From Argentina, Cap'n Moody
"Un pirata argentino festejando un gran día"

Reed be full o' hot airrrrrrrr. Pirates be the kings o' the sea!!!

Floutin' the rules be a pirates way.
'Nother 'scuse to splice the main brace
Come TLAV Day!

Ahoy, there!

Arrrr, I just come aboard to see the shape of this 'ere vessel, an' we've a bilge rat, scurvy dog, lubber of a spammer by the name of lipitor.

Avast, mind ye not show yer theivin' face 'ere on this schooner again, else I'll be forced to shove me belayin' pin through yer bunghole, quarter ye wit me cutlass, hang ye from the yardarm, an' throw ye in the chum bucket.

Ye have been warned.

*hoists the Jolly Roger*

Arr...methinks this pirate name were picked randmly be the tanslator, the scurvy dogs!

Aye, let's set sail upon the S.S. Federal Duck and blast them a new one...and those vikings, too! Aye!

Aye, Dread Pirate Graz Kidd,
And sandy bottoms to ye!

Ahhhoooay matie!

"More like talk like a dork day! Pirates are lame! VIKINGS RULE THE SEAS."

Avast! Vikings WERE pirates, Reed, ye scurvy knave!

Ahubba hubbaoy matie!

Aha oooga-oy matie!

Aha cha cha cahaoy matie!

Yar, Reed the Viking's blog needs a chumbucket dreg smattering, me hearties.

Little Johnny is walking up and down the sidewalk in front of his house dressed as a pirate. His next door neighbor, Reverend Brown, yells over to him, "Avast Johnny, where are you buccaneers?"

Johnny yells back to the Reverend, "Where they always are, on either side of my buccan head!"

Oh yea, I almost forget:
Ahoy Mates. Hoist the bilge arm and tote the scurvy bucket. Arrrrrr! etc....

arrr, matey. i must get to swabbin' the decks, you silly land-lubbers.

haha! i'm doing it!

did the pirates have pontoons??

arrgh. i may be gitt'n scurvy, what'ver that be.

arr, mateys. i'm the fly'n dutchman.
(watch an episode of spongebob with yer kiddies)

Come on, Maties!! We shall steal their gold and rape their monkeys afor the night ends!!

(Well, y'all can rape their monkeys...I'm not so much into that.)

Mahatma, thanks! And a Nude Pirate like that would ... well, forget the rock band, let's have more nude pirates! Peri?

aye. felicitations. i just got here. as i suspected, the people at church did NOT want to do the whole mass in pirate talk or dress. scuse me while i go off and cry. i know. no crying in pirating. but some folk just dont understand, the lubbers.

to many fat man :)

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