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August 24, 2004


No, really.

(Thanks to Erik Love.)

(Disclaimer: This blog is not responsible for any reading-bad-puns-too-quickly headaches.)


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"Japanese ice cream, too, is unlikely to achieve the same giddy heights as raw fish -- even though it's one of the flavors it comes in. "
Just plain bad taste. If you ask me.

Mmm, Ice Cream. Konichee ahhhh!

I never thought I'd yearn for the days of Kikkoman.

Cherry Blossom ice cream sounds fantabulous to me!

Of course I am a big raving fan of the lavendar cosmopolitans made at that trendy bar downtown...

Yummy, abalone ice cream. If you eat some, that's exactly what will happen. A b alone.

"Boy, this ice cream is fantabulistic. Hey, where are you going? Whaddya mean my breath smells like rotting tuna plus squirrel ass? Come back!!!"

Mr. Ed Ice Cream will Trigger your tastebuds.

"The only saving grace is perhaps that tonight's dessert could well have been last week's odds-on favorite."

Mr. Ed Ice Cream will Trigger your tastebuds.

"The only saving grace is perhaps that tonight's dessert could well have been last week's odds-on favorite."

Raising the bar from vanilla
Was the aim of a Japanese fella
First horse and whale flesh
Then oysters and raw fish
And soon we'll be tasting Godzilla.

After the 'Raw Horseflesh' flavor (with actual chunks of flesh!) the rest didn't sound too bad. But WHALE ice cream? I thought the Japanese were trying to convince the world they had good serious reasons for hunting whales.

I was left with basically one question: Are the Japanese NUTS?

Good one, elle. Raw Horseflesh may be (may be?) disgusting as an ice cream flavor, but it wbagnfarb.

Isn't there a garlic festival in California and isn't garlic ice cream featured there? Maybe our California bloglits can confirm this.

Lastly, at least for once you'll be able to tell the truth when you say something Tastes Like Chicken (which would also bagnfarb).

I'll take the Stout or Red Wine Ice cream. It's like killing 2 birds with one ancient stone.

Travel Tip of the Week
When the Japanese waiter asks you what flavor of ice cream you'd like, "I don't know, surprise me" is probably not your best choice...

Hell, they're not all bad. Stout would make a good ice cream - better than a root beer float. Russian Imperial Stout would be awesome.

And I've had garlic ice cream - actaully vanilla with sweet garlic sauce - at the "Stinking Rose" restaurant (locations in LA and SF) that was really good - really. The garlic is slow roasted and caramelized until it's quite sweet.

As for seaweed, well amost all our Amurrican ice cream has seaweed in it - read the label. What do you think Carrageenan is? (they put it in some beer, too)

But hold the meat or fish ice creams, please.

Found Nemo.

This is just a joke, right?

elle, is that how you caught your stomache bug?

golfwidow - LOL

And they used to think hash brownies were a big deal.

This is what happens when cultures collide. Japanese entrepreneur travelling in the states catches an episode of "Fear Factor". He doesn't understand what's going on, but notes that Americans like to eat some pretty sick stuff. Goes home, starts business.

"No, I swear, this will be HUGE in America! They eat bison testicles even when they're NOT covered in icecream!"

Mmmm, Lettuce and Potato Ice Cream.

These sound like flavors one might see served at Christobol's Fun-Filled Alternative Reality House of Mirrors.

Fishing ice cream for Mr. Steve

LOL, Mahatma. I was going to post something snarky like, "Am I the only one tired of the 'Read my blog' stuff?" but your version was much classier.

There is a Bailey's Irish Cream ice cream from Haagen-Dazs, is there not?

Jeff: I haven't seen that stuff in years! If they still sell it, I'd love to know where. (I'm also waiting for Baskin Robbins to bring back the Kahlua Blast, but that's probably a different subject.)

Tony the Tiger: "They're Great!"

Wally - If I had only known - I ate at the Stinking Rose in SF earlier this year, but didn't know ot try the ice cream. The food was great.

You guys are lucky you only have to see it on websites. I work in a predominately Japanese office (I'm one of the 4 americans out of 20 people) and it's not a cultural thing. They really are insane. These people would not blink an eye if you told them there was fetid eel uvulas in their coffee. They'd think it was great. And when I bring a nice big greasy cheesburger for lunch, they look at me like I'm eating real live doggy doots. Real Live Doggy Doots wbagnfarb. Booger.

I sat down at a diner, 'twas tony,
But dessert looked kind of phony
I complained to the staff,
But heard them laugh
Cause they thought my complaints Abalone!

Big Louie is back!

the garlic festival is held annually in Gilroy, CA, garlic capital of the world. I'm sure you can find some good ol' garlic icecream there.

Wasabi Ice Cream! Sure to turn your taste buds over.

Blech!!!! I can't even get past the vanilla bean specks in Breyers all natural ice cream. What are these people thinking??? No wait, I think that Christobol covered that earlier. Never mind.

Chinese tea is always good with Japanese ice cream

I've had the Guinness-flavored ice cream at Amy's twice. It is absolutely wonderful. The difference is, beer tastes good and raw meat does not.
And no one will ever convince me to try garlic ice cream. I think there is too much garlic in everything as it is. One word that should not follow "caramelized" is garlic. Another is onions. Yuckers.

Brian B: damn, I wish I'd known that when I drove through Newcastle last summer. I'd have tried a pint (or two).

Barbi: where you been? Actually, I love garlic, but not in my ice cream. So what word should follow "caramelized"?

1. Sorry for the excess bolding above. My bad.

2. Hereis the scoop (sorry, couldn't resist) on Haagen-Dazs and Bailey's. Even though the website says it isn't available, that's probably just in pints, as my wife assures me she saw it in the H-D store last week (while getting sorbet).

And Rodgah, thanks for the Gilroy thing. I thought that was it.

Forget this. I'm going to go have me a nice big gogigyeopbbang.

I'm still holding out for them to make hachinoko ice cream. Yummmm!

As I'm sitting here chewing on my fart flavored bubble gum and gnawing on the rotten carcass of a dead mongoose, I'm wondering if the horse flesh flavored ice cream will go with the 10W30 highball I just poured into a glass. And if I was in Japan there would be nothing wrong with that?

Well, I was trying to avoid dieting ... looks like the ice cream site has taken care of my desire for ice cream. Now if only I could find similar sites for potato chips and peanut butter cookies!

After the ice cream, you can enjoy some gum

I still say garlic ice cream is great - it takes chutzpah to order it, but it does not taste as you would expect it to.

I had corn ice cream in Thailand (blah) and have had ice cream with red beans in Japanes restauants (ok)

The best thing about an all-garlic meal at the Stinking Rose restaurants is that you can melt parking meters with your breath afterwards. The "Dracula room" is cool, too.

You scream,
I scream,
We all scream for another blog thread!

Brad: Curt, but to the point I guess . . .

and what about heavenly HASH ICE CREAM?

Is it just me or is the mascot on the lettuce and potato ice cream a tapir?

I think I speak for all Texans when I say, "Thank God for Blue Bell!"

Please tell me the spammers are not hitting the current threads now.

And Spam ice cream would be unpleasant to say the least.

Amen to that, MOTW.

"Abalone has a first name ..."

What is this?
All your blog are belong to us ?



Warmest regards,

if you're doing this for school, then why is the survey not on your school's server?

As a former Texan now residing in beautiful (though wet) Seattle, there are few things I truly, truly miss about Texas.

And one of the few is - Blue Bell. I KNOW they have it in other southern states. Somebody needs to load up a refrigerated truck with the stuff and bring it up here!

You could make a killing! And while you're at it, bring some good Mexican food, too. Seattle-ites do fish better than anybody else. But nobody does good Mexican.

So tragic.


I am a starving office worker, it is almost lunch time and . . .


2 Boogers

Take a hike!


Trivia: Ben and Jerry's choc. brownie ice cream was created when a bakery supplier goofed and delivered the brownies all stuck together in a big block. What to do....what to do. Hmm...just crumble them up and put em in vanilla.

O, and MOTW...I like marble slab better.

Around 1985, I decided to fly up from Austin to visit a good friend who had moved to Oklahoma. Her husband LOVED Blue Bell ice cream. I packed up two cartons in a styrofoam cooler with dry ice and checked in at Southwest Airlines. They asked me what was in the cooler. When I replied, "Blue Bell" they all smiled. The baggage hand took the precaution of sealing it up with extra tape to ensure it arrived safely. Even though my friend spent so much time with me, he didn't mind so much since I had brought him Blue Bell.

Hold on there, Bloglits.....have you thought about the implications of selecting THIS blog to "analyze the psychological factors of bloggers and visitors". Is this not an opportunity of Poetry.com-ic dimensions?

I'm really surprised they forgot these 5; Tiger Penis, Elephant Penis, Rhinoceros Penis, Elephant Tusk and Rhinoceros Horn Ice Creams. According to The Worldwide Endangered Species Task-Force, those are the biggest selling flavours of Ice Cream in all of Asia.

Where is our Greek upade today?

Blue Meanie:

OK, I tried, but the questions were very boring. There is a window where you can type in your thoughts regarding business communication problems. I told them that the biggest problems in business communications was crapweasels. Not very imaginative. Sorry.

Zed Worldwide Endangered Species Task-Force

Sounds like a branch of PETA. Google don't find it...what's the URL? That is if you aren't developing your ability to power a hot air baloon.

Mudstuffin - you're very much right about the survey. It's so bone dry as to be virtually unsatirizable (a dubious accomplishment).

Not much entertainment value there, and without the exploitation issue that fed the Poetry.com frenzy, there's no good reason to bother.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

looks like spamphish again.

I guarantee the little crapweasel is not reading the blogs he spammed with his surveys...

What about Spam ice cream? Or for that matter, lime Jello with cubes of Spam? magnifique!

Yummy food

echo - I'm completely out of breath, but the view from up here is amazing.

Ok, so you're not a crapweasel (sorry), but the language of your request was so generic that it looked like spam. You should try to customize the message for the blog so it doesn't look like a message that was broadcast to hundreds of blogs indiscriminately by a bot.

We are very sensitive to spam at this blog, since it has been subject to several invasive attacks.

By the way, "crapweasel" is an inside joke here, and not really standard slang.

Good luck with your survey.


OK, I withdraw my Booger. Sorry about that. I can tell by your very infrequent post that all your blog are belong to us.

With multiple sentiment,

Hi Wally,

Thanks! " Customize the message', I got it : )
I'll never back to interrupt this interesting topic !

Good luck and best wishes for all you guys : enjoy your ice-cream, your lunch time and your life !



Hi Moe,
Haven't see your inspiring words until post my last comment just now . So thank you as well :)

have a nice day !

and Bye again !

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