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August 20, 2004


This should take a while.

(Thanks to Mike Weasel from the board, who says: click English (unless you want to play in another language), then click on the pentathlon. Then scroll down and hit pentathlon again. you do all 5 in succession.)


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Not interested. Give me an ouzo, stat!

I wanted to play against Rudolph, but he isn't a competitor.
Does Bumble bounce?

Kinda reminds me of my ex girlfriend. Less hair though.

That game just wasted an hour for me. Woohoo!

Oooh I've been blogged! Thanks Judi! *smooch*

2205.79 is my high.

Did anybody else feel bad for beating up on the poor penguins?? First you beat them with a club, then snowballs, and then you toss them as far as you possibly can to the unforgiving jaws of huge seals? (I'm pretty sure seals don't eat penguins, but what if one of them were rabid?)

Didn't at all feel bad for the pengus. They seemed to me to be enjoying themselves. Always ready to get back into the game, no matter what I tossed at 'em (or how I tossed 'em, for that matter).

Rabid seals? Were those even seals? I thought they were walruses...

My favorite (although it's hard to choose, everything was so much fun) was the albatross overload. Heck, that was better than beach goat-bladder!

Ah, competitive, are we, mtvcdm? Well, --, take THAT!

oops... ***3115*** TAKE THAT!

oops... ***3115*** TAKE THAT!

3115??? Wow. I'm stuck at 2296, thanks to that impossible golf challenge.

They're definitely seals, though. At least that's the name of the game... :)

I've broke 3000, but not quite that high yet...

*zips in*


I sometimes go back to the productivity enhancers from yaers-gone-by just to see if they are still there.

YAY! for a fresh, new MOAT!!

is the golfer sergio garcia? 'cause he's young and all...

It's nice to see Weasel's name here, even if he isn't here himself.

Sergio Garcia.

Insom - yes!

Oooh.. nice new digs! *stretches, flips n attempts to post.*

Kaf - representing New Zealand in the Couch Potato Olympics since 1974

What's sad is when the old productivity enhancers aren't there anymore.

I had gone looking a couple months ago, the one with the lasers and mirrors...and it wasn't there anymore.

It was a toughy, but I wanted to try it again.

Shall we make this one "goat free" Because if we don't, I'm going to need some sort of 12-step program.

*can't help but think of '12-goat program'*

How about MØØSE or LLAMAS instead Sly?

yeah i think we should probably leave the goats behind. if not, i'm afraid they will eventually start passing gas.

I should pay closer attention.

Oooo, nice new MOAT. That other one was freakin' me out.

*removes pants, just cause my kids don't have school tomorrow, so today's really my Friday anyway*

now I AM! paying closer attention.

well, i mean, the check's in the mail.

I can dig these new digs.

susan - is this the one you're looking for?

"As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly"

Hey Guys,
Im fine. We're used to these political turmoils in Bangladesh and I got home before the curfew. Im just worried abt Dad becoz he wishes we'd get married and settle down so that he could join into the 'fight for Justice and Democracy' without having to worry abt wat might happen to us if he died.

Life for the freedom fighters of 1971 is hard becoz they fought hard, watched ppl die...but the country isnt whr they imagined it would be. The tyrants are no longer the Pakistanis, but power hungry & corrupt Bangladeshis.

Speaking of friendly neighbours who want to do each other in...and everyone else around them...
*takes deep breath*
hey...look...my Tarzan ropes....

jamester, one of the best lines in all of sitcomdom. If not THE best line.

Yay! Great to hear that things are going 'normally' Bangi. At the very least, everyone is safe.

As multitudes of people in the world have it worse than I do I hate to even post this, but I gotta vent:

So, I have decided that January is simply not going to be a very good month for me. I only say this because I refuse to write off all of 2007.....yet.

Since January 1st I have:
1. Had a kidney stone attack (never actually passed it so far as I can tell or at the very least, so far.)
2. Been forced to go to Jasper, NY in mid-winter.
3. Been violently ill with that stupid freaking stomach bug that everyone is getting to the point that I did not sleep at all on the night before we drove home due to being physically sick all night.
4. Had P screw up cutting my hair and it is now shaved as close as possible without using a Bic.
5. Had to spend over $600 on my car in the last two days for repairs.

I'm not sure what I did karmically to deserve this, but if the universe would kindly refrain from kicking my a$$ for about two days, I'd like to get some sleep.

Note: The only good thing to come of this is from number 4 as I kind of like the look and may keep it.

"Turkeys are hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement."
About 5 minutes of the episode is on You-Tube here:

Hooray for a new MOAT at last!

Cookie's point was made on the jury duty site I checked. Some states have NO grand jury system, some do it voluntarily like in California, and some compel you to serve just like on a jury, so I guess all answers were correct, except 3 of course.

Crash, your commute-to-jury-duty story doesn't surprise me. When I was called to Federal jury duty some poor people (and I mean that literally as well as figuratively) had to take the bus to the subway to the Long Island RR and then a bus from there to the courthouse. Considering that there were people called from Suffolk Co. to Brooklyn that seemed idiotic.

But why should that surprise us?

I'm a kid and I love that bit.

Brian, I'm sorry the sky has started to sh*t on you.
But hey, the short hair is easy to clean!


Glad you're OK.

Glad to hear you and yours are doing fine, Bangi.

Blue... the previous MOAT was full of goats and, in my case, a total mental breakdown.

I went to the audiologist a while ago. Apparently my hearing is deteriorating, which makes me more than a bit nervous. I am also thinking of upgrading to a newer, better digital hearing-aid - not necessarily more powerful in terms of volume (my hearing hasn't deteriorated that much), but in terms of being much better at handling noise, especially background noise, and at focusing at one voice in particular. I already tried a similar one today and liked it very much, so tomorrow we will be ordering the new one for a trial of perhaps a couple of weeks. A bit like test-driving a fancy car... :-)

Brian, I was going to say...look at what you'll save on shampoo!

Trillian...yes, that was the one! Thank you! I haven't had a chance to check it out...one of those insane busy days. I've spent pretty much the entire day in the production room, burning the football games on cd. Excitement, huh? And now, off to a county council meeting.

I don't know how I stand it sometimes.

*zips in from hairdresser, looking pretty cool if I do say so myself*

I very much like sly's "let's end the Goat talk" remark. *snork*

And I'm with sly, jamester. The funniest line ever. You know that when you can say it as a stand alone line and it still cracks everyone up...;)

Sometimes discussions can just end, ya know....

Brian, I'm so sorry that sh!t is raining down on you.

Give CMB a hug and for that moment at least, you'll feel better. :)

I'm a kid and I love that bit.

Posted by: Crash | 04:55 PM on January 11, 2007

Again with the goat talk?

so no kids and no nannys allowed...(sorry kaf!)

MiB: my brother was having trouble with his hearing aid in Arizona. He had a hard time using my mother's phone and would prefer his own cell phone, which apparently had a hookup that made it easier to hear. Otherwise I didn't notice him having any problems, though my sister said he had battery problems before we got there.

So here we are...

*tosses pants on top of KDF's*
I'm also off tomorrow, so today is Friday for me too! Y'all enjoy yourselves!

Actually, I don't work on Fridays, so Thursday is Friday for me, too!

*removes pants and swings them in a wide circle over her head, flinging them not just onto Lab's lawn, but almost up to his front steps*

Well I'm working tomorrow, but I'll toss my pants on the gnome anyhow!

Ggod to see meanie the blue is back and glad bangi is safe. It is grant writing, class teaching, exam grading time here in SoCal where it is expected to drop below 30 degrees tomorrow night!!! yes 30 F I don't know if we will survive or not.

*waves at Jamester and El and BB- Stay warm y'all*

Mad, I am freeeezing - this is terrible. I think the high here today was 55F - not acceptable.

Cookie...you were warmer than me in that case...I think my high was 54.

My daughter is out of school tomorrow... but she has Saturday school. So I have to get up early then.

But Susan, this is su.so.ca. where the temp is never supposed to go below 65. :(

And speaking of music, do you have Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer? Another song not on iTunes - bah! If yes, could you please play it tomorrow?

Hahaha I thought it right before I hit post.
I will stop the goatspeak.

Neo, you should probably deliver newspapers.
Considering your perfect pants aim.

In Orlando it was warming up today, but inside the office it was like 30 degrees!
Gah. I had to wear a coat the whole time I was at work.

Crash, I was kidding about the goatspeak. No matter what you’ve herd, I’m not capricious that way. I doe not know who wanted to stop talking about goats; I’ll pass the buck on this one, because I thought it was bleating good fun.

I don’t mean to faun all over Crash, but I think her saying she was a kid was great; in fact it was a trip! (I wonder what hersign is?)

And btw, if I were delivering a newspaper to Lab, I'd throw it on the roof of the porch. On purpose. ;)

su.so.ca. weather update

It will be in the high 20s tonight in my little part of the world. :(

Um... I blame global warming?

*loves Cookie a fluffy comforter to keep her warm*

Thanks, Mad. This weather is weird. Last week it was 90, now it's going below 40.

And tonight it's dark.


Thanks neo, I think that comforter will do quite nicely.

AND, in other really big, important news,
they came back! YAY!

boom boom, is that an unusual phenomenom where you are? ;)

I'd love you a comforter too, BB, but I think it'd need to be a different kind. Would this help keep you warm?

Cookie, we're very enlightened here. ;)

And thanks, neo. A hot toddy sounds good!


*zips out*


What? *is confused momentarily*

ooh Shiny!

All were entranced by the dorsal fins and dark gray backs surfacing in the waves and dolphins rolling over to show their white bellies...

yet when I do that I get arrested!

so no kids and no nannys allowed...(sorry kaf!)


Hi! I'm new in these parts..

So what's happening?

An interesting little list for the trivia buffs..

*holds up mirror to "Inelafak's" post*


In our world, right now it's 55, but we have a winter storm coming tonight.


I have kids coming into town tonight AND Meghan's boyfriend is arriving for "Meet the Parents" weekend. Her dad is firing up the lie detector.

I read this article, and now wonder if there are any truly original plotlines left in cinema.

Is anyone here going to see "Apocalypto"? I like the fact that the languages spoken are not anachronistic. I hate it when the bad guys always speak English with terrible fake accents while sprinkling the occasional "native" word here and there - as a translator, this drives me bonkers... but apart from the language, it doesn't intrigue me all that much.

All were entranced by the dorsal fins and dark gray backs surfacing in the waves and dolphins rolling over to show their white bellies...

yet when I do that I get arrested!

Posted by: insomniac | 11:55 PM on January 11, 2007

*looks down at sexy cop outfit she is wearing*
But you told me you liked this game!
*puts away her handcuffs and slinks off to change*

GOod morning. 30 in so.cal.? Wow, that's bad. It was 26 here yesterday morning (high 37) but should be back to 50 this afternoon (fingers crossed), so ...there, pants on Lab's lawn with the others.

My cold is somewhat better, at least to the extent where I can breathe and thus slept.

Neo, if you're passing out comforters can I get one too?


Ah, Meet the Parents Weekend. Time to get out the cattle prod and taser.

Two weeks from today we're going to Belize. Yesterday I checked the weather forecast and saw that it's forecasting heavy rain all week.

This is the dry season.

Well I'm working tomorrow, but I'll toss my pants on the gnome anyhow!
Posted by: Mad Scientist Weasel | 08:40 PM on January 11, 2007

I do wish she'd quit calling me a gnome.

*zips in*

It's a term of endearment, Lab, really. ;)

More like "endorkment."

Or an agnomally.

Leets- gnome atter who ya are, that's funny right der.

*listens to the Sound of Pants ....*

The hills are alive, with the sound of pants...

Fa: a long long way to throw pants

*streaks in*
*streaks out*

How Do You Pants A Problem Like Maria?

Dye her?

(comes in, panting)

I come for the pants


It's a Bird!

It's a Plane!


It's Pants!!!

(man i love you guys)

When the gnome bites,
When the pee stings,
When I'm feeling sad,
I simply take off my favorite pants,
And then I don't feel so bad.

Christobol hits the big time, praise from Dave:

C'bol, you are a sick human being. I admire that.

Posted by: Dave | 09:54 AM on January 12, 2007

It's (dare I say it?) the goat thread.

good morning moaties...

long time no see.

*tosses pants onto the pile*

i only work till noon today, so it's not really like the weekend yet for me, but close enough!

*throws pants on Lab's gnome*

OH wait, CG's coming over today, no can do...

Nice to see you here, s'girl. :)

Wow, Cookie, I'd think that would be the perfect time to throw off your pants.


I'll rethink this. :)

Pass the potatoes.

And the goat.

What, you don't like potatoes with your goat?

Here you go, Wolfie.

LMAO! Love that pic neo. Thanks *giggles*

Taters n goat...
okay *hands on hips* Who told bout my latest fetish? That was supposed to be private dernital!

Wolfie, dontcha know that privates are public around here?

They are? EeeeEEkkkKKK!

*runs off to groom her privates*
Has anyone seen my brush and curling iron?

in my last two posts i've made kaf. and wolfie cry.

and i haven't heard any *snorks* lately... this 'communication' thing may be overrated.

*snork* *snork* *snork* *snork*

*snork* *snork* *snork* *snork*

*snork* *snork* *snork* *snork*

There, insom. Plenty of snorks, just for you!

*is confused* Wolfie, your privates look fine to me.

I wasn't crying. I was slinking.

But if you want tears we can play 'stern teacher and shy schoolgirl' again.

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