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August 25, 2004



(Thanks to Gretchen)


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I'm not gonna say it.

Sounds remotely similar to what my wife has to put up with.

So the guy being whipped by a dead snake tried to defend himself against his attacker with a baseball bat ... and charges again HIM "are likely?"

Did the police use pepper spray to subdue these nimrods?

Never bring a snake to a baseball bat fight.

Well, Writer's Cramp narrowly beat me to pointing out key point number one. Luckily, I still have the opportunity to point out that "Release the Snake" WBAGNFAR album.

You're welcome,

put 'em all in with the scorpions. [assuming the scorpions don't object.]

elle - you can whip me anytime. Use anything handy.


golf clap for elle...

Now I have that damn earwig bugging me...


Man that guy is so snakey-whipped

MKJ - excellent sound effects. Reminds me of Catwoman - yummy.

New Jersey guys can get hostile
And your defense must be very agile
Against a baseball bat
There is one thing and that
Is assault with a deadly reptile

Higgy - what is a "golf clap"

GIS for "golf clap"

Jersey sucks.

In Texas, if someone hits you with a dead snake, you get to take one of their pinky toes.

It's the law.

What a PANSY snake!
6 ft long and someone steps on it and it dies?
THAT is either obesity in America or it had to die, it was natural selection.
Unfortunately it wasn't poisonous and never got the chance to remove the other two idiots from the picture.

Dad completely misunderstood when Kenneth said he wanted to show his daughter his "black snake".

And no one mentioned that Dead Reptiles wbagnfarb so I will. Oh, I did.

It occurs to me that as well as the WAGNFARB aspect of it, Dead Snake Whips would make a great addition to the Christmas Gift Guide ... what to get for the person who has everything!

Kat: or for real excitement, how about Live Snake Whips?

Life imitates Art. I just finished reading compadre Carl Hiaasen's novel "Basket Case," in which the protagonist bludgeons an intruder with a frozen-hard monitor lizard.

Surely the bad guys are not reading our heros??

Jeff.. good point... for the person in your life who wants to live dangerously... or really dangerously.. you could go for Live Poisonous Snake Whips.. a new take on Russian Roulette

This is the reason I love living in New Jersey!

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