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August 30, 2004



(Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr, who can get anybody to do anything)


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La la la first first!

Oh, man. That one's going to come back to haunt him.

Oh, wait... that was his endorsement of Bush I was thinking of.


Oops, posted too quickly.

Ted Habte-Gabr, who can get anybody to do anything
So judi: get Ted to bring Hugh and Johnny to your cube. ;)

ummm... am I the only one who can't read what that sign says?

Sign says, "Dave Barry for President. It's time we demanded less." Same sign in all the other endorsement pics. I'll just add that I don't think we'll get a smile that genuine from McCain while at the Bush convention.

The FC

john mccain is crunk.

Talk about a future blackmail photo. Dave should get thousands of these printed up and pass them out to delegates before McCain speaks. Would that be cool, or what? Then do the same before Bush speaks.


Yeah!!! I'm with you, man! Ummmm...even though I don't know what a crunk is.

Is it slang for a crunchy hunk?

A crooked skunk?

A crazy drunk?

Depending on the audience I think you could also pass this off as Benjamin Netanyahu.

That's the most sincere smile on a politician's face I've seen all year. Have they started the free booze in New York already?

Crunk = crazy drunk

Quite a merde-eatin' grin on that guy

You know, my husband is still insisting I should write in Dave Barry, but who should be the vice pres write in?

Judi should be the VP, of course!

After months of deliberation, I've decided to formally announce my acceptance, under the Barry administration, as U.S. Ambassidor to Mars and Secretary of Cheez-Whiz(tm). I won't bend to powerful lobbyists like the Velveeta council, with their fancy jets and big money. I stand for truth, justice, and congestive heart failure.
Thank you for your support.

George W. Bush,
Dick Cheney, and John McCain,
Those Republicans...

And John Forbes Kerry,
Edwards, those Democrats... Schmeh!
Dave for President!

I was thinking Judi might be better suited to being Secretary of State...

"Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr, who can get anybody to do anything"

Um, Dave? Isn't it about time you harnessed this power for something altruistic, something that would benifit all of humanity?

Like do you think Ted could get a Dukes of Hazzard reunion show put together?

*digs her daisy duke shorts out of storage*

Now you're talking, cbol!

What are you guys using for a camera over there at the Barry HQ for World Domination?

Did you take the lens cap off only to replace it with saran wrap?

ok... we've got Dave as the brains in the White House.. I think the VP should be chosen on looks alone.. its only fair... if the VP has brains as well, it would be too much for the country to handle... so I nominate George Clooney for VP

*Disclaimer* This is not an indictment on the state of Mr Clooney's brains.. I'm sure he's very bright, but that's not why I buy movie tickets

(Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr, who can get anybody to do anything)

Evidently, though, Ted continues to have trouble inciting the Vowel Gods to show him a little mercy.

Oooh, if you're going on looks, Kat, then why not go all the way and go with Hugh? Oh, wait, has to be an American born... umm... Okay, then how about Orlando Bloom? He would have appeal to the younger crowd. Dave might win on teenage and college womens' votes alone!

How do you pronounce 'Habte-Gabr'? Is that Welsh?

McCain / Giuliani in 2008. Who;s with me

Does anyone else think the Senator looks like one of those hostages who hold up today's newspaper (at gunpoint) to prove they're still alive? Ted, what did you have to do to get him to hold up that sign? Or did you just ply him with drinks?

No drinks were involved at all. No coercion involved with any of the endorsements. I just asked him. He laughed and did it with zero hesitation. His people weren't as crazy about the idea. Then his staffers pulled me aside to investigate the sign.

Ask, and ye shall recieve,

The FC

I thought McCain's drawing attention to Michael Moore this evening was kinda ballsey. That is, until Fox News pointed out that Michael Moore was probably sitting on Dave Barry, who had not been heard from all evening! Let us know that you're OK dude!

Pronounce it like it sounds, of course: "Happy Gator."

While I'm here, let me say that "Ted Habte-Gabr," among other things, anagrams to "The Bat Badger." Just something to keep in mind.

McCain / Giuliani in 2008. Who's with me

I always preferred McCain/Ellios.

I think that Orlando Bloom is British, sorry. :o(

How about Johnny Depp for VP. After the election of Barry/Depp, we could have National Talk Like A Pirate Month

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