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August 23, 2004


For the infamous Palm Beach County. (Sorry, you may have to register.)

(Thanks to Louis Bettencourtt)


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Geez! I got so excited at the thought of being first, that I didn't even read the article! What is this world coming to, when the only thing that's truly important to people is being the first commenter on Dave's blog? I don't even know why it's important!

Supervisor of Elections make LePore choice.

Miami-Dade, Broward, Martin and St. Lucie counties all ask voters to bubble in.


*note: I did not post this in the wrong thread the first time. That was my evil stepsister.

Votes don't require adroitness
But someone will surely exploit this
The last time was bad
With a hanging chad
But this time your vote could be pointless.

good one MOTW.

when did putting a check mark beside the person you like become too complicated for everyone? I just don't get it.


How old is Jane Musgrave? That article read like something from a high school newspaper.

''I just tell people it's like filling in a Lotto card, and they get it right away,'' she said.

What?? Ok, I JUST got what she meant, but isn't that an up and down pencil mark anyway?

''I just tell people it's like filling in a Lotto card, and they get it right away,'' she said.

Voter: "I'll take a quick-pick for President and a scratch-off for Senate."

Poll Worker: "That will be $2.00."

Okay, would somebody like to explain to me what is wrong with people in Palm Beach County? We've used the "complete the arrow" ballot here in Arizona for years now and I've never heard of anyone having difficulty with it. It's simple, unambiguous, and easily human and machine-readable.


Politics! Finally something we can all agree about.

They should just ask people to draw a stick figure of the candidate they want to vote for.

This is a new version of a poll test. If you are too stupid to figure the arrow out you don't get to vote.

I'm in Palm Beach County and the problem with confusion over voting relates primarily to the fact that the average voter is well over 80 and on at least 6 drugs at any given moment. Unless they are planning to drive somewhere, then they hit the hard stuff!

oy vey.

D'Art - LOL

bigtom: In Kentucky, there is a law in our constitution that "no idiot shall be allowed to vote," although since they don't really define what an idiot is (95% of the state population in my opinion), it is unforutunately not enforced.

Florida voters =====================>Stuuuupid

Hey, I think the ballots seem pretty difficult. I've never voted but is it my fault that they make those voter registration cards so darn hard to fill out?! Why don't they just have a show of hands like the 6th grade class elections.
"Now everybody, eyes closed and your head on your desk...Joey will you stop picking your nose."

Judi, guess what: the New York Daily News discovered 46,000 voters illegally registered to vote in both New York and Florida: Check it Out.

This November should be fun, if you're sedated.

Only a complete idiot would have a problem with that. Of course, we are talking about West Palm Beach. How do these people survive without killing themselves on a daily basis? That is about as simple to understand as a One Way arrow.


Hey, I live in Kentucky and I resemble that remark.

We have been using arrows for years in Arizona. Apparently drawing a strait line is a little hard for some folks in Florida. (but, apparently driving in one too)

And spelling is what I don’t excel at. I meant straight not strait, as in "Florida driving law prohibits driving in a straight line" NOT "A florida election officials mind is in a dire strait”

Critical phrase: ...Supervisor of Elections Theresa LePore is setting up the county for another election meltdown potentially...

Who wrote this thing, Yoda? Place our adverbs in the conventional (ha!) spot correctly we should.

Why the hell don't they just give those people a paper form like this:
Who do you want for President? |
Write in Name |

Is this rocket science?

*hushed tone of voice*

Psssst, Lmd33, you need to be able to read and write for that one to work...

P.S. This is not a haiku, or a derogatory remark about the illiterate. Jus' sayin'.

D'Art - it's OK to write derogatory remarks about the illiterate, cuz, well, you know.

It's when you say them out loud (and esp if you say them S L O W L Y) that you can find yourself in a bit of a situation.

I want you ALL to know that my librarian Aunt accidentally voted for Pat Buchanon last year. She'd be an embarrassment to us all, but we are a little nuts.

Key quote: from Judi while posting this - "For the infamous Palm Beach County. (Sorry, you may have to register.)"

Um, Judi? Registration is generally required with these voting thingies. I'm not trying to disenfranchise you or anything, I'm just sayin'.

I really like the stick figure idea.

Would have worked great with that stripper who ran in the big California recall and replacement rally.


Dang - it cut off the "less than" sign I was using for legs. Guess I should have typed
ampersand lt semicolon (<)


(Webgeek Wally)

Yes, I know things can still get botched up, but I have one blanket comment to make: don't you think if you are voting for the president, that you should take it just a little bit more seriously than putting 65 cents in a machine and pushing the 7-Up button instead of the Coke by mistake? And if you don't take it seriously enough to ask or seek some sort of help if you don't understand, then maybe you are just a little bit too immature and irresponsible to be voting in the first place? Just my two cents, that's all.

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