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August 30, 2004


(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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first for the first time.

look at the pic of the guy... he's all purple and yellow.


I guess not.

Hee hee hee ...
Hee hee hee ...

Some people will do anything to get a job.

Tap the Weiner....

That'd be a good name for a hair band.

"The Tapping Weiners" WBAGNFARB.

Not to mention a gay dance troupe.

'Giambra taps Weiner'
reads offensively, until
you figure it out.

The man's blotchy picture makes it look like he's had his Weiner tapped, certainly.

I love this quote: "Mike has been around and he has worked with a number of legislators." Do we really want a Weiner that's been around with a number of legislators? Who knows what it's contracted?

"My experiences with Mike Weiner have been good ones."

As have mine....

wiener tapping time. sounds like a quasi lawrence welk theme. teeehee.

Seriously, my first thought was, how did they get the wire into that hot dog?


"Cause Michael Weiner has a way with G-I-A-M-B-R-A"

Dave's at the RNC right now, getting his weiner tapped at the "massage booths" provided for the "journalists"
I'm jealous.

Lou - good one!

... and if he doesn't work out, Giambra will surely pull him.

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