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August 30, 2004



(Thanks again to Drew Harchick)


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Plus the Kit-Kat bars rule.

OK, I guess the lip balm was justified but why the need for chewing gum?

& will I regret finding out? Magic 8 Ball says, "Yes."

Well I'm not going there.


o.k. not first.

Not foist, either.

I'm not even going to comment on this. It's too much.

"Safer Crack Use Kits:
Each kit, which costs less than $2 to put together, contains a straight glass pipe, screens, alcohol swabs, matches, a pipe cleaner, lip balm, chewing gum and condoms."

Okay...tell me how lip balm, chewing gum and condoms help make crack use safer.

You're right, D'Artagnan, it is too much. And too easy.

And who knew Winnipeg had a crack problem? I guess this is what happens when the NHL threatens to go on strike.

Safer crack use. Now there's a concept that'll
make your head explode.

I'm all for methadone clinics and stuff like that to help out addicts - but distributing kits like this seems to point towards ADVOCATING smoking crack....

"...really, really bloody lips..."

Makes me want to start using right away!

Isn't handing out safer pipes to crack addicts sort of like giving away hermetically sealed razor blades to suicidal people?

Excellent point, Gregg!!

'Each kit, which costs less than $2 to put together, contains a straight glass pipe, screens, alcohol swabs, matches, a pipe cleaner, lip balm, chewing gum and condoms.'

They got all that for less than two bucks? Wow!!

"...really, really bloodied kind of lips."

Another image I have to forget, courtesy of this blog.

I wonder if there is a tie-in to Dave's column today, which mentions the Republican committee members smoking crack. Awfully coincidental, if you ask me. OK, it's a coincidence. I got nothing. Keep us informed, Peri.

Oh Canada.. or is that uh-oh Canada?

Regretably we have a crack problem in Winnipeg.

I think the lip balm problem is more serious though, it is a bitch to get it lighted.

"What, officer? No, no, I don't have a problem with crack. I only smoke it to get the free lipgloss and chewing gum. Oh, and the condoms, because everyone knows that people with really bloody lips are super hawt, and I am just a stud MAGNET."


Canada - they're pulling a Fast one.

Brought to you by Dr. (margaret) Fast, regional director for the Prevention of Disease Using Highly Irrational Means.

Those guys are sick

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