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August 27, 2004

TODAY SHOW -- Dave'll be on in a few minutes

This post will be deleted when it's over so don't bother commenting. Really.


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Gonna post anyway!

Habit, you know!


Don't worry, we won't.

Too late, Judi. I'm commenting. Dave was his usual self (at least, his usual public persona; I can only assume it's his usual self). My wife only had one comment: "Where does he get that hairdo?"


Ok. No comments from me.

I didn't see it, due to not having TV.

Could somebody type it all up here? That'd be great.

Other than that last one, of course.

Argh. I missed it, too. Joshkr kept turning it back to Little House in my underpants.


Fupid job. I hate having to "work" when I could be watching Dave "work."

If you've read Dave's columns from Athens you got the gist of what he said. You just missed the haircut. At least he changed his shirt since Boston.

I agree with Christobol, some proactive person should transcribe it for us unfortunates who are at work.

Here, here. I agree, Federal Duck.

Here, here. I agree, Federal Duck.

Did he say "Shuttlecock" on the Today show?


We don't all live on the Left Coast of Florida. Some of us live in completely other time zones, like the panhandle or Caliifornia. So if you deleted that, we'd miss Dave.

Any chance he does any jokes about Bob Costas and Katie Couric being the same person? It was really freaky to see them on the TV at the same time during the Olympics. Any chance he makes fun of Katie's recent over-the-top(-heavy) breast job?

huh huh he said shuttlecock huh huh huh huh

Or "Tipiyokti"!

Or did he go for the gold and say "I'd like to shuttlecock YOUR tipiyokti!"

Did he say "Shuttlecock" on the Today show?

HA! I defy your no comment post with this comment! That'll teach you.

i left for work before it aired. oh well.

doh... refreshed the darn page & accidentally blogged all over myself

It happens. And anyway if gives you chance to say "Shuttlecock" again, which I think is the true meaning of this blog.

Thanks for understanding. May you be blessed with Tipiyokti all of your days.

Just saw it.

It looks as though the telepromptress has forgiven him for some of his comments.

But, yes, it was a bit of a rehash, but it was multimedia, so that was better.

Now you all know the hair style of a man who works at home. :)

*crosses fingers and hopes the VCR was programmed properly....this time*

I bet if we all met on the left coast of Florida it would snap off and we could cruise it Python style to Greece and take over the Olympics.

Plus we'd get to talk like Pirates!

Arrrgggh! Avast ye Tipiyokti Skallywags!

I love my Tivo. I can schedule things to record via thier webiste, and never have to worry about it...

Sorry for the plug, but they are really cool...

Actually, some of us live WAY the hell and gone around the other sie of the world in Australia, where the time has just gone 12:00 kilograms. Its very frustrating to routinely miss out on all the blog interactions that occur in the US timezones, unless, as chance would have it, there is enough beer in the house. Fortunately, this is such a time....

According to George Orwell, this is an "Unpost."

I was disappointed that Dave didn't say 'Tipiyokti' (or 'Tipiyotki' for that matter) or shuttlecock, but he did make a comment on Bob Costas's increased bulk since the last Olympics.

Even in Florida driving while watching television is frowned upon (It makes it more difficult to deliberately swerve and cut someone off at the exit ramp.) So I obviously missed the appearance of his Olympic Daveness. Was he in the crowd waving a poster board sign that said "Tipiyokti, I'm from Miami!" while trying to get Al's attention?

And while he's there could he please ask Matt who did his hair plugs? I'm comparison shopping.

*thinking to self*
. o O (This is my opportunity to say something that will NOT be kept for all to read later! I can say anything I want knowing that it will be safely deleted! That's so freeing! Okay... think hard... say what's on your mind... it will be gone soon anyway...)


He definitely should have said Tipiyokti. Shuttlecock would have been serious bonus points. But if he'd said Booger on the Today Show, I would move to Miami and start a religious movement in his honor.

Hey they just announced Dave will be on next. I'm in Mountain Time. Jump on a plane.

he DID say booger. katie asked him about his latest book and he said the title.

about the time zones, etc: good point. i'll leave it up.

about the hair: what's WRONG with his hair? i'm one of those people who just sort of accepts what is as what is, i guess. it hasn't changed in at least 20 years....it's what his hair DOES. why does everyone keep talking about it?


fashion maven --


I sure "Ambush Makeover" would love to make him over! (that just doesn't sound right...)

Meanwhile, at Judi's place...

"So we're gonna need to staple these squids to your bedposts, and you'll need to keep them moist with this vat of butter for the next couple weeks. Oh, and mind you don't get your fingers too close to the eels, ok?"


"You don't even want to know why?"

"Que sera sera"

Correction please - "I'm sure".

So, do you think that we'll finally get regular blog postings now that Dave's back?

No offense, judi, really. We all know how busy you are with your *real* job.

Okay, I saw it. It'll be on in Kauai in about 4 hours.

sigh...feeling out of the loop. I didn't understand the last post and I missed the today show because I had to work :( grumble grumble grumble.

Isn't Dave going to "cover" the Republican convention next week?

Poor Dave.

Can I have squids and eels for my bedposts too? They sound so cool and squishy...

Never fear iolite, some extremely kind, honest, hard-working, and extremely attractive research department *cough* is sure to come to our rescue and transcribe it *coughjudicough*. If we all chip in, we can send the aforementioned research department a Chippendales dancer this weekend. I'm not now nor have I ever been above bribery. Neener.

in fact, dave IS going to NYC and who knows about blogging, 'cause book tour follows right behind that.... go to www.davebarry.com/events.html for details. :) (plug plug)

Hey, he's not coming any near where I live! Miami, NY, Chicago and US Left Coast.
What about us'ns that live in the south?
Shuffles off in disgust.

I thought Miami was more on the bottom coast. Maybe I'm thinking of the Keys, which are the dribble from the Penis of America.

(ooh I'm gonna get it for that one)

Miami is more like the ###hole of Florida (I am a native, though transplanted, Miamian so I can say this).The keys are the legs.

"I love my Tivo. I can schedule things to record via thier webiste, and never have to worry about it...

Sorry for the plug, but they are really cool..."

You aren't kidding there. His appearance is just sitting on my Tivo, waiting for me to watch it.

And once again, I'm reminded of the Dave Barry quote that all print journalists love regarding cutting their own hair with lighters.

Oh, and this really isn't a post. It's a clever post mirage.

Yes, Katie asked him about his last book and he did say Boogers Are My Beat and they showed the cover.

So Dave gets one out of three, though it was a big one.

Hey Bangi,

I was reading that Bangladesh has flooding difficulties. You are wearing your high heels I hope.

Those of us on the opposite side of the globe still can't help but feel left out djt... even when theres nothing much to miss we still manage to miss it... Booger

Those of us on the opposite side of the globe still can't help but feel left out djt... even when theres nothing much to miss we still manage to miss it... Booger

oops... sorry for the double click... i must really be missing something .. a patience gene for starters

You know guys, I have a great idea! I think the next time Dave/Judi (have you ever seen THEM together????) create a post asking us not to post, I think we should do it, or not do it, or, well you know what I mean.

Just to see them(?) freak out!!!

You know, I think it would be really, really nice of Dave to say 'Hi, Bloggers!' next time he's on tv. Don't you all agree? Or have it printed on a sign in the background, like people do with 'hi, Mom!'.

Wouldn't that make everyone feel special now?

i wanna see a picture of judi

Hi judi,
Your nose looks a little like a weiner mobile. Do you look like you rmom or your dad? Who had the weiner mobile gene?

Katie Couric got a boob job?????? Post those!!!!

Judi, is that really you? (Bright question)

Judi... cute weiner mobile. Wish we could see more of you, though!

For some reason I thought you were a middle-aged black woman. Or maybe I'm getting you and Dave mixed up with Howard Stern and Robin...

This post will be deleted when it's over so don't bother commenting. Really.

The post is still here, so that interview must STILL be going on, some 12 hours later. Wowzer!

Somebody shot Katie up with too much Greek espresso. She kept talking over Dave and flirting with her boobs.

A five-month interview isn't half bad!

I don't know if I've seen a forum thread so overrun as this before.

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