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August 08, 2004


Now they're using bustards.

(Thanks to David Richardson)


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It weighs 20 kilometers?


It's one of those English-to-English translation errors, methinks. *laughs* Good catch.

Those poor birds need a new name. I was half expecting something with ramparts and dirty diapers.

Actually makes me feel a little hungry — or a bit peckish, as the Brits would say.

Bustard custard with a little mustard, please.

"Keepers will place a stuffed fox near the bird and then squirt it with a water pistol to ensure that the bird associates the predator with danger."

So the Bustards are deathly afraid of water, what?

And how fast can they run from water, 20 kilos an hour?

The Russians have brought back the bustard
An ancient bird that once clustered
On fair islands British
It once was finished
But it’s back and it tastes good with mustard

"I parked my mini right here--now all I can find is this steaming pile of --EAGGGHH!"

Those dirty bustards!

Bustard 1: "Look, it's a fox!"

Bustard 2: "Aw, heck, it's raining out......we're already wet.....what can it do to us?"

I wonder why they didn't post a photo. I don't think I've ever seen a bustard before. I've seen plenty of bastards though!

I'm not sure how standing near a soggy, stuffed fox is going to scare the birds - maybe they'll learn to associate foxes with that terrible "wet-stuffed-fox smell" and run like the wind.

"An adult bird can weigh up to 44 pounds (20 kilometers)..."

They must have had to spread the bird out pretty thin to reach that far. Eeeeewwww.

I could have understood that kind of error from a country that uses Imperial measurements, but thanks to djtonyb, I see that even those countries know the proper conversion names.

metric - I do try and remember some of the conversions, it comes in handy when visiting other countries, and for pointing out really silly errors such as this. At least I've managed to purge most of the trig and calculus with a simply enormous database of stupid song titles, artists, record labels, and copyright dates ;-)

It also weighs about 308000 grains in case your wondering.

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