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August 23, 2004


....apparently ain't gonna blog itself.


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It's sooooo quiet in here.

Good morning to you, too, judi.

Good morning to you, too, judi.


very understated MOTW. I like it.


Suppose this is another "Social Experiment" just like their No Comment and FIRST! posts?

Then we are responding as expected.

Shhh, kibby, don't give 'em any rope, or they'll hang themselves ...

I'm bucking the system by not responding at all.

Oh, wait - D'oh!!!

Definetly NOT FIRST! And damn proud of it.

Fist - NOT

well, then i just wont respond. that's all.

Fist - NOT

Is there an echo in here?
* grin *

Is there an echo in here?
* grin *

I'm pretty sure self-blogging is illegal in most southern states.

You could always concoct a strange device to "attract" participants to the blog (ref. earlier story from Duluth).

Don't hog the blogg. Or the doona.

Apropos of nothing: I had a dream last night that I met Dave in a mall. I asked him what it's like to be friends with Stephen King. He said "It's weird."

Nice tits, Bangi!

Gotta love the Brits. Even the Royals admit they
like Tit watching! (think maybe they indulge in a little parfait while watching?)

Yelled "FIRST" while with my sweaty last week.

She didn't understand.

I didn't try to explain.

She's Czech.

In response to tomorrow man's post, I live in the south and self blogging is still illegal and can get you excommunicated from the church and possibly lynched.

Hey all, regarding a past Dave question to the blog which he later turned into a funny column, namely the cutting in line etiquette. I hope you all saw Dead Like Me on Showtime last night. If not, catch one of the many reruns this week or ask a friend with Showtime to tape it for you.

In the key scene, regular Mandy Patinkin is on a very long and slow line at the post office. As he nears the front a woman comes in, sees someone she knows, and cuts in line and starts talking to her. Mandy, who is in a bad mood anyway (he's dead, but that's another story), says to the cutter something like this: "Lady, is everyone in this line an asshole?"

When she says "no" he answers, "then I guess you're the only asshole here." Eventually he shames her into leaving the line and the p.o. I cheered! I hope Dave sees a copy of this for his next cutting experience.


...for now.

Blog on you crazy diamondells.

kibby F5, are all Czech women sweaty, or just yours?

I'm half Czech and only the left side gets sweaty.

The Czech is in the mail.

Brainy, she was at the time and I'm sure they all are at some time. nudge, nudge.

Besides, it was about 34 deg. C (90+ F) which onlyl added to the effect.....

Mandy Patinkin plays my favorite character in "The Princess Bride". And he looks a lot like an uncle of mine.

ya gotta love Mandy Patinkin... fabulous voice.. and he was great in Chicago Hope as well!

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