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August 30, 2004


Working hard?

(Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr)


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Complimentary cold beer!

yeah, it tells 'em how nice they're looking today.

Dave (over loud sounds of pinball machine): What, Ted, say what?

Another attempt by republicans to ingratiate themselves back into office...

*runs and ducks from impending political fallout*

I'm guessing this is not the sort of place where the term "hard-bitten journalist" got started...

Now that explains EVERYTHING! Lushes!

Rayne: You call?

Speaking of lushes, the Hall of Shame on this site may remind you of some better forgotten moments . . .

Funny! Explains a lot. :)

What no complementary and/or complimentary hookers for the unwashed members of the fifth column, I mean, fourth estate?

What the hell's going on? Can't get into the site; it wants my credit card!!

judi: I got your "joke". Had to read His Billness's post again for it to make sense...

Free beer and massages make it easier not to think...

"We will go through our 60 cases [of beer]," Kevin Dyson, senior vice president for Barney's New York, which is sponsoring the luxury services, said on Thursday as E&P toured the facilities.

that should be enough for dave. what about the rest of the guys?

. Oh, did we mention the complementary cold beer?

"We will go through our 60 cases [of beer]," Kevin Dyson, senior vice president for Barney's New York, which is sponsoring the luxury services, said on Thursday as E&P toured the facilities. "This is all part of the experience of relaxing and lounging, which we want to offer. It's brutal (covering the convention) and we know some journalists will need a little escape."

Now we know why Dave didn't complain much about going directly from Athens to the RNC. Free beer.

elle, thanks, you bring back many happy memories, or do I mean the dt's? I really love "beverages for the economical drunkard." It gives it just the classy tone that Mad Dog and Thunderbird deserve.

Mad Dog: "Avaliable in various nauseating tropical flavors that coat your whole system like bathtub scum, but only the full "Red Grape Wine" flavor packs the 18% wallop."

This site is great, elle!

One more:

"Or, if you like to smell your hand after pumping gas, look no further than Thunderbird. As you drink on, the bird soars higher while you sink lower. The undisputed leader of the five in foulness of flavor, we highly discourage drinking this ghastly mixture of unknown chemicals unless you really are a bum. A convenience store clerk in Show Low, AZ once told me that only the oldest of stumbling indian drunks from the reservation buy Thunderbird. Avaliable in 750 mL and a devastating 50 oz jug."

I thought Peter Jennings looked less cranky than usual.

Looks like a fun party ... Elle can bring the wine

Elle: Thank you for the useful oenologistic reference.

Some advice: keep it in the bag so you don't know when the end is coming!

Not that journalists ever needed an excuse for a beer.

Question: what kind of title is a deputy national editor (as in the quote from the Houston Chronicle DNE, Alan Bernstein) ? You gotta get deputized as an editor now?

And when you're out on the prowl in NYC, this could be useful . . .

Jeopardy Question: "ACT NOW and as you BUY IT NOW, I will send you the (SECRET PHRASE) that will get anyone to do ANYTHING you command, without resistance..."

Alex, what is "Patriot Act"?

Jeeves, I'm gonna have trouble forgiving you that Beer Drinker's Hall of Shame site... ;)

Mahatma, would Dr. Trance bagnfarb?

Looking at USA Today, there is an article on media specials, with the headline "Free haircuts at spa" Would this mean a change in Dave's hairstyle (or lack thereof?) We won't even consider the waxing...

Jeff: You sure it's not already one?

Anyway, I was happy to learn that "NO LONGER DOSE SIZE MATTER!"

Also, pleasant jail-bait photo . . .

After weeks of putting his used Tipiyokti in the wastebasket next to the loo, permanent toilets for the journalists will be as nice as the "massage parlor" (yeah, the massage parlor for "visiting businessmen" at a "political convention") but not as nice as the free Thunderbird. We expect before and after photos, Dave.

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