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August 21, 2004


So I was fixing breakfast for my daughter this morning, and I noticed that on the Greek Rice Krispies box, Snap, Crackle and Pop appear in a different order. Over here, they appear as follows: (1) Snap, (2) Pop, and (3) Crackle. What the heck is that about? Is that some kind of metric-system deal?


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first for the first time

No Dave, if it were a metric thing there would have been 2.2 Pops per Crackle and only a miliSnap on the box.

It's because in Greek, "Snapcracklepop" means "phenomenal worm fillets."

I wanna know:
What's Greek for crackle?
And when you pour the milk on, do the greek rice krispies have an accent?

jj — You're probably right, but one of the online translation services wants us to think it means "fracture, rattle and popular".

In France they are "Snap Crac Pop" (in the right order).

They don't like kle there.

Dave,you were "fixing" her breakfast? Did she break it before you got up?

snap, pop, uozo. i dont know. i never had greek breakfast cereal. who's on the box? pythagoras?

I don't know....it's Greek to me.

*runs before getting hit with ancient rock*

I dunno, Dave. but I'd like a kilosnap, a killo crackle and a killopop. Then we cuold go out and kilokeg!

Dave, check with the Oracle at Delphi and get back to us.

In ancient Greek cereal mythology,Captian Crunch is the most powerful and father of all lesser deities..He fathered Snap and Pop in a in a cereal God love romp with the Trix rabbit who disguised herself as a Mermaid and seduced him over several years...Not knowing his real wife had been pregnant with his son,Crackle,who was concieved before he sailed off to search for the prized "Golden Grahams".So you see they put Snap and Pop together so the Trix Rabbit won't put a spell on Crackle and turn him into the Sugar Smacks Frog..

The actual Greek term for "exploding cereal" is :

δημητριακά διαρρηγμένα (pronounced "tipiyotki, tipiyotki, and tipiyotki")

You're welcome.

Since the Greeks invented EVERYTHING, I think that, most likely, the American cereal boxes are incorrect.

There are Greek Rice Krispies? Doesn't anyone else find that amazing? Or are we all so blase in this morning world that the fact that a crappy (OK, not so crappy, I loved them when I was a kid) American breakfast cereal has a Greek version is just one more thing we take for granted? Why am I asking all these rhetorical questions? Did I have too much caffeine this morning? Can't anyone stop me? (Slap) Thank you.

Seriously, Dave, other than the name, do they look and taste the same as the American version? Or do they have a hint of spanikopita with a little ouzo underneath, and just a whiff of tipiyokti?

If "fixing breakfast" consists of pouring some Rice Krispies into a bowl, there must be an easier, faster way to "fix" my messy house.

Sounds like Pop is planning something.

Perhaps a continent wide search and discover mission is in order?

Wait wait wait....I thought the Trix rabbit was a boy?? The Cheerios bee is definately female, we decided this a ehile back, but what was the verdict on Trix??

Dave, it's because Hillary Clinton and Will Smith want to be president. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


aphrodite - Stop that. We hate it when you stretch the margins.

My new name says it all...and it's mighty.


How did you get a box of Rice Krispies through customs with tyhe stash you brought back to South Florida? Did you see Ray over there? he is the sun god.

Dave, I believe if you look real close at a box of Greek Sugar Frosted Flakes, you will see that "Tony" the Tiger is really a female, a really hairy female I might add, but I won't. And of course she screams "Είναι μεγάλοι!"

It's all tipiyokti to me!

By the way, if you continue to stretch the margins like this, eventually the will stay like this, forever and ever and ever and so on! Now quit crossing your eyes!

The'Mou! Eho ena tsekouri sto kefali mou!

Dave didn't you mention earlier your Geat, great grandfather Uriah Barryopolis was from Greece? And your mother, Martina Navratolova, was from the Czech republic? My, what a wonderful world this could be. I ain't claimim' to be an A student, but I'm tryin' to be. 'Cause maybe by bein' an A student baby, I could win a tennis match or three.

Dave, how did you get the name Barry from Barryopolis?

Are you sure the Greek cereal names aren't Snapopoulos, Crackamantidis and Papadopoulos?? Is there a local Kelloggoulos hotline you can call?

Dave, did you get a chance to visit the acropolis? Is that a place anymore. I thought they tore it down. Maybe that was Pappamopolis Pizza I'm thinking of. Did you see Jennifer Anniston? How about jennifer O'neil? Remember her in the summer of '42 when Hermie looked up her dress? nevermind your too young and I REALLY don't think the greek chicks did anything for you. 'Cepting maybe some weight lifting with your bags at the airport. Or maybe in a swimmin event. Or a luge event. They should get an average Greek guy from the street or maybe a Miami executive and FORCEhim to do the luge? Those luge guys are great athletes. They can point their toes really well. Well, gotta paint my roof now. See ya Daveopolis. Lissten to what the man said. KuKuCachoo.

Put some windex on it, Dave.

In England, they wear different hats. Plus they serve it with clotted cream so that your children can make instant Rice Krispie Treats right there at the breakfast table.

Peri: This blog was ever normal?

Snap, Crackle, and Pop is the sound the blog makes when someone stretches the margins
to the breaking point. Put that long word in a bowl of milk to see if it gets soggy.

Personally I like several miniature pieces of baklava floating on milk for breakfast. Please
bring back some for the home crew, oh Humorous One.

Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your rice krispies.

Kyrie eleison!

Somebody stretched
the blog, so just
press return
or enter
(as the case may be)
from time to time
so's we can read
yer stuff. Grazie.

At least in Greece you're not likely to find someone spreading Marmite on their Rice Crispies.

To get back to south Florida, here's a travel offer that should prove hard to resist

Man what happened to the auto break?

HAHAHA that guy is in Hialeah!

See sunny MIAMI, and the reason we don't sleep is because
airplanes fly over our heads every 40 seconds!! WHOOOO!

In Arabic, Snap Crackle and Pop are all ONE WORD
Now thats terrorist cereal.

"Stop" "Stretching" "Margins!!"

It's aphrodite's fault.

I can't believe I read the whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooole thing.

Peri, thank you. Smoodle was one of Douglas Adam's alternate possible names for Trillian. I've been using it for many years. Describes me to a t, or so people say.

kb, "Papadopoulos"- ha! That strikes me as really quite funny.

Word on the street is that Snap's girl Fizzle
was gettin' freaky with Crackle in the
back of his snack pack ... so Pop had to
step in by standing between Snap and Crackle before Snap cracked Crackles crack.
And since Pop likes other "Pops"
so snaps isn't worried about
Pop stealing his Fizzle ... for shizzle.

And anyway ... who cares about Snap, Crackle and Pop ... we all know the marshmallows are the real stars of that cereal. I, for one, prefer fruity pebbles ... it's rice krispies, but better.

*desperaty looks around for coffee*

Here's installment two of
"things not to put in a pinata"

. . . or put in a cereal box as a prize

= lame attempt to stay on topic

For those of you who didn't look, MJK's latest find was "Be my live in Girlfriend South Beach Miami FL & PARTY !"

The seller is "not fat." But wait! Here's more:

"Natural born Girls only," (No trannies, I guess?)

"Must be willing to stay up late, get drunk, and party all night. What you are winning with this auction is a weeklong companion, and tourguide for whatever you do in Miami. Also with the trip, there is a day in orlando included, where you can either go to Disney World, or party the night on the orlando strip. This trip is valued at over $1000 if you consider the possible hotel prices, attraction prices, and the possibility of you wasting money, not knowing where to go out and that your trip would suck. There is an agenda planned for every night with most popular places in Miami and Ft Lauderdale. Bringing another girlfriend, is an extra $150 added to the final auction price. Winning bidder must not have a problem with a wild party scene similar to a spring break / mardi gras environment."

Now we get to the GOOD stuff...

"Winning Bidder should not have a problem sharing a bed with a guy (otherwise, you're the one sleeping on the couch). Pictures available upon request. The winner pays for their own round trip ticket."

Wow! This must be every girl's fantasy! Pay my own way to Florida. Sleep on the sofa of someone I never meet, unless I want to boink him. Be stuck in his itinerary 24/7 because he wants a babe on his arm. Get to clean up his vomit if his booze and his drugs don't mix right.

Hmmm. I wonder why no one has bid on this one yet...?

Wasn't Peri on Dr. Who?

Now my question: If Gallagher is such a good driver, why does he have a beige dart sticking out of his a**?

Oh---I thought you said "GEEK" Rice Krispies box
and I was getting this vision of Smap, Prackle AND Cop- or whatever, wearing plastic pocket protectors and black rimmed glasses held together with
athletic tape.

At least Greece gets the name of the cereal correct. Over here, they're Rice Bubbles, and the chocolate kind are Cocoa Pops.

hi im dave

Wasn't she some kind of a tart? I think Dr. Who was hot for her. It's been awhile since I saw the show.

Now answer my question.

Just have a waffle..Waffleopolous

bbescuela...take a chill pill, man. What question?

Peri...let's go waste away again in moataritaville.

Trystan, you're right. Sounds like a totally
attractive offer to me. What a dork!

And whoever did it:

This is not a haiku.


Anzer Zee Qvestion!!!

I think someone neeeeeds a parrrrr-fayyyy!

Parfaits make you talk?

Could be worse, Dave.
Remember George Carlin heard his
breakfast one morning distinctly
say "Snap, Crackle, and Go F*&k

But as a mature individual with
real world lower GI experience,
shouldn't you be concentrating on
the "Twigs and Dirt" category of
breakfast cereals?

Could be worse, Dave.
Remember George Carlin heard his
breakfast one morning distinctly
say "Snap, Crackle, and Go F*&k

But as a mature individual with
real world lower GI experience,
shouldn't you be concentrating on
the "Twigs and Dirt" category of
breakfast cereals?

I did NOT post that twice
did NOT post that twice
NOT post that twice
post that twice
that twice

Dr Who – - Peri (1984-1986)

Wonder if they have Sesame Street in Greece?

They're using aliases. 'Cos they're cereal killers.

What's for lunch,already.

Shoot; I always thought that Peri was RipVan's little sister who sold seashells by the seashore.
I think the real question, though is _which_ Dr. Who, and when?

Toad Dude - there are two links above. Check out the one to Dr Who. As for when, just read the above link.

Why? and where?

Who's on first
What's on second
I don't know's on third
Left fielder's name: Why
Center field: Because
Tomorrow's pitching and Today's catching.
Shortstop: I don't give a darn!

I'll call Interpol and get some people
on this like white on a Rice Krispy treat.
Or, inside it.

Sean: if it's Greece, sheep's eyes, apparently.

Or maybe lamb's brains.

It's all well and good if your cereal is snapping and cracking and popping, but if you're one of those "unique" folks who likes to hang their head over the bowl and whisper, "Snap! Cracccccccklllllle..... POP!" then perhaps you would get much fulfillment from the badminton tournaments.

Off-topic: Perhaps these Olympic articles could be compiled into a pocket-sized edition of "The Metric System for Dummies."

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