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August 23, 2004


And they wonder why there are not many fans in attendance.

(Thanks to Savitri)


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It's that pesky Olympic torch.

Next thing you know, Godzilla will be making an appearance to battle with the moth larvae.

Oh! Was there a little cage, with like two tiny oriental ladies singing inside?


Weird... whenever I open the link, the article appears for about 2 seconds, then I get an IEXPLORE error and it closes.

MKJ's BACK! Ok, we'll be watching for eBay stuff now. We sorta went cold turkey there for awhile as 'some' tried to fill in for ya, but it wasn't the same.

Find us on the reMOAT?

Here you go -

August 20, 2004
From Sharon Labi in Athens

LARGE moths, similar to the bogongs that made a nuisance of themselves at the Sydney Olympics four years ago, have invaded the Panathinaiko Stadium in Athens.

Invasion ... it's Moths galore at Panathinaiko Stadium

Home of the first modern Olympics, the stadium's white marble seating has been covered with the black dust-like guts of hundreds of dead moths.

As the world's top 16 archers today shot for a berth in the Olympic quarterfinals, spectators grew aggravated as they tried to swat the pests.

The moths also distracted the archers. Many had to down their bows, and with just 40 seconds to complete their shot, had to rid themselves of the insects.

Australian Tim Cuddihy, who narrowly won his match said they were a little annoying.

"I had one land on my leg when I was shooting and I didn't know what to do there - lean down or just ignore it," he said.

Bogong moths swarmed the Olympic Stadium in Sydney and played havoc with the lighting at the Opening Ceremony and during the track and field competition.

Locals can't seem to explain the invasion but Con Saltis, a volunteer at the venue who has lived in Sydney the past 57 years offered on explanation.

"If they're the same ones we had in Sydney, maybe they've come to judge which is the better venue," he said.

Kibby: I thought I'd been back for a while, must've been a dream . . .

Thanks, MOTW!

Somebody said that attendance at many venues had been so sparse that Al Qaeda was selling half price tickets so there would be enough people to attack.

it's all greek to me

ackkk! where did i put my sweater?

who would Al Qaeda vote for?

The archer was really a showoff
But the insects were throwing his shot off
He was bad with his aim
And the bugs he did blame
But he was just shooting his moth off

Weren't The Bogongs one of those bad semi-Asian groups like Pink Lady & Jeff. Sorry, got nothing.

But speaking of the Olympic torch, I'll bet it would do a great job on legos and Twinkies.

I'm guessing that the denizens of some third world country brought these guys along as a very convenient and Atkins friendly snack food.

Who's that moth Diva?

So..is this where people go to get moth balls?

golfwidow -- Good thinking!!

slowlayne -- again, great job!

"If they are the same moths we had in Sydney"??? I don't even have to make a joke- it makes itself!

They should bring in bats to get rid of the moths. That would bring the fans back, I bet.

Everybody loves "bat night" when the sox do it.

So moths, which is the better venue?
Red Rock? WTF that wasn't an option!

yikes. how many male moths do you have to trap to get enough moth balls.... oh, never mind...

It's really disappointing to see that no one has pointed out that Bogong Moths wbagnfarb.

oh, and...

*hits Dan Rather with an ancient rock*

Dan Rather is actually made of ancient rock

Olympic Moth Invasion wbagnfarb? And if these archers are so good, why not change the rules up a little bit this time? Moving targets! Shoot down the moths and have a much more interesting competition. And shoot at random, so the crowd can play dodge-arrow! I'd pay to watch that. Booger.

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