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August 27, 2004


But quite a sporting event. (Yes, it's a repeat.)


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Look, up in the sky......!

It's a bird!
It's a plane!
It's .......

gonna be really sore.

Was that Dick Ring hosting the show?

I don't have a comment because for some reason my browser won't play the clip. I need an IT person over here.

missed the disclaimer at the bottom of that one. Gasp Choke Gasp Choke.Nearly inhaled my gum there. Hilarious, though.

judi, is this in honor of TFP's reappearance?

(I am copying this from my comments on the last post, seems more appropriate here especially for the guys)

Something to ponder:

I am the IT Coordinator where I work, and we have a content filter to filter internet sites. It's pretty liberal, just no porn or drugs, etc... The thing about this is that when a site is blocked, it logs the user and the blocked site. So be prepared the next time someone from IT looks at you funny, and guys, TAKE HEED to the "WARNING: DO NOT OPEN AT WORK, OIYDWYMTTY(NY)G" warning. Perhaps there should be an "ITG" (IT Group) in there to go along with the YM (Your Mother).

And oh yeah, these content filters generally don't apply to the people in IT.

Fed: while you might be more interested in the help provided by D'art, try right-clicking on the "quite a sporting event" link, click on "Copy Shortcut", then open your Windows Media Player (or whatever player you've got), go to "File" and click on "Open URL" (or whatever option on your player that let's you paste in a URL), and paste in the URL.

It's bizarre enough to pursue, trust me.

If I ever jumped out of a plane, I'm pretty sure my dangly bits would have retreated into my small intestines.

The IT guy at my office showed me that he records ALL internet activity, blocked sites or not, so some of you might want to:
1. be careful what you view
2. suck up to the IT department
3. surf from a non-network work station
4. make sure you have compromising photos of your boss so if it becomes and issue, it won't.

sorry, should have been on the "Ladies" post

That's what I call flapping in the breeze...

and furthermore...


That is all.

Oh. So that's tasteful-but-naked.


Wind can cause irreparable damage, don't they know that?

I guess my choice of babesdaily.com wasn't too much after all.

Thanks D'art! That's the second land speed browser closing record I've set today! Clocked that one at 0.000002 milipedes centigrade.
My curiosity is dangerously piqued (tasteful but naked? flapping in the breeze? dangly bits?). When I click the link, an error message says "C:\documents and Settings\Federal Duck\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IES\OL8DYRS(\skydive[1].mpeg. The specified path does not exist.
That's completely Tipiyokti to me. Computerese is a load of shuttlecock.

Fed - go to IE and click Tools --> Options --> Advanced --> Parachuting Penises

Make sure the "Yes, please show" box is checked.

You might also check the "Always trust judi to pick appropriate content" box, but a lot of people choose to evaluate that on more of a case by case basis.

I opened....

Wife was in the room.....

she's still ROFL her tipiyokti off 5 minutes (kilopedes, for the europers) later
muttering something about the absurdity of evolution placing the dangly bits in a place where they'd actually dangle (and the dangers of wind/sun burn on sensitive danglies)

Some sports are just inherently dangerous, and nude skydiving has to be way up there on the list. What if you land in a patch of poison ivy, or end up in a tree?


What a day to come back eh?

It's a deja rear-view, indeed, judi. Thanks
for the memories. Hey, was that Dick Ring?

The technical nude-skydiving term for that is terminal oscillation. Just thought you all needed to know...

What an emotionally moving video. It brings back horrifying memories of the time I trapped caught in a brothel during the Lubbock Tornado of 1970. And, oddly enough, of dropping my sno-cone at a Mets game in '69.

What an emotionally moving video. It brings back horrifying memories of the time I trapped in a brothel during the Lubbock Tornado of 1970. And, oddly enough, of dropping my sno-cone at a Mets game in '69.


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