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August 18, 2004



(Thanks to Bob Towery)


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What a touching story of friendship.


HAHA! What a prankster! He could be a prison guard in Iraq!

Weren’t hot pants also popular in the early 90’s?

Whatever happened to the days of putting one of the sleeping guy's hands in warm water and the other in cold water?

"foist" - NOT!

We men are incredibly resourceful, aren't we? Talk about a rude awakening! Sheesh...

5% of his body was burned - talk about a misleading statistic! - it's which 5% that counts.

Hey,you Hoser!Wake up 'eh? We need more BEER! I'll wake you up you HOSER...

"After a night of drinking, the two men ......"

uh, duh.....

Well ain't this a practical prank?
As far as jokes go this one stank
You pull an all nighter
Then spark up a lighter
Then scream as your pal smokes your frank

*Then scream as your pal smokes your frank*

Ouuuuuuuuuch.....that's one frank, you don't want anywhere near a bun.....no, better not go there.

For the flaming crotch guy's sake, I'm just hoping that "upper thigh", where he required the skin graft, wasn't a euphemism.

Liar, liar...

"Dude, sorry about that."
"Still best buds?"
"Of course. Us f*cking morons have got to stick together."


If my Mr Happy had a burn on him, you gotta believe the LAST thing I'd do would be to take a freaking nap...

After I beat the snot out of my buddy, that is...

Here's a customer for male enhancement.

WOW- I know SOMEBODY who won't be invited to any parties any more...
Mr. Unpopularity won't be having the poker parties at his house, either.


snoring, then a light
pubic hair smoke fills the air
mm, mm mm no he didn't


dumb, dumber and the dumbest
Darwin spins in his coffin
their moms shouldn't have

If my math is correct, 5% of a man who is 6 ft. tall is only 3.6 inches. Not that impressive...

Now for you libs., if there is a good case for the death penalty. This is it.

I take it this means he will be needing new crotch joiners?

Very funny, Mr. Fisher!

This has serious portents for...


.... well, something to do with not drinking with that guy.

"Hey Carl - I'm going to get another beer, you need one?"

"No thank you, Jim, I'm all good. But hey, can I ask you a favor?"

"Anything, Carl"

"If I fall asleep or anything, would you mind not charring my testicles?"

I just saw on CourtTV that Mr. Jeffery Dale Lewis is now claiming that Mr. Michael William Cleare intentionally broke wind during the episode, effectively causing the burns to be worse than they otherwise would've been. Quite a novel defense...

Your crotch, your crotch, your crotch is on fire!

Excellent, slowlayne.

If the moron wanted to wake his friend didn't he ever hear of a hotfoot? Hot crotch just doesn't have the same resonance.

Dang, to wake up with your d.ck on fire. I'll take the nightmare about falling into the abyss instead any day.

Dumb: I love you, man.
Dumber: I love you too, man, but you're not getting my Bud Light.
Dumb (to himself): Oh, yeah, well you just go on ahead and pass out on that couch.
Dumb (later that evening, after 6 Bud Lights): Flick, flick, flick...

Lairbo ...

"Flaming Crotch Guy" ... a very bad name for a band (or maybe he's the new spokesman for VD).

Actually 3.6 inches is pretty good considering its predicament. I'm pretty sure mine would have shrunk down to 0.6 inches.

Was that TMI? *slinks away*

Did you say "predicament?"

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