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August 24, 2004


Couldn't you ladies think of anything ELSE to try?

(Thanks to schnooky34)


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Darn, silver I guess.


Bet she couldn't stand to stay in our Congress for even a week before she ran screaming into the distance.

Chicks....I'll NEVER understand 'em.

echo is right, scorpions they can stand, serpents are another issue.......

These are weird records all right. How come they keep increasing the number of scorpions if the repcord is for longest stay? Could you qualify by staying in a room with 1 scorpion for 2 months? or 500,000 for 15 minutes? (not that I'm volunteering)

And what about that record for "the largest number of old people at a circus"?

Seems a tad difficult to judge.

Are these regular scorpions or the ones from Clash of the Titans?

Are these regular scorpions or the ones from Clash of the Titans?

Largest number of old people getting their hair shampooed whilst (and at the same time) staying in a glass enclosure with 6000 scorpions for 36 days, said glass enclosure being located on Capital Hill with Congress in session (there's your circus) ... now THAT would be a record.



Being the resident economist for this blog I just have to ask: how can these people afford to just do nothing but sit in glass rooms with scorpions all day? Who funds these idiotic activities? I personally would not want to go shopping and have to look at an unconscious woman covered in scorpions. No trip to the food court for me. Isn't this actually bad for business?

It needs to be said -


When shattering records obscure
You must visit Kuala Lumpur.
A box full of stingers
But a question lingers
Are you sure the lid is secure?

Slowlayne to the rescue...

I'm going to make you a costume - with tights and a cape - with a big L on the chest for "Limerick Man"....*

You can imagine the theme music now - and of course, the lyrics would all be limericks...

*assuming you don't already have one...

Thanks Smoodle, that about sums it up...

Higgy - You'd be amazed at what is in my costume closet.

How much would you pay to have your ex wife stay in a box of scorpions?

If you're going to just make up records to hold, why come up with such unpleasant ones? Why not "person to have the most orgasms at the mall who happens to be me."

That one is fun to set and can only be broken by the record holder.

"Her record was shattered a year later by Kanchana Ketkeaw"

I thought it said "by the late Kanchana Ketkeaw"

Oh, and The Poisonous Arachnids wbagnfarb

So is there a Department somewhere for keeping track of these things?
Does it have a name?
"Department of keeping track of really stupid things people will do when told it will become it become a new world record" Department?
(Record for longest name of a department of keeping track of really stupid things people will do when told it will become it become a new world record" Department)

Those wacky arachnids...!

"WEH BAGIN FARB" - wbagnfarb, ya think?

Ha ha, just kidding! I'm actually getting tired of telling all of you to read my blog all the time. Dave's blog is much better, anyway.

Record Breaking News!!

Over 6,000 scorpions are attempting to break the world's record by spending 36 consecutive days locked in a glass tank with a dumbass.

Schnooky34, aren't you supposed to be in school now or something?

Well, Judi, we could be more like the guys and set our records by watching the TV, and ordering syrup.

Now don't any of you guys try this... Locking yourself in a glass room with thousands of scorpions is woman's work!
(BTW, good one, Fed Duck;))

I just don't understand. It's Malaysian to me.

It reminds me of the old story about rednecks. It goes something like: Pay attention when a redneck says, "Hey, ya'll - watch this!" It's likely the last thing he'll ever say.

Asian women: nerves of steel! (and brains of rice pudding)?

Does she go to the bathroom only once a day (during her 15 minute release)? Otherwise she's in a glass box at the mall. So she just holds it all day until the mall closes? That's almost as bad as the scorpions. Even if she was willing to go the bathroom in that glass box, with everyone watching...she would have to expose her nether regions to 6000 scorpions.

gibby, maybe that is her trick... a trickle a day keeps the scorpions away.

You know, like when people puke on themselves to keep a foe at bay.

Makes a change from deep frying them and selling them to unwitting tourists.

Scorpian rights and Peace!

My, points, and I do have them:

* Online Poker needs to poke on outta here

* AGNFA Federal Duck tribute band would be Dead Errol F... well, you get the idea.

online poker - why do you even bother reading the story/comments? wouldn't it be easier just to copy and paste a boiler-plated statement? people will still ignore you.

ps - you smell

My guess is that online poker employs people who work at home to be their own bo$$...
Which means that reading a blog is one way to waste time.

Either that or they're supersmart alien people who can read stuff at hyperspeed. I bet alien people would have interesting rock music.

i thought reading a blog was only a way to waste time at a real job (i consider being a govt employee a real job).

lisa: that site is a repeating pop-up nightmare!

My humble apologies, I'm afraid I don't pay those much heed anymore. They're one of the plagues of 2004.

Apology humbly accepted. It's just that when the
pop-ups don't stop and repeat I get virus paranoid.

I love the idea of paying to stick someone *else* in that box. Not that I'm like that. But it sure fires the imagination!

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