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August 08, 2004


A new squid.


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In this photo, one can clearly differentiate the distinct segments of the squid anatomy. The glans. The shaft. The tentacles.

This is actually pretty cool. I love hearing about new species of animals, especially sea life. Anyone who's watched the Blue Planet series' "The Deep" episode knows how wondrous and intriguing all of it is -- yes, even including finding a previously unknown squid. (Although what would be the best is to be able to find and study an 80-foot Giant Squid in its natural environment. Haven't seen one yet.)

Of course, squids are actually really cool animals. If you've ever watched how they communicate with one another through their chromatophores in an almost psychedelic display, you know what I'm talking about. I hate handling dead squid and I don't like calamari, but live squids are actually pretty neat animals.

"spinning plankton blooms"

I intend to use this as an expletive from this point on. "Spinnig plankton blooms, I've overdrawn my checking acount again!" It suits.

Those unidentified tracks frighten me, though...

That squid is only slightly less difficult to look at than Pitman.

It’s an undersea discovery
A bright red new calamari
A fresh invertebrate
To serve on a plate
Now we just need a new recipe

Hey waxwing "Sinning Plankton Blooms" WBAGNFARB

Crap. I meant "Spinning". But you know,they both work!

That's a lot of calamari. Yum!

Mmmm.Unidentified tracks and spinning plankton blooms...Sounds like it's part of a swirling cosmic mystery...

"That squid is only slightly less difficult to look at than Pitman."

No, Pitman is much worse...

Spinning Sinning Pitman Blooms!

slowlayne, a challenge: use "Little Red Corvette" as a basis for a "little red squid" song. Are we allowed to challenge you after you've already written a hilarious limerick?

NewScientist.com? You mean somebody who READS this site reads Dave as well and forwarded this?!

Well just slap me with a spinning plankton bloom!

PS I had SPB in the (as Dave put it in a column about ants reprinted in the Herald recently) "undershorts area." The dermatologist prescribed some ointment and it went away toot-sweet.

It makes you wonder how many species of plants and animals we don't know about in the rainforest.

are you sure that's a real photo of 'tracks' ... looks like a walk in the woods on a snowy evening. could be a hoax. course, i'm a city girl.

They would look excellent at center ice next to the faceoff circle.

Waxwing, thanks and here goes (keep in mind this is after a few mimosas and more than one bloody mary)

Little Red Squidette

I guess I should have known by the way you sprayed your ink sideways
That you were too deep
See you’re the kind of genus that belives in hiding out, you
Swam away from me
I guess I must be dumb cause you had a pocket full of plankton
Spinning and oh so sweet
But it was the Atlantic ridge, I should have zagged but I zigged
I said fry some calamari

And I said
Little Red Squidette
Baby you’re much too deep
Little Red Squidette
Baby you caught me in your net sweep

I guess I should have closed my eyes when the anglerfish dangled his bulb before me
That’s when he netted me
But all then I saw the strange new plankton with those four cle-arly de-fined rings
I wondered if I dove too deep
But we were thermal invertin’ my love was just hurtin
And U said collect me for keeps

Oh baby!
Little Red Squidette
Baby you’re much too deep
Little Red Squidette
Baby you caught me in your net sweep

A body like your ought to be in a tank
Cause it’s on the verge of being unique
Move over baby, climb in my jar
I’m gonna try to take you little red ink machine!

Oh you’ve got tentacles like I’ve never seen, ow!
And the suckers so smooth
You must be the one for me..baby!

Baby you’re much too deep
Little Red Squidette
U’re a specimen ..that’s got to laaast
Little Red Squidette
Cuz if you don’t, cuz if you don’t
I’m gonna run you right in to the deep
Right into the deep
Right into the deep

Little Red Squidette

For a good time, calamari.


I was laughing so hard I nearly inked myself!
That was wonderful. My sides hurt now.

slowlayne - Next time you're in Lauderdale, bloody marys and mimosas are on the house!

Remember that great song by the Seagulls? "There's a new squid in town."

This is the squid that one day will rule the world as Animal Planet predicts!

If I was the first of my spieces dragged up from 2km below the sea surface, I'd be blushing too!

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