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August 26, 2004


So we've decided to stop bloggng unusual names.

(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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Yes, Chuck. I'd like to buy a vowel, please.

Is she related to Ted?

How do you pronounce Ng?



I like how the dog name is "Zoey" and not "zoe" with the little umlauts (sp??) over it... I guess she knows what it's like to have crazy name pronunciations and is trying to be considerate to the dogs?

Do I laugh...

A. Because if you say her name real fast it sounds like Cock-Towing?

B. Because according to the article she's an Orthogator?

C. Because she She holds professional memberships in the AAO, SAO, FAO, U of F OAA (Orthogators), ADA, FDA and the NEDDA, which all have more vowels than her last name?

D. Because her last name can be found on the Periodic Table of Elements?

E. Ok.. its really not on the Periodic Table, but in the chemistry world, Ng stands for Noble Gasses... and my friends... is there any more noble gas than the Nitrous Oxide found in an Orthodontists office?

in any case... W(not)BAGNFARB

Why does she keep her daughter, her dog and 5 fish all in the pond?

Why does she keep her daughter, her dog and 5 fish all in the pond?

Does one call for a cock tow when someone has parked a cock in an illegal spot?

Hey, at least she's attractive.

(sigh.) Oops.

Anyway, isn't her name a podiatric condition? It must be hard to fund shows for that.

Er...make that "find shoes."
(Okay. I'll stop now)

*wandering around the amputee fetishest conference, looking for a place to park a cock*

Geeze! Is EVERY spot reserved for the handicapped here?

elle - Kok Toe-Ring? weird mental picture

"Look at Mr. Two Legs! Wooh Big Shot"

"I hope he gets his cock towed."

Or if she married the late French film director Jean Cocteau...

Matt Lauer is annoying. He's good, but leaves a lot to be desired as a poster boy for Microsoft and GE. Wait, He does make a great greedy geek, Microsoft style. I bet if you called him and complained about his work He would tell you to 'shove it'. Matt's a tough guy. Katie is so cute and smiley, I get giddy watching her. Then I rememebr she's from Texas and I relax. A Texas cheerleader with an attitude. Bush clone? Imagine that. Do you think Dave will make it to Hooterville anytime soon? Lisa.........!

i thought her first name was kow-tow when i first read it. that would have been funnier. kow-tow ng.

No, no. That's a 'They Might be Giants' song - "I'm going down to Kow Towng"

LOL, Judi - I thought the same thing!

Hmm... Kow-Tow Ng?

How do you know when you need a Kow-Tow Ng? When it won't mooooove?

Hey! Who double parked the Bovine?

I have two on this:

1) Her family was so poor they couldn't afford any extras - like vowels.


2) I would like to be an "a" Alex.

I have two on this:

1) Her family was so poor they couldn't afford any extras - like vowels.


2) I would like to be an "a" Pat.

It is pronounced "ing". Someone with that name was involved in a big Chinatown massacre in my state.

I was just going to say that, Dave M. (Not the massacre part, the "ing".)

See my posts to previous item for other real but humorous names. Such as?

Mrs. Belcher Wack Wack for one

Think of all the conceivable names for her kids!
Fuk Ng (sorry sorry)
Dick Ng (ditto)
Carrie Ng
Rob Ng
Dawn Ng
Starr Ng

You.. the like.

Whoops, it was this one that had the funny names.

oops * "You Know" *

oops * "You Know" *

and Pat Ng


and Chuck Ng

Paige Ng
Evan Ng
Jack Ng
Mary Ng
Hope Ng
Ty Ng

Drop Ng this exercise for now

Do Cocteau Twins fans have to put up with snickers from people that think like this blog does? Just wondering.

I was working on something clever to say when I realized that she is my orthodontist and I’ve got a wisdom tooth removal scheduled soon. So I’d better bite the bullet and hold my tongue.

Oh what the hell…she’ll never know.

I needed some dental bling-bling
I gave my orthodontist a ring
I tell you tha’ troof
I got a gold toof
From Doctor Kow-Tow Ng

I knew a family who had hired a couple from Thailand as cook and houseman. (ok, the family was stinking rich) The couple's names were "Ng and Fok" Pronounced "ing" and "Fook".

'course, not by us.

You know, folks, this is a fun blog, but this thread of comments is xeonphobic and offensive. Imagine for a minute how a native speaker of Viet-Namese, or Thai would react to the spelling of our names; McDonald, Levi, Dick.... etc.

Ng is a fairly common name in Seattle, hardly worth all this adolscent snickering.

Look around. The world is a big place...room for all.

I owe my eyesight to a tremendously skilled surgeon named Dr. Nguen.

I'm not scared of any xenos... I would laugh equally as much at a person with a funny name in English, as I think we all would... if you're worried about this orthodontist not getting an equal opportunity blogging, then I suggest you click on Jeff's link ^^ up there.. we're equally as merciless all round.. in fact I think more so to Mr Ring because his parents should have known better. In this case, there are some things lost in translation, and some things gained.. =o)

dull. i liked dick ring better, i bet he has a friend name mike hunt. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Gregg - I was just going to say it would have been great if she'd married someone with the last name "Twins"!

I think Mr. Peterson is right. The world is a big place and we should just take a step back and recognize all the beauty and joy that diversity brings us. ... NOT!!!
Tommer... *snicker*

"I owe my eyesight to a tremendously skilled surgeon named Dr. Nguen."

What if his first name started with a "P."
His name would be P. Nguen.
Diversity aside, you know that would be funny.

>> Look around. The world is a big place...room for all.

Cue the Yanni music.

'His name would be P. Nguen.' - LOL FD.

I believe in equal opportunity too, no name is safe :)

You know, folks, this is a fun blog, but this thread of comments is xeonphobic and offensive.
Yeah, what he said. What, we should all be named "Smith"? News flash: The lack of vowels in "Ng" is the fault of the Anglocentric morons who first transliterated that name from Vietnamese; it's not spelled like that in their own language. It's typically pronounced "Eng". "Nguyen" uses a soft "g", like the end of "Ring" except quieter, almost inaudible; to our ears it sounds like "Win", so "P Nguyen" wouldn't sound funny to anyone except other Anglocentric morons (and how many people identify themselves by first initial, anyhow?). I have a coworker named Thanh Nguyen who has to use "Tang Win" as his instant message nickname because my other colleagues never bothered to learn how to say his name. Sometimes it's just plain embarrassing to be an American.

Dear Sir,

my cats are very shocked by the rude and naughty words in this thread.

Arthur Pratt

Sidcup, Kent

Dear Mr. Peter B. Steiger sir,

You're just P.-ing in the Nguen.
And I scoff in your (not you're) general direction.

And I scoff in your (not you're) general direction.

Oh yeah? To paraphrase the psalmist:
Neener, neener, neener.

Well, the Bland-Boring marriage made national news.... Ms. Boring changed her name to Mrs. Bland according to the wedding announcements in the KC Star.

Better to be in the news for that than being the headliner on the Weather Channel like we were this morning. I'm just happy I live in one of the highest points in the KC metro area even though our driveway needs to be redone and we have damp basement when it rains that hard. Parts of the metro area got over 8 INCHES of water in about an hour last night, overflowing creeks, blocking streets (why do stupid people have to drive into deep water? "Oh, that tractor-trailer just went though, I guess I can manage in my Honda Civic... NOT!)

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