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August 25, 2004


Hey Dave....Been to many countries around the world. Basic question........how are the BATHROOMS there???

Robin in Miami


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First, Finally

First, Finally

First, Finally

Congratulations, Christine.

Dave, we heard about the DNC's toilet shortage within hours of your arrival. Nothing about Greece's facilities. How about it?

Echo... Echo... Echo...

Does anyone know the addy of that website that rates the toilets of Europe? I know it's a real site. Neener.

Dave, found any unrinal drachmas? But I guess it's urinal Euros nowadays (would that make them 'Eurinos'?).

Didn't dave at one point mention something about toilet paper over there in Greece? Something about the plumbing, I think...

Federal Duck - I'm passing on the chance to get "First!" on the latest post to bring you The Good Loo Guide.

send chocolate


Lou Lou Lou

Did you want something something something

from Me Me Me

Sorry, I got so excited, I got blog finger. You know that uncontrollable impulse in your index finger that makes you do crazy things like click the mouse repeatedly until you annoy everyone in the blog.
Something funny about the Olympic grounds: I was in Athens in May and we wandered onto the Olympic grounds where there was no one working, no security, nothing finished. And yet there were rows of beautiful bathrooms complete with mosaics of birds and olympic symbols on each one. There was no freakin roof over the pool and no sidewalks, landscaping, nada and yet some people had time to painstakingly place millions of tiny centimeter sized tiles onto the exterior of the bathrooms. It must have been the work of the mad Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki! Craziness. If you want to see a photo of the Olympic Grounds click HERE. And please don't vote me off the blog for triple clicking.

Psst, Christine, the hyperlink didn't work

...or not knowing how to post a link.

lemme guess - you're the one with dark hair?

LOL! LOL! LOL! Echo!

On the subject of the Olympic games, I watched the women's volleyball event, and I would like to take this forum to insist that, in future, the women wear one-piece suits.

Either one of the two they currently wear, I think the athletes themselves should be free to decide which one.

I dunno, the dark-haired one in the picture just looked like the dominant, dave-barry-bloggin' type.

Shaky, you're very wise.

So why is it that the vollyball players wear bikinis and the swimmers wear full body suits?

Christine: Good point! I think that for the swimmers, a light coating of baby oil would suffice.

To help them glide through the water, of course . . .

what about that toilet paper thing, from some previous thread - you cant flush it, what?

And this would speed up trips from the bar to the bathroom

I agree. They always shave EVERYTHING first anyway. The new swimsuits are slicker than human skin. I think they call them shark suits because its modeled after shark skin (skin? flubber? I don't know.) But I think they could just rub their bodies with shark oil and that would do the trick. It would be great for the TV networks. As long as we don't have to watch them get out of the water.

Thanks! Sorry about the missed First though. Light or Dark chocolate?

In a lot of third world countries (and some parts of this country) you can't flush TP because the plumbing can't take it. There are baskets near the john for disposal (sorry but somebody asked)

It's best not to look to closely at anything - take off your glasses - and always carry alcohol prep pads for quick disinfection.

The most amazing bathroom facility I as in was a temporary bathroom trailer set up in Bangkok for a royal festival. it was so pee-saturated from the thousands of men that had been lining up to use it all day that my glasses clouded up with pure pee fog as soon as I entered - indescribable smell - really breathtaking.

this will suffice, thanks.

Aww, Wally, you forgot the obligatory "Hurl Alert".

How is it that MOTW could have gotten the prized "first", but instead went looking for info requested in the 6th comment (3rd if bean wasn't trigger happy :P )??? And then requests chocolate...

Jeez, you people will fall for anything.

I just got back from Austria, and the toilets there are of the "poop on a shelf" variety. Basically, there is a shelf where the solid waste rests (not underwater mind you) and the drain part is in the front of the toilet. When you flush, the solid waste is whisked (in theory) down the drain. This method precludes any long throne-sits, as the waste is not submerged, and therefore very odorous. That is all.

Curious must not be female. Chocolate fixes everything! At least temporarily. You don't want to get between a woman and her chocolate.

Thanks, Christine. Wish there was a picture of that mosaic encrusted Greek loo, too.

Curious - By the time I had found the Loo Guide for Federal Duck and got back to Dave's blog homepage, there was a brand new post for Neighbor wielding a dead snake. I resisted the urge to post "first" there because I wanted to post the Loo Guide while it was on my clipboard. (Don't worry, I sanitized the clipboard once I was finished.)

Have some chocolate yourself, Dear, and you'll feel better.


For the lady sports buff

Worst washroom ever was at summer camp when I was a kid. They built a Loo Cabin (resisting 'log' cabin pun, there) over top of a big septic tank(??). The stalls were ply wood dividers between holes in a board that you squatted over and just let everything drop into the giant waste bucket below. Stench doesn't begin to describe what it smelled like in there.

Back to Christine's comment about not wanting to watch swimmers getting out of the water after coating themselves in shark oil -- now actually, I think that'd make some great t.v. -- I have such a visual!

Thanks Mahatma for the hot swimmer photo. (That one's going on the desktop.) Do you think there's any more tickets left for the Olympic swimming events?

Ya gotta love beach volleyball, sez I ...

Mahatma .. you have my thanks for your first photo post. I totally lost the thread of the blog at that point and had to go back and look ...lol.. a little extra historical toilet fact while we're at it... Castles were originally built with turrets because that's where the bathroom was... it worked as a long drop and let's just say you reeeeeeally didn't want to fall into the moat!

While we were stationed in Germany, we frequently found that the bathroom facilities at the rest stops on the Autobahn consisted of going out behind the bushes and being very careful where you stepped. In many of the actual bathrooms, you had to purchase your toilet paper before going into the stall. The standing joke: What is the difference between sandpaper and european toilet paper? The sandpaper is smooth on one side.

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