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August 07, 2004


This woman needs one.

(Thanks to Andrew Smith)


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Maybe a pilot's license would be more appropriate.

Wow.. 220 bucks for going 114. I don't have that much money. Maybe I should slow down..

"The Safe & Sober initiative.." She got the ticket at 8:30 A.M....Is that a peak time for drunk drivers in Minnesota?

Hey you two,its past your bedtime!(Rach and D'art)

I don't know, Sean, but if I were awake at 8:30 A.M. I'd need to be drunk to stay upright.

"She couldn't be reached for comment Friday."

Of corse not. She's diving to fast for the signal to keep up.

Oh, speed limits, shpeed shlimits. Speaking of which, "shpeed shlimits" has quite a few interesting anagrams, but I'll leave them to each of you individually to find, because it's 3:something AM and I'm WAY late for work.

A speedy young thing named Yelena
Was rushing around in her Acura
But a cop from F-Troop
Soon caught Koop’s coupe
And said “One fourteen? That’s a hell of a….”

Operator:Hi!hope u havent been waiting too long!but its not like u have things to do[giggle], u'r dead! [haha]
for orientation and furthur details of ur death press 1
for unresolved issues on earth press 2
for therapy press 3
for finding old relatives and friends press 4

What is the deal with all these people driving around with suspended & revoked licenses? It's time to start taking their cars away, first of all, and maybe locking a few up. I don't think it will deter anyone, but at least the rest of us will have a chance to live until tomorrow.

We have a law against driving while talking on a hand-held phone but the $100 and up ticket doesn't seem to deter all that many people.

I love that she didn't even notice the cop trying to pull her over. She was probably too engrossed in telling her friend about the guy she picked up the night before or what shade of nail polish she was using.

The cop should have shot her.

Morning, Bangi! Although I guess it isn't morning to you?

Lady:Guess what shade im using!
Jeff[evil waspy voice]: blood red poppet?

mornin Jeff,its 6;35pm...i wish u guys would wake up!!!im bored.

urs truly,
spoiled brat

she'd just finished putting on her make-up and and blow drying her hair or she's have been doing 130

I agree with Jeff. That goes way beyond wreckless driving. Lock her up or shoot her.

"wreckless driving"? Good one, Leetie (even if unintentional).

"The trooper who caught her said he's never given anybody a ticket for such a high speed in his 14 years on the job"

That's because once you go by at that speed, it's not easy to catch up with you. I was once in a car doing 120mph (my cousin drives like a maniac) and we were clocked by a cop on an overpass. By the time he even got his car shifted into drive, we had exited the highway.

A Florida driver's license for her? More like a German driver's license for the Autobahn. The last time I was driving in Florida, it was mostly just octogenarians going oh, about 5.

Jeez, I do that speed or faster every week or so - you just have to be completely alert, on a rather open stretch of highway, in a reasonably sound car on good tires, and there's nothing wrong with it.

Oh great, here come the braggers.

That's nothing, I hit the snooze button on my alarm clock at the speed of light every morning.

I wonder who she was talking to on the phone? Her pit crew?

I can't drive, 55! Or 70 for that matter. Even 80 a tad slow. 90 about right, unless of course you're late for work, in that case might as well see what's she's got under the hood.

Hell, you boys that think you can out run The Law need to come to Texas. There was this yankee that thought he could outrun the "highway boys". He was going 140 and the tach was still climbing.....when the HP passed him, pulled him over, came tear-a***ing out of the car with his 357 drawn, and halled that Mario-wanna-be to the pokey.

p.s. - you can never outrun their radio.

Yelena Koop could not be reached for comment.
3505 Owasso Street
Shoreview, MN 55126-3500

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