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August 27, 2004



As this piece of headgear illustrates, European men wear fashions that are... OK, because we do not wish to be judgmental, we will just say that these fashions are different. But not in a bad or amusing way!


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it's nice to see a man secure enougth in his masculinity to wear a hat like that. I do feel sorry for the little old lady he stole it from though ;)

What is the rest of the story here? There a small, white sneakers next to this guy's sandals and no little person in sight.

And since we don't know about the bathroom situation over there, we can only fear the worst.

I just want to know what happened to the little kid that once inhabited those tennis shoes.

Wow...that hat is, like, sooooo tipiyotki. If you know what I mean, wink wink, nudge nudge.

hmmm, some very astute observers on this blog. I actually just thought that the tennis shoes belonged to the lady in the next chair, but I see now that she is already shoed (shod???).


Are you sure you didn't get some family photos mixed up here? You look "more-than-related" in a Deliverance kind of sense.


It's like, uber TIPIYOKTI!

The pull chain was tickling his neck so he took it off

Is that a little white ribbon towards the back of his hat, or am I just seeing things?

Nothing like the hats made in the oldUS of A, huh?

This is your mind on ouzo. Any questions?

That is a traditional tipiyokti knit by his own tipiyokti from the very same tipiyokti his father pulled out of his tipiyokti lo those many years ago, when world tipiyokti was not just something to mock. It symbolizes his transition from tipiyokti to tipoyokti, and shows that his spirit tipiyokti will ever hover in fierce protection of his tipiyokti. To poke fun at such a thing, no matter how funny the fun is in its funniness, is bad tipiyokti.

From the Mary Kate and Ashley collection.

Melody, I thought it looked more like a little white flower than a ribbon, which makes it that much more icky (sorry, couldn't think of a more technical term to describe it).

Hey! He stole that hat from my childhood dress-up days!

You people are so OUT.

Don't you realize that Europeans are much more chic than us frumpy Americans? They're on the cusp of fashion.

Just you wait...next year pretty little pink hats with daisies on them will be the rage among well-dressed men.

Okay, I'm thinking that the shoes belong to a little girl who put her hat on her daddy's head before she went off to play with a bogong moth.

Polly: When I wore a hat like that, I *was* on the cusp of fashion, but it fell over my eyes and I fell off and broke my frumpy.

Is that cap knitted from crapweasel fur?

No - he's at an outdoor market.

"These shoes do not fit, I guess I am not a size 4! But I like the hat. Do you have a matching codpiece?"

"It's in the tipiyokti. I'll be right back!"

By the way, the Frumpy Fashion Cusps

Europeans think they are all that
Any others fashionably fall flat
This confident fellow
Relaxing quite mellow
Looks strange in a woven pink hat

The Greeks are so tipiyokti!
They sport a pink tipiyokti!
When they tipiyokti
It's so tipiyokti!
It leads one to shout 'Tipiyokti!'

Man. Greek poetry is EASY.

Can't you tell that he's a Grecian drug lord? Why children trade their shoes so that they can freebase Tipiyokti. The hat is kind of like a "pimp" hat in the U.S., but at least he has the good sense to pull his pants up to waist level as opposed to the U.S. pimp style of the day.

Homer: Arrrgggh!
Aeschylus: What is it, Homer?
Homer: I need a word that rhymes with 'Tipiyokti'
Aeschylus: Ah. Have you considered 'Tipiyokti'?
Homer: Of course I did! But I must somehow convey the wrath of Achilles, the arrogance of Agamemnon, the puppeteering of the gods, and the tragic demise of Hector and the Fall of Troy.
Aeschylus: I see. Then I would go with 'Tipiyokti'.
Homer: Sweet!

Here's a hat for Dave to wear at the convention in NYC

Federal Duck,

How's that frumpy of yours? I've got some salve...

MKJ, that required a hurl alert.
*wipes spewed spaghetti off keyboard & monitor*

But he might not want to wear this hat (read description)

MKJ - two things about that Buddy Wilson hat.

1 - the asking price of $495,000 might need more than the usual degree of creativity for Dave's travel expense account

2 - I think Dave would be more interested in the small headline above the main one in the news photo: "Area Botanist Incubates Giant Banana".

Seems like we need Polly's expertise on this.

If the condom don't fit, you must acquit.

And if the hat fits, you must blog it.

It looks like the hats Devo wore on SNL a very long time ago

Polly - the day I put on a pretty pink hat - sober - is the day I move to Dupont Circle and take up interior design.

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

What this picture fails to display is the amazing stack of empty wine bottles just behind this guy's chair...

Now I know what happened to the hat my mother lost when she was in Greece this spring.

Thank God, now I won't have to worry about inheriting it.

the lampshade in my spare room is just like that hat.

Yet more proof that Europe is a third world country.

And, yes I know that Europe isn't a country. This is called editorial liberty.

Thanks bill: I was beginning to think I was totally nuts instead of just halfway. I knew I'd never heard of Buddy Wilson or Life With Skippy but I knew I didn't drink THAT much.

As for the hat, I'm with queensbee and others: it's definitely a lampshade. And the 'woman' next to him is probably Yassir Arafat, or Ringo Starr.

Now this is my idea of a lamp and shade! And a bargain at $129.99!

Uuuhhhhh, sorry, but WHICH guy's head covering are we talking about exactly........... There's I've seen Americans with wierder hats, but WHAT is UP with the other one's hair...beard....hair....beard.......hair???????

More FAKE "Skippy" crap.

Jeff: A leg man, eh?

Hey guys...um, not to ruin the funniness or anything...but I'm participating in a Walk for the Cure for Diabetes next month...my neice was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at 18 months old. I am asking for donations to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. (I would link this, but I don't know how)

Visit www.jdrf.org , then click the walk for the cure icon at the top of the page. There is a window that lets you search for a walker to support....type in "Amanda Ray" in Ohio. Any donations you make would be a big help and are tax deductible.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled Tipiyokti. Thank you.

"... [T]these fashions are different. But not in a bad or amusing way!"

No; more in an upside-down pink-and-lavender-striped flowerpot way.

Hard act to follow Midget, but I am having flashbacks to 2 or 3 winters ago when the rage for tea cosies as hats emptied all the goodwill and secondhand shops of Nana's knotted treasures that no one would previously touch... the pretty pink thing looks like a close relative of the tea cosy

As Jim wrestles the Grecian SnotYak, I'll check in on the inibriated purple crested Athenian. Their bellies can weigh as much as 50 lbs. and they are carnivorous-often swallowing small children whole, leaving only their Nikes. The shoes, not the goddess.

Christobol -- What rhymes with Tipiyotki?

Well, Big Major Spot Cay, in the Southern Bahamas. Nice place. And don't forget your Yacht Key if you want to cruise on over there. :-)

And about the headgear -- OK, the guy in the pink hat is, um, brave. But what's the guy on the right doing? Talking on a cell phone through a burlap bag?

It looks like a "Hello Kitty" dealio...

and that other guy looks like he's talking through his waist length hair...

Oh, I never even noticed that swath of hair below his arm. Thought that was something in his lap. Now that's some hair. Put the funny hat on the other guy, then you'd really have FASHION!

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