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August 25, 2004


Dear Mr.Barry,

In your column on July 25, 2004 you said that you and your friends started a band to meet women of the opposite sex. My question is, not trying to be picky, what other kind of women are there?
I do enjoy your column and try not to miss it.


{name withheld so as not to protect the billions of other people who have actually taken out a piece of paper and an envelope, typed the same sentiment on a piece of paper that could have been used for something of value, and affixed a stamp worth 37 cents of U.S. currency to it, in order to mail it to this office, which is toying with the notion of throwing out all the mail that has arrived since July 25th so as never to have to read this ever again.}


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But did you get a paper cut?

I think I see your point. But would you have rather received a pre-approved application for a credit card? The greatest thing about those is that they often come with postage paid reply envelopes and you can send them a bug, or your fingernail clippings, or the rest of your junk mail, or a $1,900 piece of used Brittney Spears gum back absolutely for free. I love America!!!

See djtonyb's entry - What he said!

Unfortunately, djtonyb, I don't think that humor is a skill that can be learned. There are a few people here at the blog that have tried to teach humor, and Dave has even tried it. (I am thinking of his telemarketer column.) Some people just refuse to see things "our" way. Don't try to sway them, just pity them. Besides, a joke that needs to be explained, somehow, loses its "funny".

from 'greatest hits,' yes, one of my favorites. problem is, there were quite honestly fifty or more of these letters.

Dave wrote a column once, with all the humor carefully identified and explained, for the Humor Impaired.

I don't think they got it.



You mean to tell me there are women of the opposite sex?!? Sonovabitch! But seriously, we all want to know about the Olympics. Specifically, how many people want to introduce themselves to you in the men's room? It's pretty bizarre, doncha think?

I am here to tell you that Dave's statement makes perfect sense. You want proof?? go out and see the Gay Pride parade or just visit your local drag club. I am a woman, and I tell ya, some of these guys are stacked better then I am ;)

actually, women of the opposite sex is a perfectly good concept to anyone who ever listened to the words to 'lola'.

judi, close your italics with a ">/i<" as it would be much appreciated by everyone downpost of you.

Well, one good thing has come out of all of this - 'women of the opposite sex' is a pretty good nfarb.

rather, </i>

AND i'm a woman of the opposite sex

And might I say to judi, on behalf of all the bloglits of the opposite male sex...

Hubba Hubba

That is all....

That reminds me of a joke.

A woman of the opposite sex walks into a bar with a chainsaw in one hand and a

no wait the chainsaw is in the other hand. In the one hand she has an assortment of brightly colored

no. there was a chainsaw tho cuz she'll need that when the minister tries to


guess it doesn't remind me of a joke.

This is why there are virtually no comedies on TV that are worth watching (in my opinion). It's all dumbed down for those "billions" of whom you speak. The humor is all reeeaaally broad, obvious jokes, not much subtlety at all, nothing where you have to think for a second to "get it." Some British comedies do that sort of thing better, more of a true sitcom, where they set up a situation, and then only in the context of the situation that has been set up is the rest of the show funny. But it seems that most of my fellow Americans just sit and go "huh? this is stupid," or in this particular case, "Huh? Of COURSE women are of the opposite sex, that's redundant, I'm going to write a letter to him right now to tell him of this grave error."

Whoosh! Right over their heads.

You're right, Gregg. Americans lack the attention span to even finish a